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  1. You guys are lucky to have a guy like David Miller in Toronto who basically stepped up to the plate and helped build BMO Field. Enough said. Say what you want about him but Mel "Bad Boy No body" Lastman would have NEVER supported building BMO Field. That is my rant for now.
  2. I believe that Gol TV does not have the North American tv rights to Serie A. Fox Sports does now, from my recollection in the US and Telelatino in Canada.
  3. I dont think it is new. I think it has been up for a while on their site. I am just hoping we see an announcement soon about the "upcoming" season. September is almost here and barely a peep.
  4. Thanks very much that explains that very clearly.
  5. I have no clue. I was mad because I had my DVD recorder set for both games. The only logistical conclusion I am thinking is that perhaps GOL TV does not have the rights to either Real Madrid CF or FC Barcelona games. If it is, then is not cool and the value of Gol TV goes down slightly IMO.
  6. It is going to be some cracking fun. Get the DVD Recorder into high gear.
  7. It looks like the Italian Serie A will be on Fox Sports World Canada. I just saw on the FSR that the first Juventus game will be on Saturday afternoon. Plus Lazio's game is on before that, while on Sunday Inter will have their first game on. So, it looks like FSWC just saved their bacon.
  8. Yes I could not agree with you more. Without the Voyaguers website, we would all be in the dark with regards to soccer on television. Shaw Cable actually had galls this time!!!! Hats off to them.
  9. Correction, make that a FEW YEARS. Remember Gol TV Canada. IT took nearly one and a half years, before it came to Shaw Cable. I say it will be almost a season and a half before the Sentanta package comes to Shaw Cable!!!
  10. I dont think Miami should get another team again. What a waste of time and energy that will be.
  11. I have to agree with you on this. I was really seriously thinking about buying season tickets for this "league". Now I will just buy tickets on a game by game basis. You think, in a town, especially like Winnipeg, where hockey and the Manitoba Moose are king, the Alliance and CMISL would be promoting the crap out of the product this summer, so they could get fans for November. Now they have almost lost my utter respect.... almost, because of this near fiasco of not promoting or no news releases.
  12. Dunga is going to put disipline into them. Reminds me like a Scolari type guy. I am also a fan of Scolari.
  13. I think I have heard that the MTS Centre has been booked by the Alliance rumour has it. The MTS Centre can also be used only by the lower bowl, meaning that the upper bowl can ben covered. So (if) the CMISL gets of the ground only the lower bowl will (could) be used, meaning a capacity of around almost 8000.
  14. yea. I guess it would be. I could understand that part. I am just curious if the WHL schedule is out for the Saskatoon Blades, just because it would allow whatever spaces on weekends are availiable for the Saskatoon Aviators for Credit Union Place. I know from my understanding the AHL schedule is not out for the Manitoba Moose, and the Moose are primary tenants of the MTS Centre.
  15. Yea it is too bad. I say it is slim Canada will be playing soccer their in Bejing next summer.
  16. I am a big fan of Julian de Guzman. I gained a lot more respect for the guy especially after the Gold Cup. I think he will be one of the inspiring forces for Canada going into the 2010 WCQ.
  17. It doesnt look good at all for free EPL this year. If the Score is the only one showing a Sunday game and Sentanta showing games on PPV, then this blows.
  18. I am just curious what does everyone think about our chances of qualifying for the 2008 Bejing summer olympic mens soccer tournament??
  19. Not all the time. FSC is US. FSWC is Canada. Sometimes each channel will show different content from what I know (re: Gold Cup games were shown on FSC in the US, but not in Canada, Gold Cup was shown on Gol TV Canada instead, Superliga, shown on FSWC, but not FSC). I hope this helps from my knowledge. I think a lot of it has to do with rights and what each subsiduary can get. It is just from my recollection from watching FSWC.
  20. Reason why FSC is not showing any games I believe is FSC does not have the rights to them. The Univision family of Spanish networks has the US rights.
  21. The Superliga is on Fox Sports World Canada tonight with.... FC Dallas hosting Chivas de Guadalajara followed by.... Los Angeles (Beckhamless) Galaxy against CF Pachuca. Predictions... Chivas will ride the wave of a pro Mexican crowd to a 2-0 win. Los Angeles will lose barely against CF Pachuca 1-0 on a controversial call.
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