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  1. Will Pat Onstad save us from another embarassment of going out for a third straight Gold Cup? Stay tuned to Rogers Sportsnet for all the drama and excitment that is the Canadian Mens National soccer team and the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup
  2. You are bang on. Guadeloupe might even make it more simple when they beat Costa Rica and do us a favour. All we need to do is tie.
  3. I wonder if 2014 if Brazil faulters will go to Mexico, instead of the USA. I am hoping Brazil gets the 2014 World cup and not the US. I was a fan of the rotations system in the beggining and think that the 2014 World Cup should go to a South American country, but after 2014, I think the rotation system will be done like dinner.
  4. I am still amazed that Kansas City still has a team. The crowds their are so god awful. KC does not deserve a team.
  5. The Mexico and Honduras was a fantastic game. Been an above average tournament so far in terms of entertainment value. If only the host broadcasters were not so cheesy.
  6. Rumors are saying that the US (unfortunately) be in line for the 2014 WC, should Brazil faulter.
  7. Thier is already doubts about 2014 and whether Brazil could actually be fit to host it. The 2007 Pan American Games have been dubbed somewhat of a mini-test.
  8. Keyvan Heydari is ok I guess. I didnt know that Gol TV always dubs over the spanish commentary. But these Spanish commentators you could hear in the background sound like from the Mexican giant television network, Televisa. Lastly, if you go to the www.goldcup.org site, and go to calender, at the bottom, it lists all the television partners. Intersting indeed.
  9. Other potential cities that I have heard as expansion sites: Pheonix Arizona St. Louis Missouri I think either of these would be a good fit for MLS. Pheonix has the potential to be big because of the potential Latino fan base in the Arizona area. The has good crowds a few years ago for Interliga and as well the US/Mexico game at the new dome stadium in Glendale Arizona in February of 2007 sold out.
  10. What is everyone's opinion of the 2007 CONCACAF coverage on Gol TV Canada and Rogers Sportsnet. I have found Gol TV's coverage to be ok, but the host announcers are really cheesy and thus make Lee Godfrey and Paul James look brilliant in their half-time and post game analysis. As for Rogers Sportsnet, I can't really give an opinion as of yet, as I have only really seen Gol TV's coverage less Canada's first game against Costa Rica when Rogers had to use those same lame generic public access host broadcast announcers. Lastly with Gol TV's coverage, I have noticed that it keeps cut
  11. Yes. Go away Blue Jays. It's as if they do not get enough coverage already!
  12. Canada 2-Haiti 2 Canada goes through to QF after Guadelope and Costa Rica tie 1-1.
  13. I had a bad feeling about that Guadelope game. Now hopefully Canada can actually win on Monday. i am not feeling good about this after tonight.
  14. I dont think I have ever read any thing good about our boys at the Gold Cup in a long time. Good promise indeed.
  15. Yea. Mexico is on top. Good news. I was getting scared their for a second that they might not qualify for the QF in Houston. That would have been bad news for me because I am planning to go their. An empty Reliant Stadium would have been bad news for me.
  16. You're right. These commentators are getting funny now. Must have had to much to drink. Either that or these announcers came from Public Access T.V.
  17. Tied 1-1. In half time now. What is with the Spanish commentators in the background of the english commentators announcing the Game?? The spanish announcers sound like the ones from Televisa from Mexico.
  18. I have to agree with you here. The 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup final, which our boys where in, hardly drew flies at LA Coliesum. Jack (I am a knob) Warner and the CONCACAF boys will do anything in their power to prevent a repeat of 2000 again. That is the said part
  19. 1-1 draw. I dont know about this game. This could be the banana skin game. While Canada looked impressive against Costa Rica (The game they needed a point at least from and came away with a win), I got this feeling they somehow might not go full throttle tommorow, thus potentially making this a wide open group again. I am hoping not. A win for Canada, and most likely a QF appearence is in the cards. A loss and it could be scramble time, with Haiti afterwards.
  20. Yea. the Haiti-Guadeloupe game has been bad. What is worse is the announcers that are calling the game. Man I wish Craig Forrest and Nigel Reed were doing the game.
  21. Could not stand the generic host announcers they have for the gold cup. Looks like something from Shaw. Channel 9.
  22. Keep Hart. Hart has gotten results. I am shocked (happily though) that Canada won today. A much needed win. Their chances of going to the QF's now go up quite a bit. I said, if Canada had any chance of getting to the QF, they needed at least a draw in this game. Know only if they can beat Guadelope and then they will make it to the QF's, hopefully.
  23. A game Canada has to come with a draw. However a sneaking feeling tells me otherwise unfortunately. Costa Rica 1- Canada 0 Costa Rica's goal will come off a controversial penalty kick given to them in the 87th minute. Those darn CONCACAF referees.
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