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  1. The idea of him playing in the Prem in a couple years through promotion or impressing in the Championship to get picked up by a mid-table or relegation fighting Prem team is a realistic and exciting thought. I’d like to see him in England, personally. All in all, our guys having these options and having their names recognized and spread throughout the football world is just great to see as a Canadian footy fan.
  2. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/06/21/should-leeds-rival-championship-trio-for-goalkeeper-milan-borjan/ apparently Bristol City and potentially Leeds in the mix as well. Very promising.
  3. As someone who's followed this site since the early 2000's. I truly believe the CSA has followed this site fairly closely for many, many years. As they should.
  4. Ha no way! I am a McMaster graduate in Commerce from about 10 years ago and he was running the faculty. I got to play intramural soccer with him. Uber-competitive and a good player as well. Super high energy guy; always very kind and positive. Didn't even realize he was the VP of the CSA.
  5. Fantastic news. Amazing for our program and our country. Should be the driving force in letting the game grow to where we all dream it to be in the country. Quick question; is it correct that now FIFA will have to have a separate bid to see if all 3 host nations automatically qualify? Any word on the likelihood of FIFA voting for automatic qualification for 2026?
  6. Canada actually looking very good overall. Piette is fantastic with his break-up play, tidying things up and distributing as he should. Osorio has really developed; playing with a lot more confidence and a bit of a swagger. Wotherspoon looks like a true pro. This is a very good addition to our program. Still not convinced with Larin. Frustrating as we know we he can do at club level. Good to see Edgar playing again. He's given his all to the program and lets hope he finds a club soon. I think he looked pretty comfortable on the ball albeit a few poor giveaways. Already gushed about Millar. Very exciting. Godinho looks good from the limited action we saw.
  7. From the limited sample I've seen of Millar, he looks like that special kind of player with the right footballing IQ that can take him places in world football. Not that "raw talent and ability" that can only take you so far (if thats all you have) but a certain approach to the game that is integral to go places and actually sustain a career in the best leagues. Fingers crossed and lets hope to see him keep progressing. Very exciting for a Canadian football fan.
  8. Looking a little a better and team looks more composed. Liking the movement of Osorio, Millar, and James at the back so far.
  9. Haha, the game I was at, his brother Njazi (the teams top striker) got red carded and suspended for headbutting another player. Both Shefki and his brother were gone from the team shortly after.
  10. Only recently was watching him play for PK-35 in the Finnish league. He was there because another former Ipswich player was the manager, Shefki Kuqi.
  11. Looks like Karl O replaces Henry at RB and that's the only change from the game in Vancouver (according to the concacaf website) Would have preferred Edgar in there. Must have a slight knock of some sorts. Can't wrap my head around it
  12. Disagree. He's scored some great individual goals in the MLS. Take a look at his highlight reel.
  13. For it to be a "touch" it has to be him making contact with the ball and it not rolling under his foot. Don't flatter him...
  14. Canada looking better this half. Mexico sitting back a little a bit.
  15. Either Mexico looks just THAT good or Canada looks just that bad.
  16. Junior gotta get that on target. Build up looked promising though, nice little ticky-tacky-Canadian-style
  17. Any idea how many Canadian supporters vs Mexican supporters there are at BC Place?
  18. Up at 4am in Finland watching this game on a crappy stream... But, LETS GO CANADA
  19. Great little interview So pumped that this guy is a part of our program.
  20. Great interview. Hart seems like an honest and very well thought-out man. Thanks for this.
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