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  1. Good job Jefrey. The only I'll add is to time the release properly, avoiding any upcoming big games or sports events, so it gets maximum exposure. Apologies as I can't make any suggestions as to when that time is. I've been out of the loop a bit, but am now in LA. Hopefully Van on Friday.
  2. I'm hoping and praying for 1 - El Salvador 2 - Honduras 3 - Costa Rica 4 - Mexico 5 - USA 6 - Trinidad (I actually like Trinis, but not JW)
  3. And that's the problem with picking an arbitrary number to determine who has a say and who hasn't. I don't know when Smiddy joined and I really don't care. He came out to Edmonton to cheer on Canada. That makes him a full fledged Voyageur. No ifs and or buts. If we cut the voting to those with 1,000 posts or more, Reza couldn't vote but I could. Where's the sense in that? Arbitrary numbers are just that, arbitrary. Since there isn't an application process or membership requirements, if someone took the time to register, they're a V.
  4. Went to my 5 year old's soccer practice tonight. First 20 minutes were spent doing conditioning drills while 12 balls sat lonely in a corner. Then they did 20 minutes of running and shooting drills. Then they scrimmaged 3 on 3 for 20 minutes. Based on the first 60 minutes of soccer development in this country, I'd say minor soccer is a glorified babysitting service. My totally biased opinions for that age level are that; 1) they should always have a ball at their feet 2) do drills based on ball control 3) the 3 on 3 wasn't bad, but I'd even reduce that to 2 on 2. Even w
  5. I was waiting in case any of the TFC went on a scoring spree. So yes, Nascimento and Sebrango tie it up!
  6. Whoa gents.........before we start voting on this, I need some clarification. 1) I don't wan't to sound like a douche but how exactly did WF become the de facto leader of the V's? I debated phoning/emailing him, but that would mean that I would be working in the shadows, so I'd much rather ask this question out in the open. This part of the Voyageurs history is not in the History thread and in my mind needs to be put on the record. I've considered myself a Voyageur since I originally stumbled on the website and after lurking for a while, found the first post I remember as 'Portugal Fan
  7. That is a fair post Grizzly, but I think misses the point of those that want to formalize the group. I had no idea that WF or anyone else was in fact leading us, since this was never discussed or agreed to....unless I missed a thread or two. But that is exactly my point. If we have a 'leader' or 'unofficial president' this needs to be known and agreed to by the vast majority of V's. This isn't a private club. At least I didn't think so. When we reach 10,000 members, is having a secret leadership committee going to be an efficient way of conducting things? This thread started w
  8. Who should run it? Eventually, what I see is the organization being run by V's that are voted in by other V's based on 1) willingness to step up to the plate 2) ideas. This wouldn't have worked in the past because our numbers were low, but as we continue to grow, this is essential. The guys running the show now have done an absolutely bang-up job with limited time, resources and in some cases assistance. But again, as we grow we need to be completely transparent. From the Edmonton LOC as an example, there were a few V's with very little posts that were of invaluable assistance and I
  9. BUREAUCRACY The amount of bureaucracy is something we can easily determine. I sure as hell don't want it. And no one is advocating this. What is being proposed isn't a monolithic bureaucracy that is going to limit anyone's involvement or result in increased workloads. TRANSPARENCY After my experience with the Edmonton game, my view is we need a formal structure with transparency. It was nice to contact Winnipeg Fury anytime I had an issue in Edmonton, rather than deal with a hierachal structure. But at the same time, the V's shouldn't be an old boys network that is run entirely by
  10. I'm not sure about incorporation since the most well versed in legal matters among us felt we didn't need it. But in regards to official titles, we need to be transparent as an organization. As our numbers grow, everyone needs to know who is doing what and who is accountable for it.
  11. Now that I finally had a chance to catch up at work, and personal life and facebook and we've all had time to reflect on another failed qualifying attempt, I wanted to post this and start some debate on; 1) how we as V's can better support Canada at matches 2) how we as V's can be better organized I want to thank those that posted on the Post-Mortem thread and also thank the Toronto and Montreal V's for the great job they did. Thank you to the out of town V's that came to Edmonton, the Calgary and Olds contigent especially as that drive isn't always fun. The BC'ers that flew and dro
  12. This is sweet....thanks to Cheeta and dsqpr, 'monkey' is the new 'greating'.....
  13. Gordon, my apologies as I know we came across as abrupt so I appreciate Tom's cooperation and your explanation. The reason I didn't publicize it was because it was a last minute addition to everything else we were already doing. I informally (over beers) let some media guys know it Radz' last game and that the V's would be doing something as per gwallace's thread on giving Radz a proper send-off. That got picked up... http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/Columnists/VanDiest_Derek/2008/10/14/7072601.html At that point, I figured that IF Radz came over and threw the jersey, finders ke
  14. Great feedback so far, and I don't want to jump in too much yet, but nafnikufesin, the only person I turned down for tickets was an ex-girlfreind of mine who wanted tix for Mexican supporters. If she dealt directly with Ticketmaster, I know exactly the frustration she would have felt. Did she contact any Voyageurs in particular?
  15. When I have a bad day at work, I go out and have a drink. Mind you I do the same when I have a good day at work. Point is, these are athletes and them going drinking AFTER a game does not hinder their performance. In fact I say it helps them alleviate stress. Stresses a lot of us would have a hard time dealing with. If they were going out BEFORE a game, I'd have an issue with it. But what they do in their personal time is their OWN business.
  16. In Lars' defense, he had a few drinks tops, but nothing serious. I ended up closing the pub down with Tuscan, mccout and another V (my apologies for not remembering even after you telling me your handle 10 times throughout the night) and Lars had left the pub long before. He went out of his way to go up the stairs to personally thank us. I don't think it's a good idea to name names if seeing a player in a social setting because a lot of people do read the forum, but LArs definitely needs to be named for giving the fans a little recognition. It rarely happens, and when it does, it's
  17. I won't have a lot of time to spend on the forum for the next 4-6 days so I won't be able to post my detailed list of positives and negatives. For those of you that watched it on tv, please post what looked or sounded good from the V's section. Which banners stood out, if there were close-ups of the V's, whatever. For those that were there from out of town, please post what worked for you, what didn't work, what could've worked - everything from prematch activities to departure. What would make you want to come back again to Edmonton? For the locals that were there (includi
  18. Gordon, I'll leave the tickets at VGD while I'm shuttling to the airport.
  19. Punjabi Oil, please email me your cell. All my emails keep bouncing back from you.
  20. What beer line? We'll have beer service! As well, anyone there to cheer on Canada will migrate to our section once they our numbers. It'll be good for recruitment.
  21. We could have gotten that number with better results and with better advertising. Weather is supposed to be a high of 8, and a low of -5.
  22. I don't want vent my frustrations at this point but; 1) 1 pt from the first 3 matches didn't help. Canada beating Honduras tomorrow will result in a good walk-up crowd. 2) Minimal advertising. There's a few billboards around town, and I haven't heard ads on the FM stations. Just on the AM talk radio. Not exactly the target demographic - old, white males who hate soccer and love hockey. The ASA has done sweet great all other than give their pre-sale to anyone who wanted it (Mexicans). My team plays in EDSA - the body responsible for adult soccer and they didn't do any adverising.
  23. It figures. After the songsheets are all printed I find this song; Despite all the crap with the CSA, Dale, Brennan, Paul James, ticket sales, here's a weak attempt to make it ours. Feel free to improve it so we can sing it Wednesday! I love Hirschfeld And I love Wagenaar They'll stop every shot From near or afar I love the whole team as crazy as it is Boom de yada, Boom de yada, Boom de yada, Boom de yada I love Klukowski McKenna and Pozniak Hainault and Hastings Stalteri will attack I love Harmse and Jackovic Boom de yada, Boom de yada, Boo
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