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    longlugan reacted to kacbru in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    Sure, but if escapism involves threats, it is inappropriate.  And it doesn't belong here.
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    longlugan reacted to sebdeserio in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    No ones forcing you to comment on the forum while you're grieving...
    (or at all)
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    longlugan reacted to TGAA_Star in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    Go ahead and do it FUCKIN DO IT DO IT because I don't give a damn anymore because the second you guys tried me, you awoke something inside of me that I've tried to keep hidden😡😡😡😡😡🤬
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    longlugan reacted to Bertuzzi44 in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    Please ban this clown. Spam posts all the time, and now is threatening other forum members. Give me mod privileges, I'll do it...
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    longlugan reacted to SthMelbRed in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    Like I said before, you really need to take a break from posting.
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    longlugan reacted to Aird25 in Ferdi Kadioglu   
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    longlugan reacted to TGAA_Star in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    Oh yes it can be but the second you try to come for me, just remember that I won't hesitate to come for you
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    longlugan reacted to SthMelbRed in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    I hear therapy can be good for some people.
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    longlugan reacted to johnyb in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    Hey TGAA, Sorry for your loss. I understand you must be going through a hard time, you should probably take a few days off from here. That was a pretty bad reaction to Ansem not giving you an amen.
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    longlugan reacted to TGAA_Star in Matteo de Brienne   
    Oh I will when I'm good and ready thank you but the next person who suggests I take a break to grieve, I will go off on because my tolerance is growing less and less by the second🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I SWEAR I'M GOIN TO LOSE MY ****
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    longlugan reacted to SthMelbRed in Matteo de Brienne   
    You really should take a break from here, guy.
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    longlugan got a reaction from sebdeserio in Matteo de Brienne   
    How old are you?
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    longlugan reacted to TGAA_Star in Matteo de Brienne   
    Personally is this a good move moving from Vancouver Whitecaps academy to Atletico Ottawa? Yeah obviously it is but then again had he stayed in the Whitecaps academy, he would have been better developed as a player going forward for when he could have made that jump to the MLS. But playing CPL...he at least gets that experience as a young player early. MORE POWER TO HIM...SALUD!!!
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    longlugan reacted to TGAA_Star in Matteo de Brienne   
    Well technically yes because MLS has the better development system being a league that has been longer in existence but also most players who play in MLS for the most part have been elite. Now can you really deny that?
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    longlugan reacted to TGAA_Star in Gianfranco Facchineri   
    Since you put it that way, you're right he at least gets to play professionally early rather than languishing away on the bench in MLS.
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    longlugan reacted to dyslexic nam in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    No offence, but it’s not like you were revealing something most of us didn’t already know.  
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    longlugan reacted to Bison44 in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Mr Parrot droppings, playing the victim again.I should just paste his whinings from last summer in the attendance thread, save everyone the trouble of reading the baloney again. 
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    longlugan reacted to Watchmen in Vancouver Whitecaps 2020 Season   
    It's a pandemic.  It spreads easily.  One player catching it could easily spread it to the others.  This has all been known for a long time.  You've spent the last few months choosing to ignore this, while mocking anyone who took it seriously.
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    longlugan reacted to Gian-Luca in TFC 2020 Season   
    That Spencer as a strker/#9 got a 1st team contract at all after failing to prove he could even score at the USL level is what lead to so many fans criticizing Vanney for that particular move and the strong suggestion/appearance of nepotism. I also like Vanney as a coach but he isn't immune to warranted criticism. 
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    longlugan reacted to Watchmen in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    I pity the poor bastard who has to spend two weeks locked up with Larsson.
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    longlugan reacted to kacbru in Scott Kennedy   
    Or better yet, focus on the player and their skillset rather than the league they play in. 
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    longlugan reacted to Bison44 in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Its not so terrible for the teams, everyone go to a nice resort that is probably crying for some business.  It'll be like summer camp,  1 set up for cameras, and cameramen, lock  Platt, Wheeler Dunfield and Larsson in the pressbox for 2 weeks while they brown bag it and sleep in tents, all the testing they want to do will be centralized.  Just have to have some lunchtime/hall moniters to make sure there isnt any fraternizing, panty raids or shennanigans going on after lights out.  Think Meatballs but with grown men.  
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    longlugan reacted to Ams1984 in CPL General   
    I’m flattered that I have a ‘card’. 
    Assume whatever you’d like about my politics, but you’ll notice that I never bring it up first. This time, I responded to a string of partisan childish (and alarmingly immoral - wishing physical harm ‘Karma’ on someone) attacks on another poster. 
    There were a million other ways to critically respond to sportsflu’s post, but I took issue with the reflexive personal attack. I don’t actually agree with him (completely anyways) but I’m against the silly and ad hominem nature of some of the comments against him. Criticize his statement. There’s no need to **** on Americans, insult a politician who had nothing to do with the present comment being rebutted, and wish him ‘karma’. 
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    longlugan reacted to Bison44 in TFC 2020 Season   
    Its because TFC has it in for me, they know I have no use for Delgado and just want to rub my nose in it.  You watch, they will announce it a third time on my birthday just to piss me off.  And they'll prob announce Shafflebourg has been released and signed by the upper midwestern Twangers of USL-1 at the same time.  
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    longlugan reacted to Bison44 in CPL new teams speculation   
    I would think it would short term hurt expansion chances.  Much like I doubt we'll see new airlines, or movie theatre chains start up right away, people will be wary.  But your average captain of industry, multi millionare doesnt think like a regular goober like myself.  In fact they usually think the opposite, so maybe if there is some kind of leverage to be used on the CPL to concessions, ie get expansion fees down etc, there might be someone willing to jump in for next year.  Geesh  I'm starting to sound like TGA Star.  
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