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  1. I equate the two incidents. Goonery is goonery. And FIFA's track record on discipline is less than admirable. Whether players or execs from caribbean islands...
  2. Right..... Rapists, murderers, drunk drivers and goon soccer players. Did you feel Wayne Rooney should've been put in jail for stomping on Ricardo Carvalhos twig and berries? I didn't. It was dirty and should be dealt with by soccer authorities, not by the criminal justice system. It was not a crime.
  3. Have to start with that comment since you were obviously emotional and irrational when you wrote it. Much like Pepe was when he snapped. My bias - I loved the guy in Porto and he's solid on the Portugal defense so the only issue I have with him is he chose Real Madrid. Puto madrileños. My analysis - Watching the whole thing repeatedly, Casquero dove like Greg Louganis. Pepe obviously annoyed, kicks him. The first kick was actually a clearance that sucked. The second was in no way defensible and should be punished by the sporting authorities, not the criminal justice system. The
  4. Not to rehash the same discussion we've had before, but I agree on the travel issue. My point though is that a western conference made up of your existing clubs and an eastern conference made up of AB/SASK teams could work, assuming they only play each other at playoffs. CSL would be in the future. I know, I know...I dream.....
  5. Excellent points and lively discussion gents. I'll address Saviola7/bettermirror's points by saying I didn't mean to suggest getting rid of the system and not replacing it with something else. The whole drop-in idea was essentially taking the current system and removing the coaches, allowing the kids to play on their own. Organized street soccer as it were. For the U-6 crowd. This would I think remove a big demand for coaches who for the most part will be the type that masster encountered -well meaning but short on skills/experience. I disagree with leafdolfan in that the courses
  6. That is great to hear Richard. The PCSL IS a very stable, well run league. You know my only gripe is that you're not ambitious enough to expand east to Alberta and link up with the CSL.
  7. Brilliant Portuguese defending (tongue firmly in cheek). Wonder what set him off though....
  8. It would be a really bad move for DeGuzman. First, my bias. I am a Porto fan. But with my Dad and my brother both being Benfica fans, I've always had to be a bit more knowledgeable about the game and the politics to be able to outdebate them. I would say I know more about Benfica than they do. Benfica is a shambles off the field, starting at the top. The presidents are divise and unorganized and have been to blame for a constant merry go-round of coaching appointments. The fans expect championships and rightfully so. But the leadership is so fickle that as soon as results don't
  9. Plans for province's centennial soccer spectacle fall through; Time runs out on negotiations with Inter Milan Publication: The Edmonton Journal Date: Sat 18 Apr 2009 Page: C1 /Front Section: Sports Byline: Dan Barnes Negotiations to bring Inter Milan to Edmonton have broken off and the Italian powerhouse will not act as a centrepiece for the Alberta Soccer Association's 100th anniversary celebrations this summer. Local entrepreneur and soccer afficianado Mel Kowalchuk had been working tirelessly over several months to coax the Serie A giant to Edmonton for a game to be pla
  10. For the 2006 semi (in Berlin), I was at the Munich fanfest. Everyone drinking, eating, having a great time. Until Grosso scored. You could hear a pin drop. Even the few Italians were stunned although that didn't stop them from becoming really obnoxious. Can't blame them though.
  11. COACHING STRUCTURE IN CANADA (the boring introductory bit) I took the NCCP Child Course today, which comprises one of three elements before being granted the NCCP Community Coaching Certificate. The other two elements are the Youth Course (which I'm hoping to take in the fall) and the Senior Course which I'm registered for in May. The Community Coaching Certificate is the requisite for writing the B-License Test which qualifies you for actually taking the B License, itself the requisite for the A-License. Essentially, you show up, participate in the instruction and are then granted th
  12. C'mon Jeffrey....if Man U or Arsenal makes it to the Final, it will be a dull affair. If Porto (please, please, please God) or Villareal make it, we'll have a bit of excitement. Either a blow out by Barca or end to end action. Let's go Porto!
  13. It's all good....Chelsea and Barca will exhaust themselves, allowing Porto to take the European crown for the third time!!!!
  14. Corruption is only bad when you aren't benefitting from it. What if we hired a Warner or Blazer relative to coach the MNT?
  15. Brian: “Brothers, brothers…We mustn't fight each other! Surely we should be united against the common enemy! Insurgents: “The Judean People's Front?!” Brian: “No, no! The CSA!” Insurgents: “Oh, yeah. Yeah.”
  16. Canada plays the first game, Friday July 3 against Jamaica in LA..... http://www.concacaf.com/competitions/goldcup/2009/viewArticle.aspx?id=4693 GROUPS GROUP A: Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Jamaica GROUP B: Grenada, Haiti, Honduras, USA GROUP C: Guadeloupe, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama SCHEDULE First Round Friday, July 3 – Los Angeles (The Home Depot Center) Canada vs. Jamaica, 5 p.m. (8 p.m. EDT) Costa Rica vs. El Salvador, 7 p.m. (10 p.m. EDT) Saturday, July 4 – Seattle (Qwest Field) Honduras vs. Haiti, 4 p.m. (7 p.m. EDT) G
  17. If Canada plays in seattle on Saturday, july 4......methinks I'll drive from Edmonton to Calgary on Thursday night. Drive to Vancouver Friday. Down to Seattle Saturday, then drive back to Calgary Sunday and finally home, cured from any hangovers on Monday....details to follow....
  18. Hate to ressurect this fun topic, but yeah, well.... Anyone actually interested in participating in either an Edmonton or a Calgary team, rather than just debating (no more armchair quarterbacks needed), please look for me on facebook - Sergio Teixeira - I have a picture of my son as my profile pic.
  19. Yes it was. In terms of player selection and tactics there was something wrong with his medulla oblangata. Ultimately, Portugal needs a foreign coach who is not tied to the big three domestic clubs and Queiroz ain't it. He was at the helm in our non-qualifying for 1994, and based on his starting line up which did not have a striker, doesn't look like he's learned anything. As an aside, after years of complaining, i finally signed up for some coaching courses (child and Senior). Assuming i can wake up in time to make them, assuming I don't fight with the instructors and assuming i
  20. Hopefully Sir Alex will take him back. Player selections - can't fault him for starting Simao ahead of Nani, but after 30 minutes it was obvious Simao is as useless with the national team as he's alway's been. Should've been subbed. Starting Thiago and Danny ahead of Deco makes sense, but neither have proven themselves at the international stage, whereas Deco always steps up. Could've started Deco alongside Danny and then brought in thiago as a sub. Having 3 centre backs was also retarded. Pepe, Carvalho and Alves were confused and luckily didn't cost any goals due to sheer individua
  21. As much as I disliked Scolari and his tactics and admire Queiroz, I'm afraid Queiroz isn't up to the job. Queiroz shat the bed last time he coached the Senior squad and is doing the exact thing again this time around. Part of it may be a lack of leadership from the players. Bruno Alves and Joao Moutinho may be the closest thing to a Messier-style, grab 'em by the balls leader. Regardless, the biggest issue today is goaltending. I was never a fan of Ricardo, and the Benfica dumb and Dumber duo never impressed anyone other than the Lisbon contigent that have influenced the national t
  22. I'm with Gordon. If we were to count Champions League goals, then what about Voyageur Cup goals? Playoff goals? The league is the most important competition (traditionally), so my vote is to keep it that way. If the overwhelming majority votes for CL or VC or playoff goals though, I'd have no problem adding them on.
  23. PAST WINNERS 2009 - Dwayne DeRosario - Toronto FC with 11 goals 2008 – 2 Winners - Daniel Nascimento - Brampton Lions (CSL) with 18 goals and Eduardo Sebrango - Vancouver Whitecaps with 12 goals 2007 - 2 Winners at 18 goals each Nicolas Lesage (Trois Riviere Attak - CSL) and Gabriel Pop (Serbian White Eagles - CSL) 2006 - Gabriel Pop (Serbian White Eagles - CSL) - 23 goals 2005 - Jason Jordan (Vancouver Whitecaps - USL)- 17 goals SCORING SYSTEM: 2pts MLS, 1.5 pts USL 1 pt CSL/PCSL/PDL, .5pt CIS/CIAU/AMSL MLS, USL, PCSL, PDL, CSL complete scorer's list as well as top
  24. I should really work less as I keep missing stuff... Glad to hear you're up and at it.
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