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  1. How did I ever get 11 points??? Anyway, 3-1 Canada Goals from Friend, Dero and Hume Yellow Cards - 1 for Stalteri and 8 for the Jamaican team...I predict a chippy affair
  2. Sorry I didn't catch this earlier....I've actually been doing some work today... I had emailed Soccer Steve yesterday with the ticket info for Rows 6-12 before he contacted Jarrek. He'll be at the E&C tonight as will the elusive Darlene - she says if they can't get it on Sportsnet, she'll take off her shirt so at least there's some entertainment..... We can pester SS about him not being a registered member of the Voyageurs or following the MNT as he should. 2 Hours boys!!!!
  3. You guys are spilling Red Dye in the lake???? Crap...it's getting harder and harder for the Edmonton guys to keep up.... Seriously, how cool would that be?
  4. 157/170 ----------------------------------SECTION P-----------------------------------------------------------SECTION Q------------------------------------ ROW-------------------------------(1-17)----------------------------ROW------------------------------(1-17)---------------------------------ROW --5------------------------River City, Scottie-----------------------5--River City, Andrew W, PunjabiOil, stevieeatworld, Tuscan --5-- --4-------Lord Bob,ageroo,werewolf88,Gregmacd, Scottie-----4--Carl Valentine, Fort York Redcoat, Cooks,12,13,14,15,16,17--4-- --3--Superbrad,redhat, dsqpr
  5. I have just returned from the Ticketmaster office and have in my possession the 408 tickets in Sections P and Q, Rows 1 - 12, Seats 1 - 17. I will start distribution of the Edmonton tickets immediately, and will have to mail out for those arriving on matchday closer to game time. TICKET PRICE: With all surcharges (Ticketmaster and Venue) the ticket price is $19.75. If we make it an even $20 (voluntary donation), the extra 25 cents will add up to $102.00 which will be sent to Winnipeg for our war chest. ROWS 13 - 25: For those wishing to purchase these tickets directly through T
  6. Well, not a dream...more of a fantasy, but me, 17,999 hot Jamaican women and all of them cheering on Canada....
  7. The Toronto guys have Pom Poms? Crap....something else we need to buy in Edmonton....
  8. Edmonton scarves are in - pm me if you're interested. I'll bring some to the Elephant and Castle for the Jamaica game to be on the safe side. Thank you BrennanFan!
  9. As per the Edmonton mailing list, we'll be at the Elephant and Castle on Wednesday at 5:30 to cheer on Canada. There are some new V's coming out as well as the usual suspects.
  10. As per the Edmonton mailing list, we'll be at the Elephant and Castle on Wednesday at 5:30 to cheer on Canada. There are some new V's coming out as well as the usual suspects.
  11. We're waiting on a second code right now as well as final ticket prices. Please check the stickied thread on the Mexico game tix as I'll be buying up the first 5 rows to start with and distributing them as indicated. Please let me know which seats you'd like and I'll reserve them for you.
  12. Hey Tuscan. I've been trying to get a hold of someone over there for a while (apparently my City of Edmonton contact for the Galaxy - Whitecaps game either disappeared or doesn't like me), but with no luck. The CSA will most likely be dealing with one person, so once they figure out who that is, we can get all the rules and regulations in writing.
  13. I love you guys.....and it's not just the liquor talking....well, maybe it is, but this is f***ing Beautiful to see before the qualifying proccess gets under way. I hope as many of you as possible make it to Edmonton for the Mexico game - we need to cap off the home games in style!!!!
  14. 107/170 Tickets Spoken For ------------------------SECTION P-----------------------------------------------------SECTION Q----------------------------- ROW---------------------(1-17)----------------------ROW------------------------------(1-17)----------------------------ROW --5---1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Scottie----------------------------5------------------------------River City-----------------------------5-- --4---1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Scottie----------------------------4-------------1,2,3,Andrew W,7,8,9,10,11, River City-----------4-- --3---1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,kcisoul, River City-------------3----
  15. First off, a HUGE thank you to Winnipeg Fury for his work on this. God knows he's had enough grief and extra work with Commonwealth Stadium.... Once the codes are released, I will go online and purchase the first 5 rows of Section P and Section Q ASAP. I've been working on a seating chart with the V's that volunteered to be on the Edmonton LOC and I am including it below. For all V's planning on coming to Edmonton and wanting tix, please choose the available rows and seats and either post here, facebook me, or email me. It's first come first served and I will rely on the timestamp to
  16. Well then, you'll definitely be sitting with us. Send me an email at River_City_Edmonton@hotmail.com
  17. http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/1100410BCEB9ACA8?artistid=1248058&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=11 Tickets go on sale to the public on September 1 at 1000 Mountain time. Ticket prices $10 - $45. I'm guessing the CSA is working on our discount code as we're not listed there yet.....
  18. I'm torn between 1) VOYAGEURS #12 or 2) RIVER CITY #12 Thoughts?
  19. Holy Crap! You miss a few weeks on this forum and the whole world changes. Last time around was when Pipe got fired. Anyway, great idea and great legwork jasonm. I would favour a western based CSL franchise to keep it as Canadian as possible, but if this is what is chosen, count me in. I totally understand Ted's point of view, but there must be a way a potential team could be affiliated/sponsored by the V's without having a legally binding connection. The Voyageurs could lend the name, much like we lend the Voyageurs Cup to the CSA.
  20. All V's planning on coming to Edmonton, please post your handle and expected arrival date as well as flight info. As well, please ensure there is a current email address the Edmonton V's can contact you at. Many thanks. 0025 - Fort York Redcoat 0731 - redhat - renting vehicle 0805 - dsqpr - picked up by redhat 0828 - matthew (2)(AC8489) 0905 - Lord Bob (AC232) 0926 - piltdownman and gwallace76 (WS654) 1223 - Blue and White Army (WS136) 1322 - smiddy (westjet) 1300 - kcisoul 1400 - jason 1500 - cheeta MATCHDAY AM - Joe Keeper PM - werewolf88, jo
  21. I last updated the CSL stats on July 4. I'll have them finished soon.
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