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  1. Raven

    2021 Futsal WCQ

    Schedule realeased. http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2021/02/12/guatemala-host-concacaf-futsal-finals-nations-seek-world-cup-2021-slots/ Canada opens against Haiti May 3rd
  2. Shame really, I was beginning to look forward to this championship.
  3. Saint John, New Brunswick St. John's, Newfoundland Which is it? ...and yes it does matter.
  4. Perhaps that is why the have organized this into regions. The US, Mexico & Canada spots can be interchangeable. League Cup spot could be any teams from MLS (US and Canada) and Mexico MLS - USA and Canada could have spots.
  5. In looking over the York United rebrand, I am hoping that Pacific FC will move to the Trident logo as its’ primary logo. The people I talk to are not sure what the primary logo is, and even after I explain it is a Douglas fir they kind of see it.....
  6. I like the versatility of the squad this year, it may not be perfect but I can see what the plan is. I didn’t get a sense of where the team was going last year. If Pacific FC stay with the current coaching staff, I see Pacific doing well in the future....or now 😍
  7. What are the club representatives saying? I will be chatting with Pacific FC on Thursday To get an answer.
  8. Brad also states: "Based on current Concacaf Fifa Rankings the pots for the qualifying draw would be: 1. USA, Mexico, Costa Rica 2. Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador 3. CANADA, Curacao, Panama 4. Haiti, Trinidad, Antigua & Barbuda The top 3 will want to avoid being drawn againt Canada
  9. Wait...someone on this board doesn't like some version of a qualifying format? 😳
  10. I'm hoping @onesoccer will have the games for replay a lot sooner than last year. Living on the West coast, no chance of seeing the games livestreamed. Hope when I get home after work at 6pm PST they will be available.
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