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  1. ummm.... Tough call. All I will say is this game goes to extra time and a whole heck of a lot of controversy on how it ends....
  2. yea the whole gang will be their. I know I will. Go Canada go. By the way, not a bloody word was mentioned in the Winnipeg Free Press about the semi final today. This frustrates me.
  3. San Diego would be a good place for MLS expansion.
  4. That is true, I guess. Mexico and the USA bring home the bacon for CONCACAF. It is sad, but true.
  5. Not a single article in the Winnipeg Free Press today about the game. Very, very disapointing for a paper that does (and usually does) as the newspaper leader in Winnipeg.
  6. Whoa. Only 40,000 or so more people in Columbus then Winnipeg. Amazing.
  7. I agree. Why does the Caribbean nations get a championship? I know the northern zone only has three nations (Canada, USA and Mexico), but it seriously would be nice idea to have a championshp for this zone.
  8. I dont think MLS should ever go back to Miami. That is a waste of time.
  9. In William Houston's Truth's and Rumors section of todays Globe and Mail, he writes the following... "Sportsnet's Pacific and East channels will carry the Canada-US semi final at soccer's CONCACAF Gold Cup Tommorow at 7 p.m. EDT.
  10. I believe it is on digital. But I would also make sure that they have Gol TV Canada as well.
  11. Umm.... what about those generic Gold Cup host broascasters. Wish they had Nigel Reed or Derek Rae.
  12. Enjoyed that edition of "Inside the Gold Cup". Is Canada turning the corner around. Lets see them do good at this tournament and as well as 2010 wcq that starts next year.
  13. Either one of two things: Hernan Menford is one big crybaby (maybe, not sure) or he has got something on one of the biggest conspiracies in soccer on this side of the Hemisphere in a while. When you sit down to think about this, Memford is right probably. Consider: -Mexico and the USA has not played against each other in a Gold Cup final since 1998 - The 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup final between Canada and Columbia was a gate disaster for CONCACAF - Mexico easily draws almost 70,000 fans in Houston at Reliant stadium for the QF's - Mexico and the USA have the top professional soccer le
  14. I think eventually CBC is going to turn Country Canada into a CBC sports channel, down the road, IMO. Orginally Country Canada was suppose to be a rural Canadian channel. Guess that went down the drain.
  15. An article by Fox Soccer writer Jamie Trecker. Interesting thoughts. He praised Canada's game against the Guatemala side in his article. http://msn.foxsports.com/soccer/story/6935362
  16. CBC is having for Canada day a great Canadian Wish list. More info has here: http://www.cbc.ca/wish/ or to see the actual wish go here: http://www.facebook.com/sgroup/subgroup.php?oid=2392827649&sub_oid=2381969800 My wish is for Canada to be the best nation in CONCACAF.
  17. I have been saying all along, that is all CONCACAF wants. Do you not think this is why the tournament was set up this way?
  18. Where the heck was Nigel Reed? Mitch Peacock did a decent job, but where was Mr. Reed?
  19. I dont think New York is going to get another expansion team..... YET. Look for three of these five to be one of the next MLS teams St. Louis San Jose San Diego Milwaukee Clevland
  20. Ok maybe not Pheonix. Pheonix probably does not deserve a team. You are right. I say though San Diego might be a good MLS fit though.
  21. Personally I would like to see Pheonix their. Pheonix would make possibly a good team. Either that or San Diego.
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