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  1. Not rude at all. Voyageur Game Day is downtown and we'll have cheaper food and drinks than any bar. And we are still planning on going to Sherlock's after.....it's become my home away from home. Always scary when the waitresses know you...
  2. Email keeps bouncing back....did you buy your tickets yet?
  3. Just called them. They'll show the Canada - Honduras game, but not the Portugal game in the afternoon. Boo. Any suggestions to watch the Euro qualifying games?
  4. Even better! It's a large party room at a condo complex....with a soccer field near by. So bring your cleats with crampons as an option...
  5. Canadian Traveller's condo might be a sausage party, but it'll be the place to be. Plenty of time for the ladies after the game.
  6. Vancouver Fan, I believe all of them are coming. Moldobut, just make sure they're red!
  7. At first glance, this looks like a Kobayashi Maru scenario....but it isn't. The solution is to get both of them to take you into the VIP Room. Let Dale coach the MNT, but bring in Pekerman to develop the Youth system and then take over from Dale, when Pekerman feels he's ready to go. Dale can even stay as his assistant.
  8. The banners are coming! The banners are coming!
  9. Having issues with your email address. Please email me.
  10. All the info has been updated on the Edmonton Info thread. Canadian Traveller has made arragements for the Voyageur Game Day which is where we'll be hanging out.
  11. Hate to keep bringing this one up.....someone please email me.
  12. Damn it people....are there no Leafs fans here? I don't even know who's on the team anymore and I still cheer for them. Sure you get used to the suckiness and the losing, but you never give up hope.
  13. What do you have in mind gwallace76? Jazda, jazda, jazda is Polish for 'Go, go, go'.
  14. It ain't over 'til the Fat Lady sings. And when she does, I'll keep on drinking and singing.
  15. Where are you guys going to watch the game? I'll be driving down and will make sleeping arrangements based on proximity to the pub. I will bring the tickets down to distribute to everyone.
  16. Anyone have a high resolution version, ideally in an eps format (whatever that is)? Please email me asap.
  17. Lord Bob, please email me at River_City_Edmonton@hotmail.com
  18. Calling all V's! Edmonton needs your help. Please email your MP's, get your FREE flags and if possible mail one or both to Edmonton.
  19. So far it was only a fleeting passage on it. Chapter 1, I think.
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