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  1. Haha, the game I was at, his brother Njazi (the teams top striker) got red carded and suspended for headbutting another player. Both Shefki and his brother were gone from the team shortly after.
  2. Only recently was watching him play for PK-35 in the Finnish league. He was there because another former Ipswich player was the manager, Shefki Kuqi.
  3. Looks like Karl O replaces Henry at RB and that's the only change from the game in Vancouver (according to the concacaf website) Would have preferred Edgar in there. Must have a slight knock of some sorts. Can't wrap my head around it
  4. Disagree. He's scored some great individual goals in the MLS. Take a look at his highlight reel.
  5. For it to be a "touch" it has to be him making contact with the ball and it not rolling under his foot. Don't flatter him...
  6. Canada looking better this half. Mexico sitting back a little a bit.
  7. Either Mexico looks just THAT good or Canada looks just that bad.
  8. Junior gotta get that on target. Build up looked promising though, nice little ticky-tacky-Canadian-style
  9. Any idea how many Canadian supporters vs Mexican supporters there are at BC Place?
  10. Up at 4am in Finland watching this game on a crappy stream... But, LETS GO CANADA
  11. Great little interview So pumped that this guy is a part of our program.
  12. Great interview. Hart seems like an honest and very well thought-out man. Thanks for this.
  13. Peters is an Ontario based player, who plays for CS Azzuri U17 and he actually was born in 1987 which makes him only 16 years old. Maybe he's Canada's new Freddy Adu. I actually play against him on an opposing team and he has very good pase with a great touch. I heard he was offered a trial at Manchester United, but I do not know if thats true.
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