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  1. Wow. That puts everyone so far from the pitch. Soccer specific stadia really make a huge difference to atmosphere. I realize I'm getting a little off topic but check out Dortmund's stadium as a comparison.
  2. Totally agree. Mexico is tough anywhere. Costa Rica will be desperate as well. 6 points is of course possible but I wouldn't be disappointed with 4 points.
  3. I wasn't surprised at all. Cards should have been handed out. Substitutes on the endline shouldn't impede corners. Players shouldn't be spat on. Homophobic chants shouldn't be allowed. Fans shouldn't throw beer cans and bags of "liquid" at players. I could go on. But... This is CONCACAF where none of this is punished so I'm glad to see that we're starting to act in the way that the federation rewards instead of being sporting and hospitable and then complaining that everyone else cheats but nothing gets done about it.
  4. Thank you for that very enjoyable moment. I was watching some Pananian coverage yesterday and the prevailing attitude was that they'd draw Canada at worst, and it wouldn't surprise them if Panama won. We've been disrespected so much by these countries in the past (partly cause we weren't good) but it's really nice to be on the other end finally.
  5. Pour it onnnn boys! Goal differential matters and I feel like we might have another one in us
  6. I know we've all got some nerves right now but I don't think Panama can hang with us for another 45 min here. We know we have the quality. Have to show it right now
  7. I'd say 1a and 1b. Both have been great
  8. Kind of an afterthought tonight (which is a good thing), but it's nice to know that we don't miss a beat with Max in goal.
  9. I'm glad we went after this match. I understand where people were coming from with resting guys and such but I love that we backed ourselves and went after (at least) a point. Was a little worried that we waited too long to make subs but it worked.
  10. Welcome to the board, Pennypacker-- er Dr. Van Nostren. There was a small contigent of American fans in San Pedro Sula tonight. Looked like about 10 but hard to tell. Looks like it could be done if smart about it and aware of the risks. I would always go to the washroom in pairs (or more) and would def wait for everyone else to leave the stadium before leaving. I'd think there's a fairly real risk in going (especially San salvador) but it would be quite an experience.
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