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  1. Was going to join the group then I read this as the description of what the group was about: I think anyone with half a brain who has been following both the TFC and Montreal to MLS stories knows that the contract is the least of Montreal's worries. If the MLS wants to accept Montreal I think there is little doubt that TFC would waive the exclusivity clause as it is in their interest for Montreal to join. Plus the anti-Toronto rhetoric on some of the threads is over the top and sounds like it is written by 12 year olds. Without all of this crap I think you could probably get a lot of TFC supporters to join the group and boost the numbers significantly. At some point soccer fans should learn to work together in this country. There is nothing wrong with a friendly taking the piss at the another team's supporters but this type of crap doesn't do anything for our cause. If there is another Montreal MLS group that doesn't sound like it was created by 12 year old who know nothing about soccer and which will actually be a positive not a negative influence on our chances let me know and I'll sign up for it.
  2. Noone disputes that the CSA is poorly run but to assert that it is not possible to replace it by something worse is ludicrous, ignorant and irresponsible. In fact, if an even worse federation were put in charge of Canadian soccer it would be an absolute catastrophe that may absolutely destroy the sport in this country. We need an informed and well thought out plan for reforming the CSA with the input and support of respected Canadian soccer figures like Craig Forrest, Paul James and Tony Waiters not an amateur plan by special interest groups like the CSF proposal. I am not impressed by Maestracci or Montagliani but if the quality of person replacing is represented by Bob Iarusci well then: No Thanks! We need positive reform and improvement not just reform for reform's sake.
  3. Still hardly a mention of the national teams. Still a document that seems to promote the agendas of soccer moms and amateur soccer clubs instead of setting forth a real plan to reform how the game is run nationally. As I mentioned in another thread, I and many other critics of this project are as fed up with the CSA as you guys are. You are preaching to the converted and if you can't win us over good luck with the general public/politicians/other important people who don't even know what the CSA is let alone that it is terribly mismanaged. I want reform but I want reform that will improve the governing body of soccer whether it is the CSA or a replacement organization. As far as I can see the CSA is bad and the CSF is worse.
  4. My anti-fascist sensibilities? Just like my grandmother always said, "What Canada needs is a good dictator!";)
  5. This thread is getting pretty bitchy! I guess some people didn't get any valentines today!
  6. I think it is shocking and disgraceful to put together a reform proposal of the CSA that doesn't even mention the national teams anywhere other than in the structural chart. The CSA has consistently underestimated the importance of the national teams especially the MNT resulting in underfunding. Yet this proposal seems intent on replacing them with an organization that values the national teams even less. And those that don't think us qualifying for the World Cup would bring major change to soccer in Canada are wrong. Qualification would be huge and would create a boom in Canadian soccer with many of our professional players becoming household names and kids everywhere realizing that soccer like hockey can have a professional future and dreaming of playing for Canada in the World Cup. We only have to look at the US to see how much impact their national team success had on the sport in their country. I think the CSA needs massive changes in how it is run and structured. The changes proposed in this document don't seem to me to be the ones needed. Additionally the structure can be optimized as much as possible but it doesn't matter if the people running it are not good. I find it hard to take serious any proposal with people like Bob Iarusci and Peter Mallett involved. They are both soccer fans but I am not sure either is really a Canadian soccer fan nor am I convinced of the competency/organizational abilities/leadership skills of either. I have not been very impressed with Dominic Maestracci and Victor Montagliani so far but I am also not in favour of replacing them with the Peter and Bob show. At least I have yet to hear Dominic and Victor praise players for turning their back on their country and playing for another nation. I am also very curious as to how the CSF proposes to become the national body. Are they going to be recruiting clubs and players to join them? Is this the start of some war in which CSF supporting soccer clubs will be pitted against CSA soccer clubs? Is this really what Canadian soccer needs? I am all for protesting against the CSA and trying to get them to move toward extensive reform including putting better people on the Board of Directors and reforming the structure of the organization. However, too many people want change for changes sake without examining what the change is. Proposals to massively change how soccer is run have to be examined very carefully as well as the backgrounds of the people proposing them. The idea is not just to replace/reform the CSA but to replace/reform it with something better. This proposal so far does not meet those criteria in my eyes. Indeed as hard as it may seem to believe, soccer in this country could be even run worse than it currently is. I am hearing a lot of proposals about replacing the CSA that remind me of the revolutions against the brutal, undemocratic monarchic governments that replaced them with even more brutal and undemocratic communist regimes. The CSA needs reform but that reform must improve the organization and must be well and very carefully thought out and carried out by competent people.
  7. Yes he was born in Wil, Switzerland. I don't know what age he came to Canada but by 1992 (when he would have been 15) he was playing for a youth team in BC. 10 years ago in 1997 he was playing for the University of Victoria so he has done pretty well to make it to the 1st Bundesliga.
  8. This is Imhof's first goal in the 1st Bundesliga. In his one 2nd Bundesliga season he scored 3 times in 33 games as a starter. Last year he only played in 7 games mostly as a sub and this was his first game this year. He is scoring at a rate of about 1 goal in every 10 games which is not too bad for a defensive midfielder. He has never scored for Canada though.
  9. If he is accurately quoted about wanting a Canadian coach that is a bit worrying as in my opinion it would only leave one candidate for the job in Dale Mitchell. I think this is too important a job to have only one serious candidate for it. I like Mitchell and think he is a bit more qualified for the job than Yallop was but he is still on the lower end of national team coach qualifications. Just like Yallop it would be a bit of a crap shoot to choose him, he might turn out great but would still be pretty risky. There is no guarantee any coach will be the right fit but there are certainly coaches out there who can show a much greater record of success than Mitchell.
  10. I have been reading some of Starnes previous columns and I certainly don't agree with him on the Hargreaves issue either as Starnes is English himself. Yet his columns are far superior to Ben's both in writing style and knowledge of the game. The problem with Ben isn't that he supports Hargreaves it is that he is a poor writer with little interesting to say about soccer.
  11. What I would expect is someone who is knowledgeable about the game and has some writing skill as well. Compare him to Don Cherry. I may not agree with everything Cherry says and he tries to be controversial as well but noone can deny that Cherry knows a lot about the game and also has a lot inside information about teams and players. That is what makes him interesting to watch besides the controversy and larger than life personality, ie. there is some substance behind his bluster. Reading Ben Knight on the other hand is more equivalent to talking to some drunk guy in a bar who occasionally watches EPL on Saturday morning, ie. a lot of opinionated stuff based on little knowledge as opposed to Cherry who says a lot of opinionated stuff based on a lot of knowledge. The Richard Starnes article is excellent by the way. I also like what Linford has to say so hopefully he will actually achieve what he is promising.
  12. No Ben pissed in the lemonade of Canadian soccer supporters. I agree 100% that Pipe should have been fired. I even agree 100% that he should have been fired 5 or 10 years ago. Yet although I think that maybe he was the wrong guy for the job, maybe his style was not adequate, maybe he had to fight against situations that we can only remotely understand but yet I never had the impression that he wasn't at least trying his best to do what he thought was best for Canadian soccer. It may not have been what most of his here thought was best for Canadian soccer. Even if he was the person most to blame for our recent failures (a debateable point), I don't think he was say a plant of Warner to screw us up or a guy who hated Canadian soccer. He tried his best but it wasn't what we needed and he should have been let go sooner but we have had too many weak presidents and boards to do this (and this is ultimately where the blame lies). KP tried his best, accomplished some things, failed in other things, maybe didn't treat every national player with the deserved respect, maybe his priorities were mixed up, maybe he was too much of a politician but finally he has to accept responsibility for his failures and he has been fired. However, I am not going to laud the Pipe criticism of a soccer journalist who has a very poor knowledge and understanding of the game, writes like he is in grade 8 (Yeah, well, when, Hey, let's start every sentence with an interjection: ok works good for a song by the Ramones but is less successful in journalism) and has never shown one tenth of the commitment to Canadian soccer that most of the posters here have shown and which I even think KP has even if he was not the right man for the job. I have never heard KP say that our best players should play for other countries or that English soccer was more important than Canadian soccer. The worst thing of all is hypocrites. KP may have been incompetent, some people may think he is an asshole but Ben Knight is a hypocrite and and incompetent one at that and he seems like an asshole as well. Who is he to criticize KP? KP may have failed at many things as CSA CEO but yet he also accomplished some things for Canadian soccer: a national stadium, the U-20 WC, an MLS team. What has Ben Knight accomplished for Canadian soccer or even the smaller field of Canadian soccer journalism? Thanks Ben for all of your stories about the Premiership. Yes, your coverage was so much superior to the BBC stuff and all of the hundred of other sources for EPL information. Call it the Canadian viewpoint. And the Port Vale coverage, brilliant. I mean where else in Canada can we get coverage of a third division English team and of course this is so necessary here. To change topic: Daniel as much as I would love to take credit for the silverware phrase, I think it was my fellow German speaking Hargreaves hater (or haterz as the DF crowd used to say) who was responsible. John, we and probably both LMS and Daniel agree on a lot of things even if we sometimes make fun of your somewhat extreme views on the benefits of soccer. Some of the comments are ironic/sarcastic/humorous so you shouldn't take them so seriously or literally. Don't take yourself so serious and literally either. Relax and have fun and save your venom for the real HATERZ:(!!!!
  13. Great minds think alike (oh yeah except about Materazzi and Grosso ) You must have been reading a different forum than I was. While most Voyageurs were supportive of the idea of a Canadian league there was a large number of concerns about the plan being implemented by the CSA. The problem many Voyageurs have with Ben Knight is, unlike a great number of posters here, he is not a supporter of the Canadian national team, he is not a knowledgeable soccer fan and he is not a good writer.
  14. Maybe now we have gotten rid of our incompetent CEO we can get rid of some incompetent soccer journalists like Ben Knight. One of the reasons KP stuck around in the job so long is other than Davidson there was no other competent journalist covering the CSA. What is the purpose of this Ben Knight article other than assaulting us with poor writing style and grammar that shouldn't be acceptable in high school let alone from a supposed professional writer? For half of the article he brags about how great and principled he is for not associating with the CSA and KP because of his dislike for politics. Yet he did once risk being sent to the gulag and years of torture by being brave enough to ask KP a question several times. You are my hero Ben! Other than Ben praising his own heroics and principles there is not a lot information in this article nor a particularly interesting editorial opinion. It is sublime hypocrisy for Ben to criticize KP when despite all of his failings, KP was still trying to do his best for Canadian soccer unlike Ben: the guy who approved and applauded Hargreaves choice of England over Canada and who has stated many times that he is more interested in English soccer than Canadian soccer (yes you are such a principled guy Ben). If there is one guy who is more incompetent in his job than Kevin Pipe was, it is Ben Knight. Let's hope that Canada gets some real soccer journalists in addition to a top coach, competent CEO and visionary TD.
  15. This possibility crossed my mind as well. Let's hope that whoever the power base in the CSA currently is that they are finally knowledgeable soccer fans instead of bureaucrats more interested in politics than soccer.
  16. Pipe may not be responsible for all of the failures of the CSA as many people portray yet I think this is an excellent move that should have been taken years ago. At some point even the top administrator has to take responsibility for the national team failures. It seems that in Linford we finally have a president who is actually in charge and possibly a competent board. Linford did take a different line than Pipe on the Hooper affair so one can assume that had an effect. Pellerud must be feeling much less secure at the moment as well. I am at least more positive that the search for a new coach will done properly. If we can get a reputable coach and the organization starts to be better run maybe we will have a better chance of convincing players like Jonathon DeGuzman to commit to Canada.
  17. Ailton was another striker who never looked like he was in shape but yet was very fast and scored a lot of goals.
  18. Actually I have to agree with Jefferey on this one, Carlo should get a bit more respect on this board. He was a good international for us and it wasn't his fault that Yallop called and played him when he was way past his prime.
  19. I think everyone would be supportive of Aguair making himself available. Then it would be up to Yallop to decide whether to call him or not. Past history with the team should not and probably does not matter to Yallop. While everyone is going to have his opinion on this matter and every coach has some controversial decisions to make, Yallop has seen Aguair train, met him personally and hopefully at least seen some video of recent Benefica games. This is something that very few of us with opinions on the subject can say. I think everyone on this site would be happy if Aguair made himself available, was called, came with a good attitude, played great and helped us qualify for the WC.
  20. I agree with Gianluca on this one. If you want to a unanimous letter of support to Aguair write him a personal letter yourself (I am sure you could write to him care of his club). If you post on here you will get the myriad number of views that make up the Voyageurs. If he wants to play for Canada he will make himself available and then it is Yallop's choice whether to call him or not. I highly doubt that a post on this website will have much effect on the situation nor do I think Canadian fans should be in the position of begging players to put on the red and white. Either you want to play for Canada or you don't. If you want to play you make yourself available and it is up to the coach to call you or not. Personally, I would hope that Aguair would make himself available and that Yallop would call him if he is confident that he will not upset team chemistry. The first move is Aguair's though, he was not kicked off but removed himself from consideration.
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