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  1. I dealt with some of the western based orders last time, and will gladly do it again. I'll need more than 20 scarves though this time.
  2. Great job strobe_z. #4 rocks as does #1! My mind's been in the gutter lately, so 'the voyage is long' sounds great. I look forward to our new nickname as well -the Fightin' Beavers!
  3. Tell her you love her and grovel a lot. Women love grovelling.
  4. Thanks CanadianTraveller and welcome aboard by the way. I spent a week in Mexico City back in January 2005 and loved it but I still haven't been to Cancun, hence my interest going down that route. Plus, if any other V's come down, my guess is they'd feel more comfortable in Cancun than Mexico City. Perceptions being what they are.
  5. I travel cheap and when I eventually go to San Cristobal, the plan is to go via Cancun, spend a few days there, then bus it westwards, stopping off in Merida and at least one more city depending on what fellow travellers recommend. I haven checked flights from Cancun to TX, but the advantage of busing on long-haul trips, is you book it overnight and save money on not having a hotel room. The entire bus trip is 16 hours, which could be easily made with a stop in between.
  6. The one option I was looking at was a cheap flight to Cancun ($600 right now) and then busing it to TG. For the Honduras game, the plan would be to fly to Cancun, make a pit stop in Livingston (fun Guatemalan city with garifuna culture) and then head to San Pedro Sula. From what I hear, Honduras is a little sketchier than Guatemala, but I didn't have any problems there in April 07. Even walked by myself from the tourist zone in Guate to the stadium in the morning to buy tickets for the Municipal - Communicaciones derby and back again, which apparently is a big no-no. I didn't see any p
  7. It's funny how a simple thing like mentioning the wrong date 5 times in an article, goes unnoticed. Imagine what they do with real news....
  8. Soccer's success? The Edmonton Sun June 24, 2008 Terry Jones The plan is to make the Mexicans go out there wearing their little soccer pants, freezing their soccer balls off in a guaranteed goose-pimple producer in Edmonton in late October. It's been in the works for weeks. The Canadian Soccer Association was expected to announce a World Cup qualifying game here, Oct. 19, pretty much the moment they dispatched Saint Vincent & The Grenadines on the weekend to reach the group stage of qualifying - where they used to begin before things went real bad four years ago. The annou
  9. I must admit, I was impressed with a Luca Toni dive on the second half of the Spain game that at first looked like a legit free kick. On the replay though, as the Spanish player swept the leg, Toni goes down in an almost choreagraphed motion between his leg and the Spanish dude's which were never more than a few inches apart. It was a masterpiece...artistic brilliance. As far as dives go, it was the best I've seen.
  10. If my memory serves me well, the Zapatistas are centred around San Cristobal. Regardless, the dudes offer eco-tours and other guided services to the tourists...when the insurrection occured in 94, they didn't bother the gringos at all. Worst case scenario, bring your finest Che Guevara shirt, and buy a Subcomandante Marcos shirt down there, and you'll fit in. Until the federales see you....
  11. Anyone up for a road trip for either Honduras or Mexico?
  12. Hmmmm.... 1) It's hump day 2) The CSA was hoping half the Mexicans would take advantage of cheap wing night and not come to the game 3) It's more of a soccer night than Tuesday I'm guessing it's an international calendar fixture.
  13. Welcome aboard. If you post long enough you'll eventually disagree with everyone, maybe have a running feud, and then once you meet them over a few pints, it's all good.
  14. I hope no cold snap! I live here! The way I look it, our players aren't used to playing in tundra-like conditions either so I don't see how that helps us. I hope it's just bearable for our boys, which will be colder than anything the Mexicans are used to anyway. If it's too cold, our guys are going to feel it too.
  15. Well, I'm Portuguese-Canadian (born there, choose to live here), married and divorced Italian. My beef with the Italian MNT is that they have so much talent they could easily play beautiful, attacking soccer. Time and again however, they play a boring, game-killing style. They're the New Jersey Devils of soccer. My beef with Italian-Canadians is actually with those that were born here, but act like they were born there. I'm generalizing here, but when Italy wins, they're the most obnoxious fans, and when they lose, they're the biggest conspiracy theorists. These are the same
  16. My apologies for this post. It should in fact read, all Edmonton, Alberta and western based V's willing to make the V's section the most coordinated and loudest one yet, please email. Please be advised your email and phone number will be added to a list, shared by all on said list.
  17. Hmmm....our exotic dancers are just as good as the ones in Montreal, so why are they so adamant?
  18. The team is flying up from the Honduras game on October 11, so there is no issue with timezones. As for the grass, the Eskimos returfed the field after the Beckham game, and it should hold up for one CFL season.
  19. All Edmonton area V's, please email me at River_City_Edmonton@hotmail.com as I'm trying to compile a phone/email list so we can prep for the match.
  20. For Edmonton, I think the trick will be to get the MExicans into the Northwest or Southwest cornerswhere they'll be out of the camera's shot as well as out of direct microphone range. I'd love to see them contained in the second tier, but that won't happen.
  21. Not that my memory serves me well anymore, but this is as best as I can recall. World Cup 2006: Saw two games at the Fan Fests, one in Munich, the other in Berlin- not included in the grand total Canadian National Team : 2 or 3 games (WC qual in Edmonton) Canadian National Team Exhibition: 2 games (Canada - Brasil in 94, Canada Brasil in 08) 1995 Canada Cup: 2 games FIFA U-20 World Cup: 7 games (I think 4 group stage games, and 3 post-group games) FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup: 8 games (might have been 10) USL- Edmonton Aviators: At least 11 games (one in Calgary, almos
  22. Don't believe the hype. Chiapas is on my list of places to visit (San Cristobal, Palenque)and as per previous trips I've done elsewhere, the information we get here (travel advisories, wiki, north american press) are mostly full of crap. I almost went there when I was in Flores, Guatemala, but since it only would have been for a few days, I decided to wait until I can go for a few weeks. By all accounts, it's not Hawaii, but it's not the crappy, ****-hole that even Mexicans make it out to be. My rule of thumb is checking the Robert Young Pelton comebackalive forum, monitoring the
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