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    longlugan reacted to Bison44 in Atlético Ottawa 2020 Season   
    Watch out if he says he is a Nigerian prince.  
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    longlugan reacted to Kyle_The_Hill in The Road to Qatar.   
    Sigh. I feel like we've done this before.
    You post an essay, which essentially boils down to a question that usually has already been answered on this board or is easily googleable. Next, someone obliges and answers your question.
    In this case, Japan is going to postpone the games and are currently playing chicken with the IOC to see who will have to pay for the expenses. As to your other point, you want CONCACAF to announce a new format when all of its members are currently quarantined from each other with no timeline on when that will be lifted, but is best case scenario months away, sure makes sense.
    Then, you respond to everyone that responds to you, thus making it so that every other post in this thread is you.
    Finally, 2 weeks later, @admin bans you for your past verbal abuses.
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    longlugan reacted to Kent in Way to play the season & fill the void   
    And what, test all staff and players every day? Develop rules that keep players 2 meters apart from each other and avoid touching the ball with their hands (throw ins and goalkeepers). Sorry, but this isn’t feasible. We just have to wait and see when this whole covid thing takes a turn for the better and restrictions begin to be lifted.
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    longlugan reacted to toontownman in Way to play the season & fill the void   
    Yeah I thought about this too. Like last seasons pre-season camp they could just have all the teams in one base and a neutral ground to play on and play the season. 
    Would all players, staff, employees be ok and even able to leave friends and family for that long a time? It's not implausible in my opinion. People and families work through those type of situations.  Certainly they could do something like that to finish the Premiership if they really had to. A ton of red tape and other dilemmas to work through but maybe not implausible. 
    Knowing my luck it would happen and all the teams would play down the road in Saskatoon and I wouldn't be able to watch. 
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    longlugan reacted to SpursFlu in Way to play the season & fill the void   
    Our weakness is now our strength. The biggest obstacle to the CPL was always the distance between us in Canada. So why not now find a rural soccer field in the middle of Canada and start moving players there and officials there. Obvious logistics and strict screening will be needed. It would at the very least allow for a great pre season and they can kick off games on OneSoccer & CBC. Even play a compact schedule. The place can be remote as possible to create proper distancing. I know there is a ton of liability involved so if not possible I get it. But if the experts would sign off and players sign off, I think it would be great. If leagues from dense areas of the world continue to not play, onesoccer can use they're network to introduce CPL to global markets 
  6. Haha
    longlugan reacted to dyslexic nam in CP: Canadian lineup depleted by injury   
    Well, that pretty much confirms it. 
  7. Haha
    longlugan reacted to dyslexic nam in Canadian Dual Nationals   
    What post are you talking about because I see 5 posts and they are all you congratulating yourself. 
  8. Haha
    longlugan reacted to Aird25 in Ryan Raposo   
    What took you so long?! He already has 23 minutes of professional soccer to his name 
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    longlugan reacted to Unnamed Trialist in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    For the degree that this sort of posting is deliberate provocation and based on alt-right theories, this poster should be banned from the board. Mods?
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    longlugan reacted to Ams1984 in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    So, this is the last thing I’m going to say about this because it’s like talking to an especially obstreperous wall. Politics doesn’t belong in soccer. “Identifies as” is 100% political language. Just because you agree with it, or you view it as common, doesn’t negate that it is political. 
    For some reason, many people are straw-manning what I’m saying. Let me make it super clear: I support the inclusion of women and trans people in Y9 fandom. The issue is that this group could’ve dodged the culture war bullet by using more generic and less political language, that’s all. 
    I think that only an infantile mind needs to preen around signalling their ideology to everyone, everywhere they go. Left or right. I don’t want Y9 to be a political rally. I want it to entertain me with soccer. I don’t want the political inclinations of a handful of partisan people to drive away the many others who are sick of the bs. 
    Anyways, good luck to this group, I hope they attract loads of new fans. I also hope that they think about whether their purpose is politics, or the attraction of female fans. 
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    longlugan reacted to SthMelbRed in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    I believe that the two guys who seem overly bothered by the words 'inclusive' and 'identify as' should go seek therapy somewhere else so we can move on from this manufactured faux rage.
  12. Haha
    longlugan reacted to Bison44 in Valour - 2020 Season Thread   
    ^^^^ Cripes....this is going to be hard to take all summer.
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    longlugan reacted to SpursFlu in General MLS Talk 2020   
    BigM seems like the Caps spoiled your narrative tonight lol  kinda funny read though
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    longlugan reacted to youllneverwalkalone in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    Ferdi, don't sell yourself short and settle for the Netherlands. It's intimidating playing with world class players like David and Davies, but it will raise your level.
  15. Haha
    longlugan reacted to An Observer in Jonathan David   
    If he went to Bayern, maybe they could turn him into a RB and solve that problem for us as they have solved our LB problem for us with Davies
  16. Haha
    longlugan reacted to RS in CPL General   
  17. Confused
    longlugan reacted to ted in CPL General   
    Because blowing smoke up someone's ass does not help them in any way.  If the kid wants to come Canada on a work visa better that he have something realistic like coaching credentials, physiotherapy qualifications, whatever.

    And despite the OP's comment about not wanting to compare Cdn vs Arg soccer levels, he is basically saying "my nephew, who can't get a job playing pro at any of 300+ clubs in Argentina, is good enough to play for CanPL" which is pretty f#@%*&g insulting, but I was trying to be nice. And we won't even get into the stupidity of people who come on a fans message board to ask about opportunities with the clubs when it take less time to Google the league or teams websites and get contact info than it does to sign up for this forum and post such a ridiculous question. Pro's who want to transfer internationally have agents, not clueless uncles. This kid is clearly not serious about a pro career and thinks Canada sucks so hard he can become a pro here because our kids are **** compared to him.
    But sure, sunshine and lollipops should be showered on this guy because heaven forbid reality, hard work, talent, professionalism, and respect have anything to do with professional soccer.
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    longlugan reacted to Ams1984 in CPL General   
    You’re probably right... but what’s the harm in just thinking that bit to yourself and saying ‘good luck!’? 
  19. Haha
    longlugan reacted to m-g-williams in CPL General   
    Out of the loop? Evidently. 
    Flabbergasted? Certainly. 
    A cheap bastard? You can count on that. 😅
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    longlugan reacted to m-g-williams in CPL General   
    I mean . . . it's a *ball*.
    I desperately want the league to suceed, but realistically, the level of play, marketing, salaries, etc. for CPL will never be on the same level as the kind you see in the Bundesliga or among UEFA Champions League players. I just don't think we'll be able to build a rabid enough/large enough fanbase to make these kinds of sales viable. Hell, looking at the MLS website, you can get their 2020 NATIVO ball for $19.99. I'm all about supporting and promoting the league, but this seems insane to me. 
    If I had kids, I'd love to buy them this sort of thing to get them hooked from a young age. But when a bloody *ball* is more expensive than an authentic kit, count me out.
  21. Haha
    longlugan reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in Cyle Larin   
    Google translate says he'll be "sold to the islands".  I'm assuming that means the UK.  Either that or some sort of cult
  22. Haha
    longlugan reacted to Kent in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    But my point is that I have no idea how good those foreign players are. Maybe Vasconcelos is amazing. Maybe he isn't. I've never watched him play, so I really don't have any idea. Heck, I thought Haber and Issey would be really good last year and I HAVE seen those guys play a bunch of times and I was totally wrong.
    So in summary, I would be a horrible scout.
  23. Haha
    longlugan reacted to Kent in Saskatoon CanPL   
    I like this. Preseason matches before the friendly season.
  24. Haha
    longlugan reacted to johnyb in Jonathan David   
    Miami?? Way to shoot for the stars 😉
  25. Haha
    longlugan reacted to CanadaFan123 in Jonathan David   
    Is this how it all ends lads?  We reach the doorstep of world football greatness and get wiped out by the Coronavirus? 
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