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    Grizzly got a reaction from Obinna in Canadians in MLS (2014 Season)   
    Our team is bad, that can not be denied. However, why the hell did we sign/play the Uruguayan 2nd division guy (cup of coffee for 3 months in the 1st division) when we have a guy like Jackson Hamel in the academy? When Gonzalez played for us he hardly touched the ball and looked like he should be playing 2 divisions lower. Jackson Hamel made nice runs, got his head on a few balls, showed himself capable of passing plays with other attackers, managed to move around some of the defenders., etc. He looked better than Di Viao when he was on (though that is maybe not surprising as McInerney also looks better than Di Viao who should be gone next year). We still have to see if he can finish and score at a good rate but a very promising debut for a Canadian striker.
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    Grizzly got a reaction from Obinna in 2016 Copa America Centenario   
    I think this argument has even less merit than your argument on player ability. Every difficulty of playing away in CONMEBOL we have here in CONCACAF, crazy intimidating fans, unstable dangerous countries, high altitude stadiums. We even have a few extra difficulties like stadiums with bad pitches and really terrible and unpredictable reffing (and I am not claiming that CONMEBOL reffing is great but it is definitely a lot better than CONCACAF reffing). Sure Le Paz is higher than Mexico City and Equador and Colombia also have high stadiums but then Mexico City's altitude is compounded by the bad air quality due to pollution. And even teams like Brazil and Argentina struggle in the high altitude stadiums and complain that it is unfair which is why FIFA tried to ban WCQ games in them before backing down. And travel would be a difficulty but that is why teams don't play in other conferences. That is like saying Japan would have a hard time qualifying in CONCACAF if their players were jetlagged because they had to fly to North America. In the end the only valid comparison is how the teams would stack up to each other in a neutral venue which is exactly why the World Cup is held in one country where the conditions are relatively the same for every team.
    And I am not sure what your point is about MLS discovering players in the Uruguayan 2nd division. The MLS has brought in a lot of South American players and some have been good and some have been poor. There has been the occasional player from a lower league that has done well but I think there are far more examples of players who were in good South American teams and leagues who did not live up to expectations. And teams all over the world sometimes find players who don't have the greatest pedigree and then break out. Bundesliga clubs find obscure guys all the time who turn into better players than expected and no one denigrates the Bundesliga for that or claims that wherever the guy came from is a super high level. If you are referring to the Impact's Uruguayan 2nd division finding from what I have seen of him I am not convinced he is of NASL calibre let alone a MLS player. And for all the vaulted South American technical ability he controls the ball poorly, can't pass and is positionally poor. Speed seems to be his main skill. I have read reports of guys attending the U23 games that Academie product Jackson-Hamel is outperforming him in reserve games. That is what happens when you have a guy who has a poor eye for talent and who believes if a player is from South America he must be good as the team manager.
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