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  1. Liam Millar on in the 76th minute for Kilmarnock vs Dundee at 2-2 in the Scottish Premier League. Game finished with the same score.
  2. I've found that many of us Voyageurs have been a little eager with Davies. He's just made an absolutely huge jump to one of the toughest leagues in the world, at one of the best clubs in the world. Bayern are easing him into this, as they should.
  3. Congrats to Liam and wish him well from all us Voyageurs!! We have lots of belief in the young man.. wishing him only but the best!
  4. Davies comes on and makes his debut in the 86th min while Bayern were up 4-1 on Stuggart. Had a few nice and clean touches on the ball.
  5. I’m sure he would have came in if Bayern had locked up the win earlier. They were shaky at 2-1 and no way Kovac brings in Davies in a situation like that. The only opportunity was at the very end for the last couple minutes and he decided to throw in Boateng which could be for plenty of different reasons (ie. keeping Boateng happy to get a run in). We’ll see him soon enough.
  6. Good German friend of mine is a massive Bayern fan (goes to majority of their games etc).. so hopefully he can keep me in the loop about what the fans think of him. Today he said, ”I ve read that he played good, was very fast but his crosses werent precise enough.” promising start
  7. Fantastic spitfire, thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas to you guys!
  8. Is there any opinion (maybe spitfire can chime in ☺️) how Liam is doing with the U23s? Any prospect of making the bench for the senior side this season? (Not sure what their cup situation is like atm) Cheers!
  9. TFC declines option on Ricketts https://www.tsn.ca/tfc-declines-options-on-ricketts-irwin-1.1216768 Sad to see him go. Seems like his career was resurrected when he came here; scored some big goals from the club. Always seemed to be a team first guy and I know he was well-liked amongst his teammates. Lets hope he finds somewhere quick where he can get some playing time.
  10. I’ve lived in Finland for a few years now.. the Finnish top flight is very poor, other than HJK which is the dominant team in the Finnish league. The league is about equivalent to the Irish top flight, likely worse.
  11. Nice Atiba video and his time in Istanbul posted by CanadaSoccer
  12. Wasn’t it a Canada B team game all those years ago when we discovered Josh Simpson and Adrian Serioux? And then they were signed by Millwall? Or am I making that up?
  13. Welcome! I’ve been following these boards for over 15 years now, hardly ever posted but certainly read and followed countless posts and threads. I know there are many more who just observe these boards. The more passionate, educated and involved Canadian National Team supporters’ there are, the greater the opportunity the sport has to grow in our country as a whole. Cheers!
  14. Love Scotty’s character. He’ll be a great leader for our younger lads for the years to come.
  15. Is there anyway to watch the replay of this match without knowing the score? I don’t think the concacaf website gives you the option.
  16. Think it's clear that Herdman told Borjan to rest in Serbia so Busti plays and gets capped-tied. Great stuff, imo. Rest of the squad looks strong/good with a few depth players that not many of us are in love with but hey, they're bodies that will create a competitive environment for training (which gets overlooked sometimes). Promising stuff and exciting times to be a Canadian footy supporter. Lets keep the buzz going until we're in Qatar
  17. Love Liam's demeanour. Confident young man. Certainly heading the right direction.
  18. Absolute legend. I remember watching him at Anderlecht and Everton. His speed was incredible. Well deserved Radz!
  19. I believe it was the number of a former teammate who passed away in his earlier days
  20. Cheers. Admittedly didn’t recognize the name/which player this exactly was until I googled the name. He came on in the middle of the 2nd half and I figured he was just a regular bench player (reality is, he’s a stud coming back from a 3 month injury which I’m sure you knew). From what I observed, he did seem strong on the ball and to distributed well/effortlessly.
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