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  1. Sorry I haven't been keeping up. excited about Calgary!
  2. Calgary CPL will play at Spruce Meadows, they will be operated by the owners of those grounds
  3. I have no feelings towards him lol I realize some people do. Just saying I thought it was known, you are right about being unverified but it was either a good guess or someone in the know. Regardless I think 2019 is smart, no point in rushing the league. The real supporters have waited a lifetime, 6-8 months longer to get it right is the way to go
  4. This is hardly News, I read it on the canpl insta account about 2 weeks ago
  5. If the Crew do indeed leave for greener pastures in Austin, my bet is that NASL would step in to fill the void in Columbus. Think about it, they already have the stadium and the fanbase. Wonder what the likelihood of retaining the naming rights would be.
  6. I follow on the gram its provided some pretty good analysis and info of possible teams and different supporters, often a summary of whats on here. Not much in the way of providing breaking info until now, there was also something regarding the Italian coach who was mentioned in here somewhere that was working with "Toronto CPL". Either way all signs do appear to be pointing to 2019, not unlikely that there is a credible source behind the claim but going to take it with a grain of salt also.
  7. Apparently it also has to do with Anchorman's speech about San Diego- "Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina."
  8. Any truth to this? CanPL slated for 2019 start
  9. Surprissed no one has mentioned Cristian Cavalini of the Woodbridge Strikers, younger brother of Lucas. He's had a fine season in League 1 and is ripping the University scene. I expect him to be in the CANPL at kickoff
  10. So as many know Oakville Blue Devils will take on Woodbridge Strikers in League 1 Finals tomorrow. The winner will take on AS Blainville of Premier Soccer League Quebec for a berth as the sixth team in the Voyageurs Cup next year. Assuming that these two will contest in the first round next year, how would the second and third round work? I would assume that two teams would still get a bye to the semis (TFC/Montreal since they were the two finalists). Who then would the winner of Quebec/Ontario play? would they play Ottawa with the other quarter being Edmonton vs Vancouver? The other possib
  11. Can you specify where in Vaughan this proposed stadium is? assuming close to the new downtown? any link? Thanks
  12. I would like to see a team name with Reunited! Maybe a team from a city with a team in the original CSL, I think that would be an original twist!
  13. Not Regina related, but Saskatoon supporters have come up with a new logo for their supporters group- Bridge City Firm. Check it out here: https://twitter.com/bridgecityfirm
  14. Would love this idea. But I imagine it would be hard to contract any (significant core) players to a team where they would only be guaranteed 2 games that year. And a barebones CPL team that would get slaughtered by an MLS team wouldnt exactly be the greatest first impression for the league either
  15. We havent heard much out of Quebec City since it was announced that a group from there met with CPL officials. Hopefully the bid was a serious one and they are being considered for launch.
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