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  1. Photo gallery from last night's match in Portland: http://www.soccercityusa.com/usacan092211-pics.htm
  2. Some additional photos from Saturday: http://timbers.soccercityusa.com/van100210-morepics.htm
  3. I'm not sure what video you saw but he was obviously onside. Here is the moment of the pass from the same video with the pass having left Ryan Pore's foot: I was up there and posted a match report: http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/van100210.htm And photos: http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/van100210-pics.htm I will have more photos of the day's festivities up tomorrow. As always, I enjoyed my trip up there and you guys have great fans, and look forward to a great playoff series this week, and seeing you all up in MLS next year. We just all need to hol
  4. A video obviously shot from a telephone from near the back of the section, with the sound going towards the pitch and not towards the camera is not a good indication of how it really sounds. Though honestly, the chant seemed to be winding down a bit, that's true. This is bit of a better version someone shot, but I should have shot some good video from the field, because from there when 5-6 sections are all singing at the same time, it's pretty incredible. But here is some video I did shoot of the TA in action, the US National Anthem and player tifo during pregame of the Puer
  5. Match reports: Championship Portland 4:1 Thunder Bay http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/por-thu-080710.htm Consolation Baton Rouge 2:2 (4-2 PKs) Reading http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/bat-rea-080710.htm
  6. It'll be the Portland Timbers U-23s vs. the Thunder Bay Chill in the final at 4:00 Pacific time at PGE Park in Portland. Here are my match reports for the semifinals: Thunder Bay Chill 2:1 Baton Rouge Capitals http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/thu-bat-080610.htm Portland Timbers U-23s 2:1 Reading United AC http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/por-rea-080610.htm
  7. I'm surprised you missed this one: Jun 22 -Derek Gaudet and Ross Smith both started for the Portland Timbers in their Open Cup match at Kitsap, and both played 90 minutes, but even better, Ross Smith SCORED the first goal of the match on a header in the 34th minute in a 4-1 Timbers win. Here's a video of his goal:
  8. Yes, there's a bit of a revolt going on now among Timbers fans about the logo, and yes they reacted that way at the unveiling yesterday. No idea when they plan to introduce the new Timbers kits. I like the new Whitecaps logo, though I think it needs the little notch at the top to indicate that it's mountains, which improves the logo dramatically in my opinion. Otherwise, it's a bit too vague, but is much nicer than most MLS logos. The jersey is a bit disappointing, as I've always identified the bar across the chest with a classic Vancouver kit. The Bell sponsorship is interesting in t
  9. Here is the new Timbers logo, introduced at halftime of the World Cup game today: Reactions are mixed, though I like it. I don't know how they are going to put that on a green kit though as it loses alot of it's definition when you do.
  10. I'm a bit indifferent about the logo, mostly because it's a bit too plain and non-distinct, but is already better than most MLS logos. This logo variation was put up at Sportslogos.net and I think the small change makes a huge improvement, what do you think? Our new logo down here in Portland is due to come out Saturday and I'm scared to death about what they might do to our logo, which I happen to like very much. Looking forward to coming up into the league together in 2011 though, will be a great year.
  11. So far the only action he has seen was 30 minutes again Puntarenas FC of Costa Rica on May 1: http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/pun050110.htm Here is a photo of him from that match: http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/pun050110-19.jpg He seems a talented player, but just hasn't been able to work himself into a very deep Timbers roster this year.
  12. Ross Smith finally saw action for the Portland Timbers in a 3-2 win over Boca Juniors on May 29. He had been nursing a back injury since pre-season so this was his first action since, and he played 63 minutes and played well. http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/boc052910.htm http://portlandtimbers.com/newsroom/headlines/index.html?article_id=1663 Here's a photo of Ross against Boca: http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/boc052910-4.jpg
  13. Congratulations to Montreal, the Impact and their fans, and to Canadian footy fans in general for knowing that before long there will be 3 teams up in MLS. I think MLS is going to be taken quite by storm by the arrival of Vancouver, Portland, and Vancouver as the first lower division teams to ever bring significant fan bases up to the top division.
  14. Derek Gaudet played 30 minutes for the Portland Timbers in a 3-1 exhibition loss to Puntarenas FC from Costa Rica. http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/pun050110.htm Here is a photo of him: http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/pun050110-19.jpg
  15. Pore is on an amazing streak at the moment. He's really at his deadliest when he is free to roam the pitch and switch positions from left to right to middle at will. USL1 leading points scorer from last year, Mandjou Keita, has just returned from a loan in India and will be interesting to see how he works into the lineup with Ryan having the golden touch at the moment. Here is my match report from Thursday night, with photos of all of the goals: http://www.soccercityusa.com/timbers/van042910.htm
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