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  1. Is it possible to get a quote for shipping the whole kit and kaboodle?
  2. Hey Carl V, Reza was looking at quotes for fabrics and strobe was working with some graphics. If you want to send an email to the LOC mailing list we can maybe coordinate something for this weekend.
  3. Out of curiosity, how many of the banners/flags/paraphenalia will be coming to Edmonton?
  4. I appreciate the effort guys. At this point I'm still trying to sell as many tix as possible and I had already started compiling a list of those willing to donate tickets for either youth soccer players or kids in inner city agencies. Obviously those tickets will be a bit higher so the kids aren't totally traumatized. I'm still holding out hope that we can indeed sell out the section and I'll keep everyone informed on the ticket assignment thread. We had a great initial response from V's both in Edmonton and in other cities in terms of purchasing large quantities. Now it's the single o
  5. No idea what the breakfast will be, but I can guarantee no beans. If there's a cute EPS lady officer like at the U-20 Congo game, the beans just won't cut it. Cheeta just forward the flight info once you have it.
  6. So he chose not to play for Canada because someone at the CSA told him 'then that's that'? That is weak from the CSA, but also from Whoregraves. To make a decision on your national team based on some dimwit means OH himself is a bigger dimwit.
  7. I'm 4 chapters in and I've begun looking for signs in every soccer game I watch to see if it's fixed..... That Canadian backpass against Brasil in Seattle comes to mind......
  8. redhat and dsqpr, I'll put your 3 tix together in Section P, Row 3, Seats 5,6,7.
  9. Don't forget to email your flight info so we can see if we can arrange a pick-up. Heritage Canada is mailing 200 stickers and 200 tattoos which should be enough to distribute to whicher randoms we bump into. If anyone else wants to see if they can get some more...the merrier. Also, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MP for free flags. After explaining the October 15 game and the importance of having as many flags as possible, my MP is only giving me 2.....guess who's not getting my vote....Anyway, if every V attending brings 2 flags, we can hang the extra ones on the camera side of the Stadium wh
  10. First off, a huge thank you and job well done to the Toronto and Montreal V's who made all Voyageurs proud in the first two games. Now it's our turn and we'll do our best to make the Voyageurs look good and the MNT feel at home in Edmonton. For all the anti-Edmonton V's, give us at least the courtesy of waiting until AFTER the game to begin slagging us. TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION http://www.canadian-soccer.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16475 as well as www.flysunwing.com where I found flights from Toronto for $334 with all taxes included. TRANSPORTATION Sky
  11. Canada 2 Mexico 0 Goals - DeGuz, DeRo Cards - Serioux Yellow, Ochoa Red, Vela Red
  12. Wow...dumbest comment of all time....I feel so special. To summarize guys, I DON'T LIKE MITCHELL or his TACTICS. But, the players have to be able to step it up. They didn't lose the game against Honduras because the 4-5-1 (and yes it is a 4-5-1) didn't work or because Mitchell had his head up his *ss to make the necessary adjustments. They lost because they were outplayed. Pure and simple. IF Canada does not make the HEX, then we fire Mitchell, but as long as we have a chance, let him work his system with the players. Sometimes, these things need a bit of time. And Ian Hume
  13. Sorry that took so long guys...I've actually been busy at work. I've decided against including provincial leagues as with the new point system, the CIS/CIAU/AMSL having .5 pts would mean the other provincial leagues would be at .25 pts. But please feel free to post the top scorers for whatever league.
  14. Look guys, I agree it's not the best system for Canada, but it's the system the coach wants. The players know how to play it. All they need to do is actually play it. Are you telling me the same players that would be supposedly running riot over Honduras by switching to a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 become totally inept and useless in a 4-5-1? As for getting rid of Mitchell, I don't like him, but getting rid of him now would be detrimental to the cause. And yes, I believe we can still finish second.
  15. I'll go against the grain and actually defend Dale Mitchell. Last night's loss was not his fault. I've always felt he was the wrong choice for MNT coach after the U-20 experience and feel his 4-5-1 formation is not the BEST option for Canada. But since he is the coach and that is his preferred system, it's up to the players to greating play it. These are professional athletes who should be able to understand the system (it's really not that complicated), and play it as professionals, regardless if they're being asked to perform duties they don't normally do at the Club level. Th
  16. footballfaninsoccerland and Free Kick, please email me at River_City_Edmonton@hotmail.com. Other than the available tickets shown above, we also have Rows 6-12.
  17. I'll be picking up my son on the northern reaches of town at 1700 and speed down to the E&C.
  18. Hey Beaver. We have a total of 408 tix, but I'm concentrating on filling up the first 5 rows before starting with the rest of the section. Just let me know how many tix you need once you know, and we'll go from there.
  19. Hey Beaver. We have a total of 408 tix, but I'm concentrating on filling up the first 5 rows before starting with the rest of the section. Just let me know how many tix you need once you know, and we'll go from there.
  20. Just as a heads up, once we all settle down from the Canada - Honduras game, we'll post all relevant info on Edmonton and our plans on the Forum. Sherlock's will be an integral part of the activities, but not the only one.
  21. ONSTAD - OUR CHUCK NORRIS! Since we're stuck with him, let's make the best of it. Let's all join the group and ensure he knows he's got support. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6506051118&refurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fs.php%3Fq%3Dpat%2Bonstad%26init%3Dq
  22. To this day, I still only buy JVC electronics....ok...just a tv and a DVD recorder.
  23. What worked and waht didn't work? Both from those who were there, those who organized and those that watched on tv. From watching on tv; - the new Voyageurs banner looked good close-up but blended away during normal run of play - it also paled in comparison to the Red and White checkered banner - the Voyageurs flag is way too big to have hanging from the bottom railing - it looked great when waived around though...I got goosebumps looking at it - the 'Keep Fighting' banner looked good and great location behind the net - same with the 'We stand on guard for thee' banner - I
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