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  1. I find this quote worrying though it depends on the degree it is applied. If players are playing several positions and have recent experience playing them then it is fine but if he is removing players from their best position or playing them in positions they are not playing regularly just because he thinks they are better football players than our best player in that position then it is worrisome. One of our midfielders may indeed be a better overall football player than lets say our best left back but that does not mean he is a better left back. The problem I have is that everytime Herd
  2. It is possible but the new CB is a 27 year old who has played one season in the Allsvenskan and was previously a 2nd tier player. He seemed to have a breakout year last year becoming a starting CB for the best Swedish club. He may or may not end up being a good player but it is not like they have signed a Bundesliga veteran CB. It looks more like they are taking a chance on a guy who was probably not that expensive and hoping he is a MLS level player. This deal was likely mostly done before they knew Miller would be a possible starter since even most 1st round draft picks do not pan out as wel
  3. As someone who lived in Florida for 3 years I completely agree. Florida is not an attractive place at all once when gets out of the beach resorts and gated communities. Even with the unstable political situation in Turkey and Syria I think Florida is a lot more dangerous place to live than Turkey. I highly doubt he regrets his move. He has probably earned more and developed more as a player even if he has not played as much as he would like. I would say at worst he took a high risk gamble and broke even. He is still young and could still get another chance in the near future and have succ
  4. We haven't really had head scratcher selections from any coaches since Yallop. Like in this lineup there is always debate about a few of the marginal selections but whatever flaws our coaches have had for the last decade making bad selections was not one of them. 90% of this lineup was no-brainer. Herdman got the no-brainers right so he gets some credit for that but I don't think a whole lot. Most people here would have selected the exact same no-brainer players. I am not as sure he got the other 10% right which may or may not have consequences. As we get better players hopefully the lineups w
  5. I suspect Edgar was called over Straith or Hainault because neither has been called for the national team for a couple of years and never under Herdman. I think that is understandable in the situation but the problem I have with it is it is again yet another negative thing coming from us not playing very many games since Herdman has taken over (which may or may not be something he has much influence over but he does not seem overly concerned by it). As to them not being known for leadership, both are captains of their teams in Germany. In fact, I think it probably takes some exceptional lea
  6. Tabla has close to 1000 minutes of playing time this season even if most of it has been at 3rd division level and he hasn't played much since his switch to 2nd division. Not to mention that he is in the system of arguably the top team in the world. Akindele scored a nice goal in his first game with Orlando but otherwise had a fairly quiet game and is coming off a poor season and has only played 98 minutes so far in the season although that is also due to the MLS season just starting. Plus his main position is centre forward even if he can also play on the wings and it seems like that is where
  7. Sometimes teams do not have the money to promote and can risk bankruptcy if the added revenues of playing in the 1st division do not match the added expenditures especially if the team already has some debt. I don't know the specifics of Albacete but it could be the case that the team does not really want to promote. They aren't necessarily throwing games but they may also not be giving 100% to win promotion.
  8. He is talking about Cornelius not Miller. Cornelius played out of position at LB for the first Caps game. Miller played the CB/LB combo position on the left side of a 3 man backline.
  9. Cabrera in my opinion is neither an MLS nor a national team quality player. He has the talent to become one but we keep waiting to see that actually happen. Most Impact fans were surprised he was not let go during the offseason. It was also a surprise he started last night and he was the weak point in the backline. If he can realize his talent this year he might be someone to go after if he is interested in the national team but right now I do not think he is better than what we have.
  10. The season started well with 3 points on the road. San Jose will likely not be a very strong team this year but a road win is a road win. Montreal looked strong in the attack and controlled the ball well though we lack a true striker. Our defending was a bit shaky and Cabrera was not very convincing. Piatti was in old form and having Urruti gives him someone he can combine with and forces teams to give him some space because they can not allow Urruti to go free. Piette was strong as usual and Azira continues to show that he was a solid acquisition last year. Sagna was very strong and it is unf
  11. Agree with your comments on the lack of support for Cornelius. In regards to Henry though the problem is not that he is taking risks ala Ciman and getting punished when the risk fails but that he is making boneheaded plays. To compare with what I commented on with Miller he made two plays that were fantastic and really impressed me but at the same time I thought that was super risky and dangerous if he had not pulled it off and unless he can be really successful and consistent with plays like that in the future it might be better to play it safe. However, with Henry's two plays that I commente
  12. Yes it definitely can't be easy making your debut with a new team in a new league playing in a position you have never played before.
  13. Davies got more hype because he dominated in a professional men's league which while not Bundesliga level still has a good level of play while Jeong transferred as a youth player of Incheon United to Bayern's second team without ever having played in let alone dominated K League. Last year Davies dominated in MLS while Jeong dominated in the German 4th tier. That does not mean Jeong is not as talented or does not have as much potential as Davies but his path so far has been less impressive because he has played at a much lower level and thus understandably gets much less hype. Since they play
  14. I think I saw a movie about this called The Boys from Brampton!
  15. I was a bit disappointed in Cornelius' performance but at the same time I can't recall him ever playing left back before in Serbia or elsewhere. I don't know who was penciled in to be the Caps starting LB with the departure of DeJong but it is a bit strange that Cornelius makes his MLS/Caps debut in a position he has never played before. Reminded me a bit of the Petrasso/Edwards experiment in Montreal last season in which two guys who have some skill as players were being tried out in a position they did not really understand nor know how to play. Henry on the other hand was a beast and
  16. I think I need to bond with Macksam and Herdman taking some very hallucinogenic red pills and listening to hours of Jordan Peterson lectures that don't make sense but nevertheless make a lot more sense than this while we are all living in a van down by the river!
  17. After 1st half, Crepeau has been good so far, no chance on the penalty. Henry has also been very good though with one terrible pass that led to an unnecessary scoring opportunity for Minnesota, ie. the one bad play he is known for. Disappointed so far in Cornelius, too casual, letting players get behind him, positioning not great. To be fair he is playing out of position at left back though. Miller was more impressive at left back earlier in the day though.
  18. In my experience the term prodigy is tagged onto a lot of kids who I never hear about again when they reach the age of a professional footballer. How many Canadian Messis/Canadian Football Jesuses have we had? Often the terms are promotions used by parents or agents or just hopeful and desperate football fans. I hope this kid ends up being as good as promised and then commits to Canada and the CSA should be doing their due diligence on him but the amount of importance we give to young guys we have never seen play on this forum after someone calles them talented or a prodigy is very disproporti
  19. I hope people do realize he is on an Arsenal youth team not the Premiership Club because from the posts in this thread it does not really sound like it. The percentage of U16 players on a Premiership side that even have a professional career at all let alone play for a club like Arsenal is in the low single digits. I do hope the CSA is in contact with and scouting players like him but at the same time lets not assume he is better than the guys we are inviting to the camp or is even available or willing to go. Yes we have been hurt by defections before but lets at least wait until his career is
  20. I was impressed today by Miller. Some have mentioned that we need a good defender to appear out of the blue to match some of our newfound offensive talent. My prediction is that happened today. If a guy can play his first professional game against what is one the stronger teams in MLS both overall and offensively and perform like he did today I think he is going to have a solid future especially as he learns from playing at this level. He was again quite good in the second half. He did get beat once clearly by a small speedy player and partially a second time though he managed to steer the pla
  21. Thanks to Peter Armata who posted this on the Voyageurs Facebook, here is the Akindele goal: https://streamable.com/6a2ui?fbclid=IwAR2CGey9KR0Th94bVcAipCGWhGOJxT0Xu8dwDcWX3xRo9jhRUqKcxkNfZiA
  22. Goooooool (I am watching it in Spanish) Akindele. Pass from Dwyer to Akindele who had gotten himself completely free from his defender for an easy finish. Seems to have injured himself on the slide though as he got up and asked to be substituted. Miller has been good the whole game, Johnson and Akindele were not very active in the first half but more active in the second.
  23. I watched the second part of the first half and pretty impressed by Miller so far. He has actually been the best of the three Canadians on the pitch. Neither of the goals were his fault. He is big but very mobile, good ball skills very confident. He takes a few too many risks for my taste (a bit like Ciman) but so far the risky plays have all been successful. By risky plays I mean he received a pass and an attacker was flying at him and he waited until the guy was near and then calmly dribbled past him which was nice ball control but if he loses it in the back there the attacker would have bee
  24. Yes it is a soft red but I am happy he got it because we don't want him getting soft reds against Honduras in WCQ. If he doesn't swing at the guy the ref has no opportunity to give him any punishment so hopefully he will learn from that and refrain from such stuff in the future.
  25. Neither Tesho or Henry belong on that list. If they had good seasons they could maybe work their way into the top 5 but they would not be the players I am betting on to be in the top 5 this year.
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