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  1. This amount of hype and publicity for Davies is a good sign that he has impressed Bayern so far. They are not a club that hypes players without cause.
  2. If one of his parents is American he is legitimately American. I have no problem with him choosing them in that case but also considering us a back up option if that does not work out especially since at the current time he is not even a Canadian citizen. It only bothers me when players choose to play for countries that they have weak ties to because it is better for their career. He is a legitimate American and not even a Canadian citizen at the moment.
  3. His hiring seemed to correspond with things starting to run more professionally at the CSA and also with increased cooperation with the Voyageurs. One never knows the full reasons for such moves but when good people like this are let go I do not interpret this as a good sign. It increases my unease that things are going in the wrong direction under the current CSA leadership.
  4. Lets hope Ribery does not become a big influence on him. The dangers of playing in a big club at an early age include a lot of potential bad influences that can sidetrack players. https://www.rt.com/sport/448141-franck-ribery-twitter-rant-steak/?fbclid=IwAR1n2LzsRuvUwJRVqjV_9OIKJj9l7cbXjq18cAir1WzJj0kckSKdPu65NgU
  5. One of the articles said that he had a knee injury earlier in the year and played with the brace. I would assume that he no longer plays with it.
  6. Silva being treated like a star player on arrival in Paraguay. I was skeptical about this because it seems like a strange career trajectory, Argentina, MLS, Paraguay but maybe they are paying him a lot or he really loves living in Paraguay. I think for 800k salary we can do better than Silva so if we got a 4 million transfer fee that is well worth it. http://www.tigosports.com.py/futbol/olimpia-llegada-de-alejandro-silva
  7. The good thing is he is only 19 and foregoing his last two years of college unlike a lot of the college players who waste some key years of development playing in college. If he can get picked by a team with a good development system he could develop into a good player. His age is probably why the mock drafts are picking him everywhere from 1st to not in the 1st round. He may have the most potential but is probably not a pick that will help a team right away. http://dailyorange.com/2019/01/tajon-buchanan-reportedly-forgo-final-2-years-su-declare-mls-superdraft/
  8. It is also interesting to note that our other great prospect Tabla followed a completely different path to Davies. Instead of establishing himself in MLS in a season where he had a lot of opportunity on a weak Impact team, he agitated for a move to Europe which he did achieve though at the expense of not playing a lot more minutes with the Impact. He has been at Barca for a year and a half now and seems to have progressed less than Davies and to be further from first team football. It is a very small sample size and there are always many differences between players one can point to and we do not know who will end up the better player in the end but the evidence so far does not support that playing in a European academy or B team is better than playing and getting first team football in MLS.
  9. Both the Caps and the league deserve credit. He developed to where he was by playing with and against good MLS players. If it was only the Caps coaching that developed him do you seriously think he would be where he is today if he had just played for the Caps top youth teams? Saying that MLS deserves a good deal of credit for his development does not take away from the good deal of credit the Caps deserve for his development.
  10. It is kind of a moot point because I think Pulisic transferred before the FIFA age rules came into effect and he also has a Euro passport (actually I am not sure which reason was behind him being able to transfer but if someone knows). Regardless, transferring to Bayern earlier was not an option. However, if we want to speculate like you are doing I can equally imagine a scenario of him transferring to Bayern at 17 and not being ready as a player for such a high level and not being mature enough to adapt to the change in culture and pressure and flaming out. Plus if he had transferred a year earlier it might have been to a lesser team than Bayern, it was his play in 2018 that really sold them on him. At the moment he has one year of being an occassional MLS sub, one year of being a good starter and one year of being a star player which has upped the pressure on him every year. That he has managed to deal with the pressure last year of starting every game with high expectations and often double coverage from both players and the media :-) is what makes me very positive that he will succeed in Bayern. No one can know what would have happened if he had been able to transfer earlier but I think his progression has been the right one and if I were able to change history and arrange a transfer to Bayern a year earlier I would not do it.
  11. Agree with BenFisk. He would have gotten better coaching at Bayern but he also would have been playing junior Bundesliga and 4th division, a much much lower level than MLS. At Bayern as a youth he might have occasionally gotten the chance to train with the 1st team but with the Caps he was training with, playing with and playing against some very high level players every day. Don't forget that most of the players even in good European academies never have professional careers. Most of the Bayern 2nd team players will go on to have careers in the 4th and 5th divisions. If the choice had been between him playing the last couple of years in the Caps youth system versus the Bayern youth system then I think Bayern would be clearly superior but in a choice between being a first team player for the Caps versus being a Bayern youth player I would choose what he did with the Caps.
  12. As others have said the methodology is not very convincing. However, to put it in perspective, to be a top 20 player would mean he would become the best player on Bayern if they maintain their position as a top team. That is certainly possible and what we hope for but even just being a solid starter for Bayern would be a good outcome which would probably put him in the top 200. And being a solid starter on a mid table Bundesliga team would put him top 1000 which is still a very high level of player.
  13. You are right he did retweet that stuff. I still would be surprised if he transferred to a Paraguyan club but while he did improve over the course of the season even in late season form I think he was overpaid at 800k. I was looking forward to seeing how he would do with Urruti but if we get a decent transfer fee I would not be adverse to him going and freeing up a lot of salary.
  14. The link to the article is below but from what I can see it seems like BS. The president of Olimpia made a statement that if they wanted to transfer guys like Silva back to the club they would need to double the numbers of club members/season ticket holders to afford that. It looks like some media guys are just speculating/creating stories from that statement which seems more like an attempt to increase club membership than a serious offer for Silva. https://www.tvasports.ca/2018/12/29/alejandro-silva-retournera-t-il-au-paraguay-1
  15. I am not sure about Ciman centering a back 3. He is mobile but often out of position. I think he can be an effective player but you need to design the defensive side of the team from the back line to the mids around him and how he plays. Above all you need to have another central defender that can cover him when he is out of position, ie. a good quality stay at home defensive CB. Montreal never did that so he ended up often costing us more goals than helping us. He seems completely unable to change or modify his playing style, at least he never did that in Montreal even though he should have realized he had to play it safe more with a constant stream of unsteady CBs beside him. If VDW or Mavinga are really good at covering him maybe it will work but I suspect having Ciman as the centre of a 3 man backline will often leave the centre exposed and cost a lot of goals. If your management has plans to set up a system that allows him to do what he is good at while minimizing his flaws it could work.
  16. He is overrated because he makes some sexy spectacular plays but he is still a good player and good ball moving defender. But for him to work well you really need to have a very good stay behind defensive CB behind him. He doesn`t seem well suited to a 3 man back line. Also at 33 and 34 in August, one would worry that he might be slowing down because his speed is very important to him being effective. He was pretty popular in Montreal so it would hurt to see him in a TFC jersey and would pretty much ruin his legacy here. He has some good leadership characteristics but also a tendency to yell at others even when he is the one who screwed up.
  17. Wouldn't Comsia have to agree to that also? As a perspective first round pick he might have better chances at a decent salary in the draft than as a homegrown signing.
  18. Wow. Dear God of Football, I would like to order on of those against Honduras in San Pedro Sula next WCQ!
  19. He probably needs to start tearing it up in SPL to get back in the picture barring injuries to our other strikers but this is a guy who went from 6th tier with a second job at McDonalds to the Premiership so I certainly wouldn't count him out. Nice to see him get his career back on track.
  20. Looking at the DCU forums, their general consensus is he is a good depth player that can play several position, good character guy but only a good 13th or 14th player on the roster, not a starter in your ideal 11 and earning too much money for that role. Plus, many think his knee problems will continue. They were surprised he was picked in the 1st stage in which clubs have to pick up the contract as opposed to negotiating it down (at a lower salary they would consider him a good pick up and more of a loss for DCU). The contract is not long, in its option year but will be higher than 275k next year. DCU did not pick up the option because they thought he was overpriced and offered him a lower deal which he thought was too low. Obviously TFC's management appraisal must be different than that of the DC management and fans or maybe they think it is worth the risk for a one year option.
  21. Maybe I am undervaluing the worth of TAM and GAM in a salary cap league but it seems like a low return for a good starting CB.Possibly his relatively high salary of 600k made him harder to move and with the TAM and GAM gives the Caps an extra 1 350 000 to work with next season. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2018/12/11/fc-cincinnati-acquire-kendall-waston-vancouver-whitecaps
  22. Seems like he is having the year we were all expecting him to have last year although his stats at least were not that bad last year, he just did not get the playing time he is getting this year.
  23. Yes and he should tell the Scots to split from England because everyone know the EPL is crap and if you want to watch quality football, SPL is where it is at!
  24. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2018/12/09/orlando-city-acquire-forward-tesho-akindele-trade-fc-dallas
  25. Hainault kept his spot in the starting 11 under new Kaiserslautern coach Hildmann and played 90 in a 0-0 tie with Wurzburger Kickers. Elva was not dressed for Wurzburg.
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