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  1. How would I transfer the messages from this thread to a new thread . I could copy and paste the logos in a new thread but that would look like I am taking credit for their work . and If I started a new thread what would stop it from being a discussion of logos and not a place to show your logo ideas.
  2. the problem with pages like this is stat most of the posts are discussing about the logos . I would like to have a separate thread that just shows the logos
  3. I bought the book it was a good reading I noticed that you included the Edmonton eagles logo in the book and was wondering if you had a picture of it in colour
  4. Dont go to single games this event gives fans in NASL a chance to see new teams if it was single games most likely the MLS teams would host the games unless you use the davis cup rule where the host is alternated .
  5. I would like to find a list of where the players are from
  6. I am wondering if you have done the search yet
  7. there should be a rule that should not have the first round matches repeat the next season .
  8. I just ordered the chicago sting jersey from there a couple of days ago
  9. I am looking for a picture of the logo or uniform of the edmonton eagles of the canadian pro soccer league from 1983
  10. here is a video of the winning goal http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=776784726#/video/video.php?v=282413854726&ref=mf
  11. calgary won in the last minute 7-6
  12. i am wondering how many people does the calgary soccer centre hold
  13. Drillers destoryed saskatoon 13-2
  14. http://cmisl.com/node/97 the cmisl schedule is done
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