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  1. I was talking about sportsnet dude not goltv read my friend. I like your passion for canada wish the rest of the nation was like you:)
  2. Its sad usually we shouldnt have to pay extra to watch our nations soccer side. if Goltv shows it it is not included in the regular cable package. They should not advertise that they are the primary CSA broadcaster.
  3. Hey guys I have emailed sportsnet to see whether the Macedonia and Poland games will be televised on sportsnet. The chances are slim but what the hey might as well try. Any word on where we can see both these games? And the response is Hello Giancarlo, Thanks for your recent email Unfortunately, we have no plans to broadcast either of those matches. Sincerely Jim LaChapelle Audience Relation My response Hi Jim Why not? there is nothing else playing that is major on those events why not suggest an evening showing even if its delayed? Your station
  4. I think that the reason we lost in Montreal and In Honduras during WCQ is that Dale Mitchell is an ignorant coach. He has no idea how to utilize our players skills in the right situations and positions. Hart on the other hand lets the players play and even though we do not have our A team the team we do have is playing some good soccer. As long as the refs are faire and just then we should come away with a victory by how much is another question
  5. I would have to think that Julian is healthy and that Hart just wanted to rest him since he is one of our star players. After the El Salvador game I did not see any sign of injury on his part so I will have to assume that Hart is not giving any info to keep the opposition on their toes . Lets pray I am right and hopefully Jackovic is healthy is simpson isnt then at least we have De Jong to cover up or Issey
  6. I hope hart becomes the permanent coach maybe Yallop and Mitchell can fight for the assistant coach job if it ever becomes vacant [8D] since they could use a lesson in how a real coach handles our team. If the board of directors have any drive whatsoever to qualify for WC2014 they better start considering a coach with experience that will be able to select the right players and build their experience for international play.
  7. I hope that we are 100% healthy by saturday I want us to be at full strength. I hope that this will be possible taking into consideration that we had 1 week to rest and practice. I wonder which players are banged up Jackovic and Simpson may be the ones that we know for sure but who else?
  8. I may be coming as well at what time will you guys be there at?
  9. I really want us to win this game but my concern is whether the team will be healthy or not if Jackovic is not healthy he will be hard to replace. Also we do not know who is banged up and the extent of their injuries. I am hoping that we win 2-0 but realistically I say 2-1 for us
  10. One for me please let me know what type of payments you accept and details on the shipping
  11. If we make the HEX Mitchell won't be sacked I hope you do know this.
  12. This is pathetic! What hopes do we have of standing up to a major team in a world cup when we are praying for injuries and locker room battles.. Just face it that this time around we do not have what it takes PERIOD.. Mitchell will remain the coach and we will not qualify.. If we do I will be happy but we must play better.. i want to beat Honduras with their full team because we can use this test... This stupid twist of fortune is a load of ####... Our A team versus their A team would certainly benefit us more in the long run and may the best team win.. So far they have proven to be the better
  13. Better tell Mitchell to attack instead of sending the lone wolf all by his lonesome IE FRIEND
  14. Actually they were worried because of the lack of sanitation in the country I beleive.. But I could be mistaken.. Mind you Dobson said it that this match was in one of the Poorest areas of Mexico
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