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  1. That was a boring game. It looked like Spain's forwards were scared of getting hacked anytime they got close to the Italian net. Go Russia!
  2. Don't think I've ever seen a coach make all 3 substitutions so early. Dumb move. Russia played extremely well...they deserved the win.
  3. Russia 2 Nederland 1 Hmmm...Pavlyuchenko today.
  4. I'm still trying to get over how one coach can be so wrong...... Classic game with Turkey - Croatia. Germany may be in trouble.
  5. I can amaze myself sometimes, but as evidenced by my predictions for the Champions League pools, it's streaky... Since points double for this round, Cheeta should be at 15, correct? I stay at 32, because I had one point too many after the second round.
  6. Rather than stay with the safe choices.... June 20 Turkey 2 - Croatia 1 Nihat
  7. Crap...I'm down to one scarf....mine and desperately trying to get more from out east. Gave the second last one I had to a Brasilian girl in Seattle.... Email me at River_City_Edmonton@hotmail.com for my cell number. Actually for all Edmonton area guys, we need to get an email and phone list going so we can start planning the V's section for the October game. We're beating VAG and we're going to the HEX baby!
  8. Hmmm...I was expecting dirty hot..... Good on him, and since I expected France to finish last in the Group, a big thanks to Monsieur Raymond.
  9. Portugal 3 - Germany 2 Deco I wish Schwainsteiger wasn't playing...he'll get man of the match
  10. Well, let's put ourselves in Raymond's shoes.... You're a crappy coach, not the most attractive man despite your tres cool glasses and the only way you can keep a trophy girlfriend is to keep some of your best players out of the National team..... I believe better players have been left out for dumber reasons....Redondo for not cutting his hair, Asprilla for not being a 'team player', Beckham for sucking....the list could go on. At least Raymond is getting some. He's French after all.
  11. Russia 2 - Sweden 1 Arshavin Spain 3 - Greece 0 To paraphrase the commentator from the Spain - Russia game, there'll be rain in Salzburg, and the rain will be SPAIN! Fabregas
  12. Wouldn't it be funny if the Dutch ended up playing Italy in the semis.....and lost?
  13. June 17 Romania 2 Netherlands 1 Mutu Italy 1 - France 0 Toni
  14. For a prairie league, we'd need buses, not airfare. One bus for Alberta, one for Saskatchewan, one for Manitoba. For Alberta, assuming Calgary plays at home, Edmonton plays away and would use the bus. The following week, with Edmonton playing at home, Calgary would use the bus. Much cheaper.
  15. I'll be getting off work at 2100 and will watch the replay at 2130. If anyone is still around, I'll make my way down to the E&C.
  16. Turkey game was a classic. I know most V's and some of my friends don't like the Turks much, but they are an entertaining side to watch when allowed to attack. This year's team isn't the most talented group I've seen, but it doesn't affect their determination one bit. Too bad about the Volkan red card, as Koller should have been dealt with after intimidating Ricardo in the Portugal-Czech game. As for Portugal...I thought Nani and Quaresma, despite their theatrics did extremely well, considering they were both wingers and playmakers. The Portuguese media have been dumping all over them
  17. June 16 Austria 2 - Germany 1 Roland Linz Poland 2 - Croatia 0 Kryznowek
  18. June 15 Portugal 3 - Switzerland 1 Quaresma Turkey 3 - Czech 2 Emre B (#5)
  19. June 14 Spain 2 - Sweden 0 Torres Russia 2 - Greece 0 Zyryanov
  20. Hahaha....spilled my coffee reading that.... Maybe our next Voyageur project is to adopt 11 - 20 15 year old Brasilian soccer players.....Canadian citizenship should be worth something to Brasilians despite our crappy winters.
  21. A while back in World Soccer magazine, Paul Gardner attacked Blatter's stance by arguing that Brasilians in other nations should be encouraged in order to make the game more beautiful. Can we send some to Greece, Romania and Austria?
  22. How many great indoor players are great outdoor players?
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