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  1. Saw this article already from the Ottawa Citizen when I was on a bus going to Montreal. Good article.
  2. Anyone getting together for the semis on Thursday night in Winnipeg. Both games will be good. Personally I want to see Mexico thrash Guadeloupe.
  3. Acutally for all the critism that Dobson gives, he is doing what he can, given his background. Basically when he started at Sportsnet, he did not have a soccer background whatsoever and even thought the sport was stupid, suposedly. At least now he does appreciate the game. Forrest is great. Wish Reed was doing all the games for Forrest. I am just wondering, and perhaps maybe the CSA is listening and will consider this for the 2010 WCQ, is to sell some of the CSA rights to CBC for WCQ when Sportsnet cant show the games, because of Blue Jays baseball on Sportsnet. I think Sportsnet
  4. You have said it. ***** U fighting ahead of the Gold Cup. That is sad.
  5. DeGuzman and DeRo has been good. What about Onstad??
  6. Do you guys remember when we knocked out Mexico in the 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup and the United States was knocked out to of the QF round by Colombia. Remember we played Colombia in the fianl? Do you remember the empty LA Colsieum for the fianl?? Can you imagine if it is a Canada Guad. Final. Empty Solider field. I dont think CONCACAF would really care, just as long as either Mexico or the USA is in it. Lets go Canada.
  7. Witout a doubt, our boys and Guadeloupe get my votes as the "Surprise teams of the tournament". Haiti and Costa Rica most disapointing.
  8. Here is hoping we beat the USA. I think Guadeloupe will get the stuffing kicked out of them by Mexico. Go Mexico and Canada. Let's bring the Gold Cup home north of the 49th.
  9. Euro bias indeed. How does Brazil who beat England and Argentina drop as well. makes no sense. Perhaps maybe when the South American 2010 WCQ starts up this fall, we will see the South American teams shoot up from the ground up again. As for Canada's "Bump" in the FIFA rankings, I am very pleased and excited, only that most likely we will drop like a sack of hammers based on the new FIFA ranking system within a few months if we dont play games. Bottom line for Canada: Play more friendlies, then we go up like no tommorow. Dont play, and we fall faster in the rankings then a brick f
  10. De Ro was amazing. Him, Julian De Guzman and Pat Onstad have been brilliant.
  11. Onstad has been good. Glad Onstad came in to play on emergency call after yesterdays game.
  13. De Ro is the man. 1-0. Canada has played better tonight so far. Perhaps maybe they realized a loss and they are out.
  15. Give it to Mexico in 2018, if England doesnt get it.
  16. I have never seen as much fake diving in my life in this game. I could be wrong. I hope Canada rips Haiti to schreds (doubt it) just so Canada can upset the CONCACAF head honchos.
  17. Yea, these announcers sound like they are from public access television.
  18. Will Pat Onstad save us from another embarassment of going out for a third straight Gold Cup? Stay tuned to Rogers Sportsnet for all the drama and excitment that is the Canadian Mens National soccer team and the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup
  19. You are bang on. Guadeloupe might even make it more simple when they beat Costa Rica and do us a favour. All we need to do is tie.
  20. I wonder if 2014 if Brazil faulters will go to Mexico, instead of the USA. I am hoping Brazil gets the 2014 World cup and not the US. I was a fan of the rotations system in the beggining and think that the 2014 World Cup should go to a South American country, but after 2014, I think the rotation system will be done like dinner.
  21. I am still amazed that Kansas City still has a team. The crowds their are so god awful. KC does not deserve a team.
  22. The Mexico and Honduras was a fantastic game. Been an above average tournament so far in terms of entertainment value. If only the host broadcasters were not so cheesy.
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