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  1. I thought Hart has always had that magic touch. He convinced me after Canada beat Jamaica 1-0 last September.
  2. I am all for now UEFA officals to call our WCQ games, just so that we do not get screwed over.
  3. I am not sure. Their are numerous groups devoted to Canadian Soccer though.
  4. Hart would have been my second choice besides Simoes. Hart, after this tournament confirms my opinion. I hope he gets a lot of input as an assistant.
  5. Yes, I agree with this. I plan to write to World Soccer. If their is enough people that write to them, this might make headlines in one of their editions.
  6. NO blame CONCACRAP. That is their new name now.
  7. Could not agree more. Might not happen, but stranger things have happen.
  8. Corruption at CONCACRAP. That is all I have to say.
  9. No no CONCACRAP. This is nice to see the Caribbeans giving the game to El Tri. And I thought at the pub Mexico would thrash them 4-0.
  10. Who knows what Mr. Pipe is doing. Maybe he is just one of the magical figures that appears out of nowhere.
  11. With the Copa America on Gol TV Canada and on Telelatino, which are you going to watch... The gang of Phil Scheon & Ray Hudson, or Telelatino's Univision feed of Fernando Fiore?? I am going to test both, but for most of the games, I am going to take the En espanol coverage, even though I do not understand a majority of spanish, just because of their enthusiasim.
  12. It will be interesting what will happen in the second game. The longer it goes 0-0, Mexico will be afraid.
  13. Amen. darn rights. By far, the squad that played the most attractive futbol. The team that showed the most hunger, drive and pride.
  14. Mexico 0- Guadeloupe 0 at the half. Any comments. I just got home from the Canada-US game from a local pub, so I missed the first half. Looks like and sounds like the Caribbean side is holding their own. If Hugo Sanchez loses this game, The knives and scissors will be after him. Not good, especially with Copa America coming on Tuesday.
  15. I left a voice message on the Winnipeg Free Press Sports editorial board to show my displesure about the lack of Gold Cup coverage in the paper. Arrgh.
  16. Their is also that too. I am hoping regardless what happens, our national team builds on this momentum for the WCQ. I just hope the WCQ does not turn out to be a bust for us.
  17. Forget putting another team in New York. I say San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis would be better picks. Even New Orleans would be better.
  18. Actually I am just one person. but thanks for considering that I am two
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