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    longlugan reacted to IAmPappy in CPL new teams speculation   
    First bold: Isn’t that literally the first mandate in every nation’s FA charter? To strengthen the domestic league?
    Second bold: I can think of only one thing, which was to create a holding company to manage league-wide, non-game day tasks, specifically the broadcast rights.
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    longlugan reacted to Bison44 in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    Simultaneous bidding process........... 😉
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    longlugan reacted to lazlo_80 in Forge FC Season Thread 2020   
    It just feels like we should get Bustos, doesn't it?
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    longlugan reacted to shermanator in Cavalry FC Season Thread 2020   
    Ugh, I can't even pop in and give a little insight into the Calgary supporters scene without the parrot showing up immediately after and saying something stupid.  
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    longlugan reacted to Macksam in Forge FC Season Thread 2020   
    I always liked it when he called him Gorgeous Tristan Borges. 
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    longlugan reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in Forge FC Season Thread 2020   
    Not having to listen to Gareth Wheeler repeating stuff like that ad nauseam whenever he scores a goal is a definite plus.
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    longlugan reacted to Cheeta in Ottawa CPL Club   
    I'm not a dickhead and resent anyone who refers to me as one.
    I identify as a twat.
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    longlugan reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Of your last twenty posts, half have some factual base, half are speculative.
    And whenever you get in a hole, you taunt the other poster with your typical "Have your been hanging out with the Parrot?" or similar, your go-to argument. When you are as in the sky as he is. 
    So speculation, trolling, cheap shots--and then the other half worthwhile informed posts. I can understand why you feel comfortable on this board, I do too.
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    longlugan reacted to SthMelbRed in Ottawa CPL Club   
    I'm calling the guy who endlessly speculates negatively on CanPL topics, now calling for restraint on speculating on a positive development the dickhead. But well done on your excellent reading comprehension, there.
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    longlugan reacted to SthMelbRed in Ottawa CPL Club   
    So this is the time when it's inappropriate to speculate on something that we know nothing about? Mate, have you seen your posting history?
    *can someone whom he hasn't put on ignore please quote this so the dickhead might see this. 😉 
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    longlugan reacted to Tigers in Ottawa CPL Club   
    I'm also on team get-rid-of-diving.
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    longlugan reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in Ottawa CPL Club   
    The Ottawa region has a large francophone population and Canada is bilingual so not sure I follow the logic. That kind of mentality is probably not helping on Quebec expansion. Beyond that Atletico sounds a lot more like soccer to me than Fury or Wizards or Intrepid or Pioneers and this is a soccer league not the CFL. If this gets the league to ditch the "By Canadians For Canadians" style nationalism and having David Clanachan droning on about rockem sockem soccer all the time and prompts it to shift over to welcoming in all investors that will help it to be as high a quality league as possible very much in the mainstream of the sport in international terms then it will be a positive watershed moment.
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    longlugan reacted to CanSuffer in CPL General   
    I would call a database of player info a scouting tool -- one of many -- that a team might employ to help decide who is of interest. I would call a draft a formal process to arbitrate the selection of particular players in an ordered way. Neither one necessitates the other.
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    longlugan reacted to IAmPappy in Ottawa CPL Team Name   
    You think?
    ’United’ is not really a brand, it’s an English word, and in the footie context, has no meaning outside the UK. No disrespect to Atlanta, but that’s basically a name that teams settle on when their creativity department fails them. No casual fan will ever associate AnyTown United with Manchester United.
    In the footie context, ‘Atlético’ is not a Spanish word. It’s a brand. I propose that every casual fan will immediately know what Atlético means and who they are.
    I could be wrong.
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    longlugan reacted to JamboAl in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Will he be involved: probably not.
    Would I be bothered if he was: no.
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    longlugan reacted to SpursFlu in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Get out of here with your crazy analytics
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    longlugan reacted to shermanator in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Counterpoint. Go f.uck yourself.
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    longlugan reacted to IAmPappy in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Dear Mr Parrot,
    At your earliest convenience, would you please share with us your brief view on what differentiates a club model from a franchise model. 
    Thank you in advance. 
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    longlugan reacted to Lofty in Valour - 2020 Season Thread   
    A rather spectacular piece of incomprehensible waffle. 😂
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    longlugan reacted to Big_M in Canada vs Barbados - Jan 7th (Camp Poutine Match #1)   
    Crepeau should not be anywhere near number 1 for national team..even in vancouver if they go with him as no1 this year they will have trouble in goal..seen too many weaknesses from him to really believe he would be a strong no1 at mls level
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    longlugan reacted to RickC in Forge FC Season Thread 2020   
    So happy to see almost the entire team return for this season. 
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    longlugan reacted to Bison44 in CPL new teams speculation   
    I dont think anyone started off wanting the Fury to fold.  Lots of animosity got built up before CPL played a game and it only got ramped up by the sanctioning baloney that followed.  But once it was a choice of joining CPL or not being allowed to continue with USL....where was the middle ground that people could have chosen??   By that point alot of people were of the opinion that they did it to themselves and if they chose to fold so be it.  
    As for perspective and group think, sometimes most people think one way because its the most logical way to look at it.  Complaining about group think or accusing people of acting like sheep doesnt actually make your opinions or point of view any more valid.  
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    longlugan reacted to narduch in CPL new teams speculation   
    I would take Ozzie's posts with a huge grain of salt. 
    He continuously rails against the imaginary boogeyman on this site. 
    Most people here were hoping that the Fury would make the jump to CPL. 
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    longlugan reacted to Bison44 in HFX Wanderers Season Thread 2020   
    Yeah, him signing with Halifax is evidence of a secret draft.  Or maybe they just signed him without a secret draft.  Put on your tinfoil hat and sasquatch slippers while you ponder that.  
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    longlugan reacted to BuzzAndSting in Zorhan Bassong   
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