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    longlugan reacted to ted in 2021 Voyageurs Cup   
    The Whitecaps performance in the previous competition also enters into it I would assume. They were knocked out by Calgary,
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    longlugan reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Herdman's coaching staff: Who are they? & how do you rate them?   
    Folks here have no idea what he does as assistant coach. Maybe he plays a key role we don't see. If a team is working then the pieces in it are too.
    Just saying this to counter his detractors,who haven't shown any evidence of him being a weak assistant. 
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    longlugan reacted to Big_M in Herdman's coaching staff: Who are they? & how do you rate them?   
    talk about being way off on biello..a lot of experience with montreal..assistant and then as head coach brought them to eastern conference final which was their best finish up to now..did well at olympic qualifiers with a less than ideal squad
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    longlugan got a reaction from SthMelbRed in Atletico Ottawa Season Thread 2021   
    So you're calling @m-g-williams a liar? He has unequivocally stated what attendance was based on HIS attendance at these games but you refuse to take his word because it doesn't suit your storyline.  I didn't think you could sink any lower but have proven me wrong again. You...in my own personal opinion...are the biggest cunt this forum has ever seen...bar none. I'll probably be banned again for a while for uttering those words but I'm wondering if the mods will have the balls to do something about you. I highly doubt it.
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    longlugan reacted to TGAA_Star in GC: Canada vs Mexico - Thursday, July 29th, 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific - Houston TX   
    I mean when is the last time Canada we have beaten Mexico in a major competition? It has been a while if that. I mean of course I want our guys to beat Mexico on Thursday but we have to be realistic here as well. I mean we can't afford to get cocky and especially can't afford to get cocky against Mexico because they will make you pay for it. 
    Plus no matter what Gold Cups they seem to show up in, Mexico always manages to get the job done. Hell, most CONCACAF Gold Cup title wins and not to mention the most appearances out of any CONCACAF team in World Cups. My point being it doesn't matter if they have an A, B or C team they usually get results not only against us but against other teams in the region.
    Yeah they have been underwhelming thus far but they are still winning matches regardless at this Gold Cup. 
    Considering Canada we haven't won a Gold Cup since 2000 and this is the furthest (semi final) we have been at a Gold Cup since 2007, do I think we have what it takes to win on Thursday?
    I mean I don't hold out much hope if at all. I mean I'm being realistic and brutally honest here. But I mean an upset is possible but I just can't see it happening.
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    longlugan reacted to N1ckbr0wn in GC: Canada vs Costa Rica - Sunday, July 25th, 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific - Arlington TX   
    Okay everyone, let’s settle this.
    like this post with a little blue heart if the Gold Cup (specifically this edition of it) is important to you.
    sad react this post with a crying emoji if you think it is unimportant.
    Since I can’t react to my own post, consider me down for a little blue heart.
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    longlugan reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in Atletico Ottawa Season Thread 2021   
    I did no such thing. A camera angle pointed at the bleachers at Esther Shiner during a Rockets game would have made the discrepancy between announced and actual just as obvious.
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    longlugan reacted to m-g-williams in Atletico Ottawa Season Thread 2021   
    You *just* acknowledged that when you're in the stands, you have a much better sense as to what the actual attendance of an event is and if there's a discrepancy. As someone who was *consistently* in the stands for Fury matches over the years, I can tell you that the announced attendance there never seemed off from what was really happening in the stands. If you had sketchy experiences with the Rockets, then fair enough. But that doesn't mean every team out there does the same thing. 

    It's a 24,000 seat stadium, so for someone not local who's seeing empty seats/got a weird camera angle, it can give the appearance of seeming somewhat empty. But for anyone who's been in the lower bowl on the south side for a match, you can very easily tell that the crowds aren't being inflated. 

    I get that you're passionate about footie, and good on you for it. But when you refuse to give up/reconsider your views even when they fly in the face of evidence, reality and the experiences of so many others here, it gets a bit old. 
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    longlugan reacted to m-g-williams in Atletico Ottawa Season Thread 2021   
    It's even easier to judge for yourself when you've actually been to the majority of the team's games throughout their existence . . . like I and many others have.
    Give it up. 
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    longlugan reacted to Floortom in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    We have three matches over seven days in that first window. We’re not going to go with one XI and there’s going to be a ton of rotation. People keep talking about a “best XI” but that will mostly be irrelevant in the Ocho
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    longlugan reacted to SoccMan in Ralph Priso   
    You must have missed TFC’s 2017 MLS Cup and Supporters Shield winning season or TFC’s CONCACAF Champions League run to the final where Bono had some great performances so don’t know if today’s game was his best .
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    longlugan reacted to dyslexic nam in GC: Canada vs Costa Rica - Sunday, July 25th, 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific - Arlington TX   
    I am a fan and really glad Theo is in the setup.  He will make lots of contributions in the years to come.  
    But I disagree with a couple of things. He hasn’t proven that he is a Premier a league talent yet.  Not a criticism of him because he is absolutely on the right trajectory to get there.  But he hasn’t proven it yet.  Wolves may be loaning him out to continue his development into what we all hope he will be.  
    And I don’t think he is getting pushed to the back burner.  He is a young guy, eager to be on the team, and getting sub minutes in a position where we are pretty damn deep.  When we have our full lineup, he is clearly going to be behind  David, Larin, and Cav at forward and in some situations the experience of a guy like Tesho may be what is required (versus the energy and trickery of Theo).  
    And we are deep on the wings as well, with Davies and Buchanan pretty much locking down the outside positions. 
    It isn’t a knock on Theo that he didn’t blast into our starting lineup.  It is a testament to the quality attacking depth we have.  We are now a damn hard lineup to crack in the attacking group. 
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    longlugan reacted to TGAA_Star in GC: Canada vs Costa Rica - Sunday, July 25th, 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific - Arlington TX   
    For me I want to see Qatar in the Final because mainly it would show everyone that Qatar are a team to watch out for especially in 2022 when they host the FIFA World Cup 
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    longlugan reacted to Unnamed Trialist in GC: Canada vs Costa Rica - Sunday, July 25th, 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific - Arlington TX   
    Because Theo only missed 2 great chances in even less time on the pitch?
    I don't get it. We are talking about Tesho, who has never been a major scorer, he's an MLS journeyman. And he came in from his club, into the mix late, and subbed on and did his job. Even understood he had to take a tactical yellow. 
    You can never judge a player by that short time on that short notice, and of course I also forgive Theo not scoring on both those, he was very unlucky.
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    longlugan reacted to BrennanFan in GC: Canada vs Costa Rica - Sunday, July 25th, 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific - Arlington TX   
    Akindele got himself into great spots.  He did exactly what he was supposed to do in the 95th min chance, it was a good save by the keeper.  Herdman will be pleased to have a 3rd or 4th string striker option of Akindele's quality.
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    longlugan reacted to frmr in Scott Kennedy   
    If Kennedy can maintain a 7 for the whole season that might be enough for a move to a B1 team next year.
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    longlugan reacted to aloyol in GC: Canada vs Costa Rica - Sunday, July 25th, 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific - Arlington TX   
    Wasn't there a FK that was going to the top corner that Crepeau did well to tip over the goal?
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    longlugan reacted to ADP10 in GC: Canada vs Costa Rica - Sunday, July 25th, 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific - Arlington TX   
    What a huge statement game by this team. Whatever happens against Mexico, this has been a successful  tournament
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    longlugan reacted to Unnamed Trialist in GC: Canada vs Costa Rica - Sunday, July 25th, 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific - Arlington TX   
    I'm surprised by the comments, we played at about 70% potential. Only slightly better than Costa Rica. We did not have possession, did not have rhythm on the ball, were not clicking through the midfield. We only had flashes. We had a chance to force them to chase us, but we really did not do it. 
    Then on counters the veterans with a sense of defending a result got carded and are lost for any semi final. 
    If Costa Rica picks it up a bit, and we don't we are cooked. We have to do much more on top of the match.
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    longlugan got a reaction from Stanley in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    Well at least now, if anyone else was in doubt, you've proven what an absolute piece of shit you are in relation to Canadian soccer. I can't speak to how you are outside of that but will hazard a guess that you're a fucktard there as well.
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    longlugan reacted to Kent in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    This was a response to UT saying "I think the main difference is that crowds for these teams' matches will be small". I'm not sure if that first sentence is supposed to imply that TFC II's average attendance in 2019 of 168 is supposed to be comparable to York 9's 2,668 or Edmonton's 2,905.
    But anyways, it sounds like from the bold above that you want TFC, Vancouver, and Montreal to be playing in the CPL, and their reserve teams to be playing in L1O, League 1 BC, and PLSQ, and their youth teams to play in their provincial leagues. Am I right or am I missing some years long stance that doesn't quite match up as well with what you said as what I just suggested?
    I would like to preemptively apologize to everyone for whatever happens next.
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    longlugan reacted to narduch in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    I will be shocked if this MLS reserve league lasts more than 5 years.
    And again. CPL did the right thing by not including MLS reserve teams.
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    longlugan reacted to Aird25 in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    Did Clanachan steal your wife or something?
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    longlugan reacted to gator in 2021 Concacaf League   
    Well so much for that, the game won't be played at home now:
    Concacaf announced Friday that both legs of Forge FC’s 2021 Scotiabank Concacaf League Preliminary Round matchup against Club Deportivo Futbolistas Asociados Santanecos (C.D. FAS) will now take place at Estadio Cuscatlan in San Salvador, El Salvador on Thursday, August 12 at 8 p.m. EDT and Tuesday, August 17 at 10:15 p.m. EDT.
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    longlugan got a reaction from RichV in FC Edmonton Season Thread 2021   
    You don't have a clue what goes on there so stop your speculating and presenting it as facts. More of your wasted contribution on this forum.
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