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  1. Dale Mitchell is a knob. Absolutely pathetic. Watch the flood gates now open.
  2. Sorry guys, love to make it, but got readings to do for University. Will watch at home while reading. Go Canada Go!!
  3. Not surprised. Mitchell, should never have been hired in the first place. Mitchell should be kicked to the curve before it is too late.
  4. here is the link: http://www.arenaleague.com/teams/10270975/12338389-10271058/TEAM.html
  5. It looks like the Winnipeg Alliance, according to the PASL-Pro league schedule, begin their season on November 1st and 2nd against Denver at the MTS Centre. I hope that the Alliance start making some noise in the media soon since the Manitoba Moose training camp has not started. Could have potential to do well on those weekend nights the Moose are not playing. We will see considering the Alliance did not play one home game last year and have not won ONE game yet in their CMISL history.
  6. Very good. I am coming myself. Going to be digging out my Canadian flags tonight for tommorow. Got to work at Value Village tommorow during the day, but after 5 pm, Here I come. Go Canada Go!!!
  7. Stupid. I do not believe this. Only a hurricane, tornado or World War three would cause them to change the time and date for this game.
  8. Great. I will be there Saturday night
  9. I could not agree more. I was hoping to watch this game on a Wednesday afternoon after my intermediate micro economics class. Arrrrrrgggghhh!!! The media sucks.
  10. I am interested and coming to see the game at some pub in Winnipeg. I think it will be good times Saturday night. I will bring my Canadian Flag.
  11. After the first half, Honduras is winning 1-0 at Estadio Azteca in Cidad de Mexico (Mexico City).
  12. Bad news. after the first half, according to TV Azteca website, Honduras is winning in the Azteca Stadia 1-0. (Ponding his head into keyboard).
  13. I am hoping FSWC does show some of the CONCACAF Champions League. Here is hoping.
  14. Same old same old. Tie was ok, But, I don't feel good now. I had faith in Onstad until today. Crappy Refereeing and Jamaican time wasting was typical CONCACRAP. De Guzman, De Rosario played good. Razinski's age is showing. Gerba was good. I am hoping this does not turn into another 2002 or 2006 WCQ campaign again.
  15. I could see a lot of potential for success if their is cross over promotion. Example, Get half price on manitoba moose game tonight with purchase of a Winnipeg Alliance FC ticket or vice versa. We will wait and see what the Alliance pulls or Moose does.
  16. While I kind agree with you Cheeta that the scheme is getting somewhat weirder as it goes, I am kind of glad that at least it will be getting off the ground. Shootmaster_44, I agree with you that it would be hard for bookings of dates in buildings. If you look at the MTS centre calender (http://www.mtscentre.ca/calendar/index.php), you will see it becomes hard to book anything on weekends in January and February, as well the Labatt Brier is at the Phone Booth in March of 2008. It is perhaps possible at the MTS Centre to have a CMISL game in the afternoon (about noon) and then have a AHL gam
  17. That is too bad he could not sign with Boca Juniors again. He loved that club.
  18. Just watching the Superliga final with the LA Galaxy against Pachucha. It could not be any worse for the Galaxy. Pachuca is leading 1-0 with about 33 mins in. and....... David Beckham has just taken a very hard challenged and his right ankle is injured, I believe.
  19. Another article, about the LA, LA crisis. Good night Yallop. What goes around comes around. http://sports.yahoo.com/mls/news;_ylt=AhoWF8JIXnLlank.GUdqxQEmw7YF?slug=txmlstalkingpoints&prov=st&type=lgns
  20. I dont realy too much about Mel Lastman except for him calling the Military in for a snow storm. That is where I get the perception of the guy.
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