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  1. Boy how the mighty have fallen. Darn Shame. Holger deserves better.
  2. What? Is this true? Rene Simones the new coach of the Canadian MNT?? Unreal. Never in a million years did I think that quite possibly the CSA could pull this off. I have said numerous times that instead of always hiring either a North American/European coach, why not take a chance and hire a Latin American coach for the MNT. It is about time. This guy is knowledgable about the CONCACAF region. Also a Latin American coach for the MNT will help give the side how to better grasp the Central American style of play, that is especially needed to beat the Central American sides in CONCACAF and
  3. Actually from what people are saying who went to the game, 2000 is not bad. I guess, perhaps maybe they might be slightly disapointed they did not get the 4000-6000 they wanted to. As for the MTS centre and indoor soccer section from a little booklet that was in the Winnipeg Free Press when the MTS Centre opened in November of 2004 said the following: "The building will aslo be capable of hosting tennis competitions, as well as indoor football, soccer or lacrosse should the need ever arise" "We've got all kinds of flexability with non-hockey and non-ice events, like big-tire or
  4. Boy that is one ugly piece of turf. Where was the crowd as well? Quite small. Even though I am planning to go to the Winnipeg game April 1st, this league could possibly be done faster then a tv dinner. Not a good start at all for the CMISL.
  5. I would love to go to Miami fellas, but one problem is that.... My scheduled vacation time is from June 11-25th. Maybe I can fit it in. I will see.
  6. I agree. The BARE Minimum is that this team MUST make it to the second round at least. I am contemplating about writing a letter to the CSA on expressing my demands as well. Hopefully if they get into the second round, perhaps maybe they can make it to the QF game in Houston. I am planning to go to Houston for the Gold Cup again this summer. That or Chicago or Los Angeles, via bus.
  7. I would love to see the USA get it in 2018. Europe gets it too frequently, but if their is one Euro country that deserves to host the WC, it is England. With the new stadiums they have, I would be happy if they got it. However, I would prefer that the 2014 WC stays in South America. They have not hosted one since 1978.
  8. Any one going to the April 1st Winnipeg game @ the MTS Centre with Winnipeg against Edmonton? I hope the name for the Winnipeg team is not dorky. I am planning on buying my ticket in March.
  9. I cant wait to find out who will be coaching the Winnipeg team as well as what the new team name will be. I hope that they dont pick some corny name. I saw how much tickets are for the game in Edmonton. I am not sure if $27 for an adult ticket is a fair price. Does that include a youth ticket? If not, then I am not sure people will pay much for the game that is not a soccer fan that might be curious. Does any one know how much it will be for the Winnipeg Game on April 1st? Any one planning on going??
  10. I recall MLS did have an a package where you could see a majority of the games, live via steaming video on their website. It was $20.00 US. I got it with about two months left in the 2006 season for $9.95 US. I am planning to get it again this year, so I can see the Toronto FC. The quality was pretty good. I definately enjoyed. Especially nice to watch on those lazy Saturday nights.
  11. Strangely enough, even though I am a futbol purist, I am willing to give professional indoor soccer a chance in this city, event if it is just one game a season for the next two years. It seems interesting enough for me to go see this game. My only concern would be the cost of a ticket. I think if the goal is to get 5000-7000, you cant just charge more then $15 for a ticket for a product that is unknown and wants to get the name out I also wonder if 5000-7000 attendance expectation is a little ambitious. I would love to see it and it could happen, but realistically I would be a
  12. I have to agree. It sucks here being stuck in soccer purgatory. It really does. While Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are reaping soccer heaven, we sit in purgatory.
  13. I read today's Winnipeg Free Press section B1 with regards to the proposed Winnipeg Soccer Complex. I quote the following... "After the Winnipeg Soccer Federation could not find private financing for an indoor soccer complex at the University of Manitoba, council voted to look for new partners to build the $11 million project, which is backed by $6 million in city funds and $1 million in an expected federal-provincial contribution". I thought that the original private backer backed out, not that it could not find private funding. Anyways, I am just beggining to wonder, as a socc
  14. I thought that was what the rumour was that their was some kind of negotiating between the CBC and CSA. I was wondering is someone could confirm this. If so this would be good news. I would hope the CSA would get better coverage on CBC if it does become a reality.
  15. Has any heard about the latest with regards to the Canadian Soccer Association and their Television contract. I know that the CSA's deal with Sportsnet was done on December 31st and that the CSA was supposedly negotiating with the CBC. I am guessing that since the holiday season was going on nothing much was heard, as well I am assuming something should be coming soon, I am guessing. I dont know anything as to what is going on, but that is my guess and prediction.
  16. This prospect looks very interesting. I must say definately would be bright for the Toronto FC should this kid make it.
  17. Hey guys, here is the games that I have went to 1999 Pan American Games Semi final- Canada V. Honduras- Winnipeg Aug 1999 1999 Pan American Games Bronze Medal game- Canada V. USA (I remember that game for the pouring rain) I also volunteered at the Winnipeg Soccer Complex during the Pan American Games, which was the two best weeks I ever had in my life. Nothing could ever come close to it, so far!! Friendly, May 31 2000- Honduras Vs. Canada, Winnipeg Manitoba 2002 WCQ- Oct 2000- Canada V. Panama, Winnipeg Manitoba 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup- Canada V. Cuba- Foxbourou
  18. Actually, I look fwd. to The Score showing the EPL. I wonder if they will have the triple header every Saturday? Or will FSWC take any Saturday games. Brian Sherman is good. Also I noticed on the www.soccertv.com website, it sounds like that Soccer Central might be done as of December 31st as the CSA's contract with Sportsnet is done on December 31, 2006. My gut tells me a massive announcement will happen with regards to The National Team (Women's men's U-20, etc) within the next two weeks. I can't see an announcement with regards to tv happening after the new year. Logical thinking
  19. What in the sweet Texas toast? are these new FIFA rankings for November for real? does Winnipeg actually get to +30C in December?? Wow!! What a joke. How can St. Vincent and the Grenadines be ahead of Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago?? How Can Cuba be ahead Jamaica, Canada, Honduras and Costa Rica? Someone at FIFA needs to get the marbles shaken out of their heads. I elect the ELO rankings to replace the joke of a FIFA Rankings. When the average Canadian who doesnt understand the "Beautiful Game" looks at these, they will wonder, just how bad we actually are? I wonder if FIFA w
  20. Is it just me, or do I think that Dave O'Brien should just stick to calling baseball games and not call soccer games for ESPN and ABC? He mixes waaaaay too much baseball anthology into soccer games (calls a shot taken by a Houston Dynamo player in the MLS Cup "Swings and he misses"). What about J.P. Dellacamera? He is at least decent at calling MLS games and called them last year. This past season he was doing games for the New York Red Bulls. I would wish for the return of Derek Rae to MLS games for ESPN and ABC, but that will not happen, because he had a spat with the Metro
  21. I cant believe Mo traded the "jackhammer" of a thrower Serioux. What was he thinking. He takes him in the expansion draft and then trades him. I am baffled. I love watching Serioux, everytime he get a chance to throw the ball. He his amazing. Too bad Toronto wont get a chance to see him at BMO field now.
  22. Guys, got some bad news from my side for this Wednesday. It turns out that I am SOL either in the afternoon (work, unless I get out by 1pm) and in the evening (it turns out that my church has a finance committee meeting that evening). Darn shame. Perhaps, maybe an alternative day could be possible to disscuss footie later on. Anyways, go Canada go !!!
  23. Dick's Sporting Goods Park?? is this a joke? Has the world gone insane? what a goofy name for an estadio or arena. Much worse then MTS centre and BMO field to say the least!!
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