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  1. Ok the other poster said it was Neuer so I just assumed it was him. Regardless I don't the keeper was at fault on any of the goals not even slightly. I hate Bayern but do have some respect for them in that they run the team very professionally but don't really follow them or the 1st Bundesliga that closely other than to look at the scores or occasional highlights. 1st Bundesliga is full of teams I either hate, feel indifferent to or mildly like. The more interesting teams and fanbases are in the lower divisions so I follow that more. When I lived in Germany I always enjoyed going to the lower division games more than 1st Bundesliga ones. So I follow 1st Bundesliga a bit but you probably watch more Bayern games than I do so can't really comment on how Neuer is this year. That will probably change a bit with Davies there though, ie. I guess I will have to cheer more for Bayern and will now have an interest in watching their games.
  2. Admittedly salaries in USL and likely CPL will not be that great but it does seem to be a strange time to retire at 30 with CPL arriving. Any other information on why he is retiring?
  3. Which goals were saveable? First was a perfectly placed free kick, no keeper can cover all the net on a kick like that. The second is a 1 on1 break on the keeper in which Neuer did the right thing by rushing the attacker which is about the only thing he can do to have any chance but the finish was perfect. 1 on 1 with a perfect finish is a goal every time. The third one is a 2 on 1 with a pass to a player alone in front of the net which Neuer could do nothing about. I don't see how Neuer could have stopped any of these goals other than just being lucky. I have only seen the highlights but it looks like they just got outplayed and Bayer finished their chances and Bayern did not. On the 3rd goal is that Davies who loses the ball? Looks a bit like him but the resolution of the video I watched is too poor to tell. Regardless the fault on that goal was the CB who went totally out of position for reasons I can not understand not the guy who lost the ball. A poorer than usual Bayern may be a real opportunity for Davies to get in the lineup and establish himself more quickly than would usually be the case with a team of this calibre. I found this in a review of the game: In a lone bright spot, Alphonso Davies had a good outing. Within a few second of coming on, he won a corner. Later, he easily dribbled past two Leverkusen defenders and had to be pushed off the ball — however, the referee didn’t give the foul. The officiating was quite poor overall. https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2019/2/2/18206972/bayer-leverkusen-vs-bayern-munich-lineups-live-stream-how-to-watch-bundesliga-updates-highlights
  4. Don't forget that Gent's manager hated Canada but fortunately their club management was reading The Voyageurs and on our advice fired him in October in favour of a new manager who loves Canada!
  5. If transfermarkt is correct I only see him getting one in the clausura last year and then the one today which is also clausura of this year (they haven't listed it yet). In 2016 he got 2 in Uruguay league play (and one in the Copa Sudamericana) if that is what you are referring to but then there are several years he did not get any red cards in.
  6. He got 1 last season and this is his first one this season. Not sure if that is a lot but with CONCACAF refs Herdman needs to make sure that he is not doing things that will get him carded.
  7. The famous forum double post that can't be deleted!
  8. Nice to see him do well and both the assist and goal are nice but man that looks to be a very low level of play.
  9. Pretty poor defensive coverage on the play but yes a well directed header and when the other team lets you free you need to punish them. Hope he can do that on a regular basis for Canada too.
  10. 9 minutes of national team play and 1 goal!
  11. Kevin Gilmour will be named President of the Impact, taking over from Joey Saputo. If that means Saputo will interfere less in the team it will be a good move. In a best case scenario Gilmour will have the power to fire all the friends and insiders that we have on staff and replace them with qualified people. https://www.tvasports.ca/2019/01/21/kevin-gilmore-se-joint-a-limpact-1
  12. Impactsupporter asked me this in the Impact thread and as I was answering I thought it would be an interesting topic on its own in regard to all the MLS teams and the opinions of their fans. My personal preference would be for the Impact and TFC and the Caps to eventually play in CPL. What are the opinions of other fans? My reasoning is below. So do you feel that the Impact should leave MLS??? FWIW, Alex Bunbury is supposed to make his announcement the end of January re: Montreal Laval team. I would be fine with the Impact moving to CPL. A lot of the hardcore Impact support would be as well judging from conversations I have had with others. By hardcore support I don't mean just supporter groups but the people who are die hard fans enough to go on road trips or show up at Frappe to watch games. I am not sure how much that would translate to more average fans though. With fewer big name players it is possible the team would be less popular and get less media coverage. On the other hand while local coverage is decent for the Impact there is very little coverage of the league as a whole and if the Canadian media gets behind CPL that could possibly change. My biggest problems with MLS are: 1) I dislike the league and the people running it. While I admit the high profile better league has brought some big advantages to the Impact and soccer in Canada, I can't say I am very happy with how the league is run. We previously played in a joint US-Canada league, the NASL including its previous incarnations. Those leagues had their flaws often due to being relatively low budget leagues but one still had the impression that they were being run by people who loved and cared about soccer. MLS seems to be run by capitalist businessmen who just want to make money and see soccer as purely a business. That is true to some extent in other North American leagues but at least in leagues like the NHL and NFL many of these businessmen seem to actually love the sport and there are traditions that mitigate the negative aspect of this. I think Bettman has destroyed much of what I love about the NHL but there is still some aspects of hockey culture surviving. Yes we live in a capitalist society and businesses need to make money but no one supports their team from a capitalist perspective (I love my team because it makes more money than other teams in the league) we all love our teams for other reasons such as love of the game, it represents our city or community, it represents our values. I could go down a big list of all the stupid rules that MLS has and talk about the bad reffing and other stuff but at the bottom of it I feel this is a league run by people who are not soccer fans but who saw an opportunity to make the world's most popular sport popular in the US and make a lot of money off of it. 2) It is a US league with 3 Canadian teams not a joint league between two countries. In NASL I never felt this way. Finally years too late they made the Canadian player as internationals rules not as bad as before but it is still far from optimal. I can't deny that overall MLS has had a positive effect on soccer in this country but at the same time the Canadian teams have had a very positive effect for rescuing the MLS from a league doing poorly to one that became rejuvenated. It also seems to me that some of these positive effects for Canada were more unavoidable consequences of this as opposed to any effort on the part of MLS. I think in the long term it is better for Canadian soccer to have our own league with the big Canadian teams part of it. 3) Lack of rivalries. We are entering our 9th season in MLS and we do not have any real rivals in the league outside Toronto who would be our rivals in any league. It is not impossible to have US rivals, we had Rochester in USL and the Caps have Seattle and Portland (though this was again a rivalry established in other leagues not MLS) but after 8 years we have no rivalry with any other club other than TFC and to a very minor extent Vancouver just as another Canadian team. Canadian NHL clubs do have some American rivals because teams like the Bruins, Flyers, Red Wings have a long history and tradition but even in NHL there are a lot of bland teams with little tradition or character. MLS seems to be completely full of teams like this even in big cities relatively near to Montreal like Boston/Foxborough or the two New York/New Jersey teams. It is hard to watch games of other teams when you don't care for them. Every year we go to Frappe to watch the MLS Final but it is also clear that most people don't care who wins. I am pretty sure that even with Canadian teams far away from Montreal like say Halifax and Calgary we would care more if they were playing each other than with Atlanta and Portland. 4) From a Montreal perspective I also don't think our current ownership is running the team properly to be competitive in MLS. Unless we have a lot of changes before or during the season or a homegrown really surprises I think this is the 3rd year in a row that we can be pretty sure before the start of the season that we will miss the playoffs. As much as MLS is run by corporate guys who aren't soccer fans and just want to make money, some of them do know how to properly run a business both in terms of filling the stadium and having a winning team, ie. hiring competent people and letting them run things. Until the Impact start doing that we will continue to be a lower table MLS team even though we are upper half as far as total salary is concerned. I could go on with numerous other points but what are other people's opinions?
  13. This is a very weak non-playoff roster for the 3rd year in a row if there are no new major signings. In other news, the club signed Urruti to an extension. They must really believe in him. I hope they are right. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/01/17/montreal-impact-ink-maxi-urruti-extension-through-2021-using-tam
  14. No it doesn't. And what will the Caps apologists do when they can't inform us in great detail that soccer is a business and Canadian players have to take their chances and show that they are better than the competition? They may not have anything more to post here and will end up as extinct as Krammerhead! This is almost a "Won't Somebody Think of the Children?" moment!
  15. Dos Santos is ruining this forum with none of us able to have fun anymore bitching at the Caps for hating Canada and having the enjoyment of pissing of Caps fans in the process!
  16. Yes this is likely true. The problem in Portugal is the huge gap between the big 3 and the other clubs. He is playing on the worst club in the league and the big 3 clubs may not even be interested at this point even if he is one of the better and more promising players for Chaves. He can transfer to a better mid-table club in Portugal but it might not mean a lot more salary for him or a decent transfer fee for Chaves. With the Mexican league being more balanced in terms of budget and team level there are more opportunities to transfer there and move up club wise and salary/transfer wise for a Portugese player not ready for the big 3. On the positive side for us, even if possibly playing for Canada was not a factor in the move it is still good for our chances. If he is not ready for the Portugese big 3 clubs he is also not going to be in the picture for the national team and at 22 the chances of that ever happening are diminishing. Being closer to Canada and further from the Portugese picture will also make Canada more likely so unless he absolutely shines in Mexico really quickly I think we have good chances to expect him to switch to Canada though we should always mix that with the poisonous dose of Canadian national team fan pessimism based on decades of disappointment.
  17. I clicked on his profile to see his most recent messages from mid 2009 and almost every one of them has him calling people assholes or otherwise insulting them! LOL!
  18. I have suspected for a while that he was out of his squad because he told them he wanted to transfer not because he could not play at that level or they were unhappy with his play. It often happens that players stop getting playing time once the team knows they are transferring out. If Javor were playing poorly they might have put him back in but they are currently in 1st place so they have no motivation to play him over someone who will be staying with the club.
  19. You guys demanding friendlies and camps are all old school and living in the past! We don't need them, this is the modern era and the CSA is leading the way in the soccer world! When our coach/master guru puts posters like this in the hallways before games it pumps up the players so much than any improper squad selection due to not seeing the players play, players defecting to more active teams or lack of cohesion because they do not play together becomes irrelevant and Honduras will not know what hit them!
  20. I would be fine with that. It might better reflect our playing level as well.
  21. Very worrying interview with Remi Garde in French. It seems like all the big moves have been done, the team is pretty much set, Fanni (our only good CB) will not be back, the Silva money was spent giving Bush and Lovitz raises and for Urutti's salary and we will have the third shitty offseason of bad signings in a row and be out of the playoff picture by July (the last part is my opinion not Garde's :-) ) If there are not going to be any major moves before the season starts it makes me want to ask for a refund on my season tickets and just not watch the season. It is one thing to have a bad season because of bad luck, injuries or some signings that were promising but did not work out but this team is run so incompetently it is hard not to be completely frustrated. I think the Urutti move was good but risky because of his salary but our defence seems very weak outside of Sagna (who was signed over Fanni because we have more CBs under contract). I can not understand why we picked up the option on the underperforming and overpaid Cabrera. https://www.tvasports.ca/2019/01/11/remi-garde-satisfait-de-lentre-saison-de-limpact
  22. Getting off topic but interesting, history of the two man penalty https://www.theguardian.com/football/2005/oct/26/theknowledge.sport
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