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  1. Hopefully the Philly fans will confuse him with Santa Claus and throw **** at him...
  2. How about the E&C? I did like the Shark club, but attendance wasn't great as I'm guessing distance was a factor.
  3. I should be leaving work at 6pm so I can meet up for the second half. Just let me know where we're going.
  4. Not my first choice of venues, but if that's where everyone is going, I'll definitely be there. Reza and beaches and strobe_z can perhaps shed some light on the support we've received from the community (soccer pubs) in the past as they're the Edmonton V's I first met. My two cents is that we should support whoever can support us the most for future MNT games though. If the Shark Club is big into soccer, let's try it out and see what they can do for us. But if we're going just because Soccer Steve is there....what can he do to promote the V's, get our numbers up and help sell tic
  5. Aight boys, I've landed and am settling in at beautiful Hermosa Beach. Not sure if the beach is nice, but all the bars are.... See you all tomorrow at the Red Car.
  6. I'll be there early. Unless I pass out at the beach in the morning, recovering from thursday night...God willing....
  7. Or we can have 2 different sections at the Red Car, which happen to be side by side....
  8. Happy Canada Day V's! I'll bring the last of the scarves with me. Time to make another order methinks. Also for dj_patm, feel free to wear RED no matter what club shirt it is. I totally agree with Grizzly that if the game was in Canada, no club shirts would be allowed. But we're few in numbers so I'd be happy to see as much support as possible. Was thinking of approaching the Tico fans to join us for a bit. Crap...I'd even be ok with Man U jerseys....
  9. Wear RED and come on over to join us. I'd say the majority of people at the game will be there for El Salvador - Costa Rica, and the ones that will be watching the Canada game will be for the most part sitting on their hands. The exception being the Jamaica fans and us of course. With our small numbers I'm not anticipating any problems unless any of us start flirting with the ladies in front of their significant others and/or relatives......
  10. We hardly see each other here, so when there's a game we go. As for the jerseys, every footy fan in town will be out with his best Man U or Chelsea or Juventus jersey. Why not Canada?
  11. Everton FC vs. River Plate Tickets on sale Monday for “The Edmonton Cup” EDMONTON, AB – Tickets for the friendly Everton FC vs. River Plate FC match on July 25th at Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium go on sale through TicketMaster at 10:00 AM (MST) on Monday, June 22nd. The Edmonton Cup “‘The Edmonton Cup’ will become an annual prize,” says Bruno Mastroprimiano of Abbey Lane Homes, one of two principal partners. “It is our hope that it will be awarded regularly to the champions of friendly international matches held in Edmonton.” Tickets From $36.75 “We tried to make the event as
  12. Agree with gwallace76. We can meet up at the pub and then go over to the tailgate party. Together. Allez les rouges!
  13. Not sure who's booked what for accomodations, but if anyone wants to go in on renting a house at Long Beach, Hermosa Beach or Manhattan Beach(Voyageurs HQ) check out www.homeaway.com and let me know.
  14. He's put TFC ahead of Canada? WTF???? Seriously dude. Give your head a shake.
  15. Just bought my airfare! $357 something woo-hoo! Thank you Air Canada! Now to read the luggage restrictions....
  16. Since no one is having luck getting a hold of anyone down there, I'll send Winnipeg Fury a message and see if his CSA contacts can do anything for us.
  17. I've received bugger all. As an idea for tickets, what if we just buy them on game day?
  18. Ugh....as a Boca Juniors fan, I can't stand River Plate. And as a fan of corruption-free soccer, can't stand Juventus either. Don't know if I'd bother going to watch these two since I'd have no one to cheer for.
  19. I emailed the marketing person in order to get approval on drums, drumsticks, flag poles and banners exceeding their posted limit, and have yet to hear back from them. I'm still at work, but once I get home, I'll email the Chivas USA guys and see if they can do anything for us, including a contact person for match tix.
  20. The 'mighty' River City? Hahaha....we'll see how mighty I am, after 3 nights of drinking in LA, plus the obligatory farewell party in Edmonton before I leave and of course, the welcome home party as well... I have verbal confirmation from work that I can take a few days off. Once the paperwork clears, I'll buy the plane ticket. Plan is to arrive on the 2nd and return on the 5th.
  21. Not sure what you guys' plans are for July 4,but the LA Coliseum is hosting a soccergame between the South American All-Stars and the Rest of the World All-Stars, http://www.lacoliseumlive.com/joomla/ Interesting roster, but the guy that stands out for me is Pauleta (Deportivo la Coruna, Bordeaux, PSG) as he's the only pro player from my island.
  22. How many goals in fixed matches?
  23. I'm still hoping to make it, but until I can confirm things at work, I won't know. Having said, I'd gladly lend the bass drum if someone was driving down. If I end up flying, the plan is to take a bunch of banners and then hit up some pawn shops/flea markets for drums/noise makers. No point taking drums as checked baggage with all the restrictions. Never mind the fact it's too awkward to lug around!
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