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  1. I have actually emailed the CMISL of what is going on. Been pretty quiet. The Winnipeg Alliance website has not been updated. I am starting to wonder.......
  2. Nice. Brazil 3-0 so far. I am surprised to. Argentina seems flat like flat cola tonight. Brazil looks like to be the campones of South America.
  3. Enough said. That is why, perhaps maybe the CSA/Sportsnet could subcontract games for the Canadian mens national team for the upcoming World Cup qualifying campaign to CBC or Gol TV. Screw TSN.
  4. I saw a commerical on CBC Country Canada for the 2007 MLS All Star game. I am not sure what time it starts, but check the country canada website for more information
  5. They can kiss their international careers goodnight and throw them in the BFI bin.
  6. Well, neither has the Alliance website been updated, even though I heard rumors it was suppose to be updated near or around July 1st. Well it is past July 1st. I am hoping that I hear something soon. I mean it is almost the middle of July. You would think the CMISL would be promoting away between now and the middle of November. I know that the Edmonton Drillers site is updated with ticket prices.
  7. Whoa!!! 20 games. Is that combined for all the players, or is it for each player?? If it is for each player, then that means their international footballing days are done.
  8. Brazil defeats Uruguay on Penalties. Brazil will face either Argentina or Mexico in the final on Sunday.
  9. About time they want to change the name of the gold Cup. I personally think they should call it the Copa de Naciones CONCACAF. It has a nice zing to it.
  10. I have heard that by the end of this week, that the Winnipeg Alliance will be starting to sell season tickets, so, it is a sign, that we will be hearing a lot more very soon, (hopefully) about the upcoming CMISL 2007/2008 season.
  11. After the U-20 debacle....... I think Mitchell should be coaching one of the CMISL teams.
  12. Lets not dribble dravel here. Lets get rid of Mitchell and go with Hart. That was an assinine performance by the U20's on Thursday. Bad.
  13. I like Craig Forrest. Canada's best Color commentator. As for in studio analysis, Bobby McMahon is pretty good too.
  14. Bless the Univision/Telfutura announcers who have done a cracking job on the Copa America, for Telelatino. Those Gol TV announcers are boring. Penal, penal, penal IMFAO. GOOOOOOLLLLLLLASOOOOOOO GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  15. I have heard rumblings that were as of the middle of June considering expanding by two teams, one in BC and one in Alberta. The rumour has it that I have heard is that their will be a season starting in the middle of November. I also heard that the Winnipeg Alliance was suppose to have a new and updated website up OR around July 1st and Alliance season tickets were suppose to go on sale around july 1st from the sources I got. That being said, I would be patient and wait untill the end of the week for more information. I would also think that perhaps they havent finalized all of
  16. The Asian Cup is hardly getting any coverage. The FIFA World U- 20's, the Copa America and the CONCACAF Gold Cup have had more coverage.
  17. Mexico is leading Brazil 2-0 at the half. BTW, I am watchin TLN's coverage and recording it over Gol TV's. I perfer the Spanish commentary, even though I have no clue what they are talking about. I like their passion. Plus they are a minute or two ahead of Gol TV's feed.
  18. I believe from my understanding, here is how it works.... For the exception of CONMEBOL(The South American confederation) FIFA will draw the pairings and groupings for the 2010 WCQ. That means FIFA will draw the pairings for the CONCACAF prelim games to see who gets into the semi finals. Based on those winners, the groupings will be paired.
  19. Could not agree more, speaking of which our friend Archillia I believe was apart of the officating crew last night at Copa America between Boliva and Venezuela. Might want to check the official score card.
  20. not me. I am waiting for 2014 when it is in Brazil.
  21. Fox Soccer writer Jamie Trecker on the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup semi finals. http://community.foxsports.com/blogs/JamieTrecker/2007/06/24/Semifinals_reax
  22. Even though this was the best Gold Cup in terms of overall quality of play, you have to wonder if this was scripted somewhat?? ummm.... Maybe Hernan Memford was right.
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