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  1. Well they made it through the preliminary rounds that felt like they were tailor made for Canada to make it through. They still had to make it tho so it was impressive to not slip up against minnows + Haiti This game was very impressive save for the set pieces. Wheeler sucks, he sounds like a complete amateur, where's Gerry Dobson? Can't wait for the next round 😎
  2. This one really hurt. Props to you guys who support the team vigorously every game, I don't know how you do it.
  3. rip lanza.... i dont know how he will survive that
  4. cleared off the line by petrasso
  5. and a missed call for a stomp on de jong
  6. play stopped, hunduran GK having a rest
  7. header from honduras almost goes in
  8. good shot by de jong, blocked by GK or the post..
  9. big colission in the box, hondu GK down. could have been either way but looks like not a pk
  10. nice play down the right hoillet cross finds nobody
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