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  1. I'll take a shot. ------------------Hirsch------------------ Stalteri-----Hainult----Serioux------Kluka ------------------Legerwood--------------- Issey-------------Johnson------------Dejong ------------------Gerba---Hoillet---------- Bench: Wagner or Begovic Jankovic Edger Harmse Ornoch Bernier Simpson
  2. Well as I said in another thread this game will show the character of the team. If we can somehow come out hard and maintaine the intensity for the full 90 minutes we have a good chance in getting a result. If we come out flat and play uninterested football, we will get anhilated. Good luck Canada!!!
  3. Well this is the game we see what this team is made of. If they can come out hard and keep the intensity going then we have a good chance at getting a result, if we pull our usual dissapearing act we'll get clobbered.
  4. Mitchell needs to go. This team went from a very creative energetic team at the gold cup, to the disorganized uninterested team that we see right now. The fault for this lies 100% at the hands of the coach. The coach's job is to effectivly organize the team as to get the most out of them, a coach needs to be flexible, a coach needs to utilize his players in their most effective roles, a coach needs to be able to adapt to the style of play of the opposing team and the most important the coach needs to inspire and motivate his players. Mitchell does none of these things, he is incaple of cha
  5. Players gets my vote as well
  6. Canada takes this one 2-1 Friend scores early and Hume gets the winner coming off the bench in the secound. Shelton scores the lone Jamaician goal.
  7. Im gonna say Legerwood, if he can secure the starting dmid role for 1860 and play well, it could give us the option of sliding him beside JDG and moving Hutchison back to the wing where he is more effective.
  8. Hey Ed, is the number 6 position, the holding mid role? I am curious to know what role Legerwood is gonna be playing for 1860 this year.
  9. oops, well hopefully you get mine as I used the wrong postal code.
  10. Hey BrennanFan, my bank doesn't do internet transfers, I was wondering if I could send you a cheque. Please email me at GB_Dendo@hotmail.com with your name and adress if this is ok. Thanks Kyle
  11. defienietly 1 for me if not factored in already
  12. I would also defienetly like to get one.
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