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  1. Franky - Any chance you'd be willing to sell one of your Rockets jerseys?
  2. Franky - who made the 86'ers jerseys? are the backs blank or do they have a number? Would you know if the 1991 or 1992 Blizzard jerseys had players names on the back? I know some of the 80's ones did, yet don't recall any from 1990-92.. JF
  3. I probably should have done that too back in the day.. Is that Jomo Blizzard jersey game worn? JF
  4. Nice hookup... what about the others? I had a few offers on that Blizzard jersey, to those that have asked, I'll still consider it, but would rather trade up or something for an 86ers, yet once again, it's not likely to happen.. JF
  5. Nice collection.. Where did you get the 86'ers jersey? I'd like to own one, but I'd imagine they're no where to be found.. jf
  6. I've found practically no info on Jansen, just the fact that he was on the Canadian national team, some international stats and that's it.. Perhaps someone should make some kind of historical website documenting the Canadian teams of the NASL & CSL.. By the way, which NASL or CSL jerseys do you have? and is there any web sites you know of that have pictures of the Blizzard while they were in the CSL? JF
  7. Franky - thanks for the info, it was interesting to read. I recall Jansen being on the Canadian National team in the late 80's, yet didn't remember him playing for the Blizzard. Any clue as to where he played after? Unfortunatly there is hardly any info out there with regard to the CSL or any of it's teams..
  8. Well since the CSL existed from 1987-92, it's from that era, but I thought they used different jerseys in the various years.. Any idea who #5 was?
  9. Does anyone know which year this Toronto Blizzard jersey is?
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