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  1. Yep the Toronto FC were pretty bad this game. Montreal Impact, Vancouver Whitcaps could even bet them. Heck, maybe the Edmonton Drillers and Winnipeg Alliance FC could give them a run. Well I should not go that far with regards to the Edmonton Drillers and Winnipeg Alliance FC, but you get the point.
  2. No Problem. Gol TV finally being added to Shaw Cable already makes my upcoming week.
  3. two words: Really bad. Toronto FC looked so horrible. Buddle is a knob. Mr. Mo Johnston better wake up. I know it is only two games in, but they were brutal. Even Chivas USA and Real Salt Lake were not this bad. It could be a long, long year.
  4. It is great news indeed. Fortunately I get Shaw cable. I dont know if MTS has Gol TV yet. I feel their pain. The reasons why I cant wait for Gol TV are: Spain's La Liga Campenato Brasileiro Urguayan, Honduran, El Salvadorian leagues
  5. I got an email yesterday from Gol TV, saying that it was coming to Shaw cable 151. I then called Shaw Cable Winnipeg to confirm this. It is coming as of Wednesday April 18th. No word yet if there will be a free preview. I saw on the website, it would cost $2.49/mth for the channel. Final Analysis: After almost one and a half years of lobbying, Gol TV is finally coming to Shaw Cable Winnipeg.
  6. By the way. What is wrong with -1C. In Colorado today, they are playing their home opener in 30F weather with snow flakes.
  7. I just ordered the season of MLS from the MLS website. This package shows the regional games from MLS. If you can stand buffering on your computer then, it is good.
  8. guys, if you go to www.mlsnet.com they are offering a package for $20.00 US to see all regional MLS games that are not televised on ESPN, FSC or Telefutura. Pretty good deal if I say so myself.
  9. I have to agree with you IDO. Winnipeg was pretty bad the first game. A lot better the second game. The coaching of the Winnipeg team could have been better. Mr. Goetting was great for Winnipeg. While Wolde Harris, IMO left a lot to be desired. I dont think he was (Wolde Harris) use to the indoor game. Rarely did "Bling Bling" finish off anything. I did not recognized almost most of Winnipeg's players except for Wolde Harris. Here is hoping Winnipeg plays better (whenever) they play next time.
  10. I was at that game. Winnipeg lost both games. I have to agree the story was the stands. Never would I have though 7727 people would fill a hockey arena to watch an indoor soccer game. Perhaps, this is a good sign of things to come for the alliance. The fact is a professional indoor soccer game got almost as much as a Manitoba Moose game is something. It is incredible. Like I mentioned earlier, Winnipeg lost both games 6-1 and 2-1. Winnipeg put a much more spirited effort in game two. Very interesting some of the rule differences between the indoor and outdoor game in particular pena
  11. An article from today's Winnipeg Sun, just basically discussing, their is a good chance that the league will actually get off the ground for this November possibly. http://www.winnipegsun.com/Sports/OtherSports/2007/03/30/3870089-sun.html
  12. I have just watched Global Sports on Channel 12 in Winnipeg. They had a nice 2 minute feature on the Alliance-Drillers game this sunday @ the MTS Centre. They said that just under 5000 tickets have been sold. The owner Bill Stewart said that it is realistic between 6000-7000 tickets could be sold.
  13. I hope so. Darn curling. Why dont they use the digital alternative for the curling instead??
  14. I wouldnt be surprised is the first Toronto FC game will be carried on FSWC.
  15. This is amazing. I am surprised that 4000 tickets are sold and possibly up to 6000 people could be at the phone booth on Sunday. It did not look good about three weeks ago when only 1000 tickets have been sold. A few weeks ago, IMO, I though if this game got at least 3000-3500, then that would ahve been acceptable. But 4000. Good Stuff. Bascially this proves that Winnipeg will hopefully be the cornerstone of the CMISL. The owners of the CMISL will have a lot to chew on the next few months with regards to going to a full blown schedule for 2008; a quasi full schedule, or just continue th
  16. Nolando, good points you made. It is very intersting that futsal (the international indoor version of soccer played on a basketball sized court) is widely popular in Latin America as well as Spain and Portugal. It is just here in North America, it is not widely as recognized unfortunately, due to indoor soccer (the indoor version of soccer played in a carpet in a hockey rink) is considered by the North American audience to be main stream. I have seen futsal on occasion on television. It is not bad. the problem is, though is their the will right now for a professional futsal league? I
  17. My thoughts are on the CMISL as follows: While I agree with people that Indoor soccer is not the purist form of soccer and that I wish the Winnipeg had a USL Division 1 team, the fact of the matter is, the CMISL is some sort of professional soccer and it is better then nothing right now. The fact that it has been almost 14-15 years that Winnipeg has gone without some sort of professional soccer is nuts. I too be honest was not a big soccer fan when the Winnipeg Fury where originally here in Winnipeg (1987-1992) when I was a little kid, but since when the Winnipeg Jets left in 1996 a
  18. It is interesting that 2102 people showed up at Credit Union Place in Saskatoon on Friday for the game. I would be curious how many tickets have been sold for the game next Sunday at the MTS Centre. Although it would be nice to see 3500-4500 people show up, realistically, you are looking probably at from 2500-3500 people at the Phone Booth.
  19. From what I read, he was loaned from the Edmonton Drillers to the Accelerators for the two mini games.
  20. I am glad that Canada got a friendly with Costa Rica on September 12th. I wish they would get one before the Gold Cup. Is Brazil or Argentina availiable? lol
  21. To further this, the Winnipeg Sun, has an article about the signing of Harris. Apparently this guy has scored a lot of goals in his time. Unfortunately he was not used often on the Jamaican national team, during the 1998 WCQ and the 1998 WC. http://www.winnipegsun.com/Sports/OtherSports/2007/03/21/3796521-sun.html
  22. I just read in today's Winnipeg Free Press that the Winnipeg Alliance FC just signed Wolde Harris, the ex New England Revolution, Colorado Rapids striker to play for them for the two showcase games. Good stuff. I have heard of the guy. Pretty decent player from what I saw from him when he played in MLS a few years back.
  23. I am glad to hear that this game is getting good word of mouth. I have watched more of the outdoor game then indoor so, I am not totally familiar with the indoor game in some aspects. I really look forward to this game though. However that damn turf looks so ugly that has been used. And as well, what about those goals, they look so short and stubby. It will be hard to tell if a goal goes in because their is hardly any distance from the crease to the back of the net. I have bought my ticket and will be at the phone booth on April 1st.
  24. Here is hoping the game gets a good reception. Untill last week, I saw no posters anywhere. Then last week, around the MTS Centre, I saw two posters, one near City Place/MTS Centre Concourse, and the other at the MTS Centre entrance. I hope it gets a good crowd, but I am not pinning my hopes on it. Although, Edmonton got somewhat of a decent crowd. If the game in Winnipeg gets more then 2000, then I will be pleasently surprised.
  25. I agree. I think that the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup should be held somewhere else. Canada anyone??
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