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  1. After a huge victory against Cuba, Sportsnet One will show the game instead of all the regional networks. Very disappointing........
  2. Canada to kick off London 2012 against champion Japan Posted on 24 April 2012 in Women's Olympic Football Tournament Canada will face Japan, South Africa and Sweden at the London 2012 Women's Olympic Football Tournament this July in Coventry and Newcastle. Canada will face Japan on Wednesday 25 July, South Africa on Saturday 28 July, and Sweden on Tuesday 31 July. The first two matches will be played at the City of Coventry Stadium in Coventry while the third match will be played at St. James' Park in Newcastle. The entire London 2012 Olympic Football Draw was unveiled on Tue
  3. I hate the first two games at home. Pressure always gets to us. Would of liked a split. Three other things. 1) Watched this thing on my PVR and thankfully it was less painful during the speeches and songs..... 2) Felt like a kid at Christmas watching them announce each team, praying for a great draw for Canada 3) I think our first group is the Group Of Paradise Now to take this easy draw, very serious and dominate these first six games. That gives me time to save my money for the second round.
  4. It would be nice to play the USA in the semi final round and then the hex. Makes for some good competition and help with coaching decisions with players on the fence. I have this weird feeling about Cuba, Panama and USA in the semi final round.
  5. It would be nice to have usa, cuba and either haiti, panama or grenada in the second round. Had enough of honduras and mexico. 16.7% of getting Guatemala in first round 20% of getting Guatemala in second round if they advance 33% of getting Cuba in second round
  6. Great first half and hope they can keep it up. One point is a great start.
  7. http://www.firstrowsports.eu/ They are showing all the games. Commentary varies.
  8. Also 489 more FIFA ranking points.
  9. We beat a 37th rank team on the road. Things are looking very good towards the Gold Cup
  10. Garber: Temporary stadiums a solution for teams Firm behind Vancouver facility may be used in other markets Jonah Freedman MLSsoccer.com March 20, 2011 (Getty Images) VANCOUVER, B.C. – While Vancouver Whitecaps FC wait for renovations to their permanent home to be completed, they’re playing almost their entire 2011 debut season at a facility that was built in 111 days – and will be razed to the ground as soon as it’s done serving its purpose. That’s an ideal solution for some other MLS teams, too, according to Don Garber. The MLS Commissioner told reporters during h
  11. I like the new format. More games to move around smaller stadiums in Canada. 10,000 seats for a minnow team would be perfect. I hope they continue doing the full draw like 2010 qualifying draw. Everything was mapped out before the first kick. No surprises except using May 2007 rankings to help T&T. http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/tournament/preldraw/2010_fwc_preliminary_drawinformation_north_central_america_caribbean_e_28448.pdf I am more worried about playing minnow nations than Guatamala. Over confidence can lead to quick downfalls and waiting four more years.
  12. Defending champion Costa Rica will head Group C and play Canada and Guadeloupe in the first round of the CONCACAF Under-20 Championship, while five-time champion Mexico will play Trinidad & Tobago and Cuba in Group D. Friday's draw at the InterContinental Hotel in Guatemala City set the matchups for the round-robin play with the United States facing Panama and Suriname in Group B, and host Guatemala taking on Central American rival Honduras and Jamaica in Group A. The tournament, set for March 28-April 10 in Guatemala City, will determine the region's four qualifiers for the U-20
  13. Vancouver, Toronto and Edmonton would be my choices. I think it would depend on the teams in our pool. We would not have huge crowds for Pueto Rico, Nicaragua or Antigua as examples. If the CSA want to make some money then accept bids from pro and soccer association. Pure profit for them and no worries. The bid would include airfare, hotels and stadium costs. If we get the WWC 2015, put games in those cities to start gauging interest for the WWC schedule.
  14. http://www.fifa.com/worldfootball/ranking/lastranking/gender=m/fullranking.html#confederation=23914&rank=201 Ranking Zonal Ranking Team Pts Feb 11 +/- Ranking Jan 11 +/- Pts Jan 11 18 1 USA 869 0 2 27 2 Mexico 803 0 8 39 3 Honduras 613 17 82 48 4 Costa Rica 560 21 93 59 5 Jamaica 525 0 3 60 6 Panama 518 7 43 65 7 Cuba 498 -3 -14 80 8 Canada 414 4 3 92 9 Grenada 357 2 8 94 10 Trinidad and Tobago 351 -7 -22 96 11 Haiti 349 -6 -9 98 12 El Salvador 347 18 96 104 13 Antigua and Barbuda 303 -1 4 112 14 Guyana 274 -1 -1 117 1
  15. I think it needs a cape and my halloween costume for this year is done. Terrible, a four year old could have done a better job.
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