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  1. Another source close to the situation in the U.S. said that the USL was "threatening to sue everyone at the table." Let them sue everyone. The the USSF will probably tell the USL to stfu before FIFA finds out about this and suspends the US from the World Cup.
  2. What? Is there a definition of a true Voyageur? So you support Canadian soccer? Did you follow the Lynx? Or you just decided to show up when Toronto had an MLS club just like the other 90% of TFC fans? We are talking about club football right here. Not the MNT. Enough with this bullcrap about how the TFC "or the Impact or Whitecaps" making the playoffs is good for the MNT because it doesnt make any difference. I can care less about the other Canadian clubs. That doesnt mean that I dont care about Canadian soccer in other words, the MNT.
  3. You could still buy SINGLE tickets on www.admission.com
  4. Late tackle, studs up not even close to the ball right on the ankle. Any ref in the world would of gived him a red card. If it was Nash who received the tackle he would of been "crying like a baby". I totally agree with Jeffrey S. on what he said. By the way, I think SRC said that the ref is actually from Ottawa.
  5. Recurrent theme. Ref with a bad call, time wasting from opposing team.
  6. How do you expect this team to be ashamed of themselves? No pride. No honor. No effort. Pathetic is not strong enough of a word to describe the way this club has been playing this season.
  7. Apparently, the Impact will also host River Plate.
  8. Good teams find a way to score. Vancouver is a good team. Period. They remind me of the Impact last season during the champions league.[8)]
  9. Congrats for the big win!!! I could assure the Vancouver fans that Montreal will do whatever it takes NOT to see TFC raising the cup in Montreal. Vancouver allez allez!
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