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    nolando reacted to Bison44 in Scott Arfield   
    I know you dont want to hear it, but Wotherspoon is only a year younger than Arfield eh??  Just saying.....
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    nolando reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Jaime Peters   
    When we played Spain in Santander in 2005 I asked Yallop after the game why Jaime didn't play. He had been hyped quite a bit, fans were excited, they even spoke of him in the Spanish press previews. He said he was going to but when Grande scored to make it 2-1 with 20 m left, almost immediately after subbing on, he thought we could get a result and Jaime was left out. 
    Yallop only used three subs that game, despite being a full friendly, I guess because our depth was iffy.
    From that match Atiba, Sergio Ramos and Joaquin are still active, legends all.
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    nolando reacted to narduch in Enes Sali   
    This got me thinking, are the FIFA youth tourney's coming back? U-20, U-17 etc.
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    nolando reacted to footballfreak in WCQ: Third Round - Window 2 (October 7-13, 2021)   
    I haven’t posted here in a long time, so apologies if this turns into an essay.
    To those who are suggesting we go for it against Mexico, here’s a couple thoughts:
    Last window was one of the easiest we could have gotten: 2 home games, short flight, easiest/thinnest opponent in our third game... and we still had only 3 players who made it through all 270 mins (4 if you include Eustaquio). We will not be able to play our strongest 11 in all 3 games. 2 away games, altitude, Caribbean heat, compressed timetable. It’s not happening. Sacrifices to quality will need to be made in at least one game. If not Mexico, then where do we rest some of our key players? There is no El Salvador game in this window.  
    Jamaica has not won a home game WCQ at The Office since October, 2012 against Antigua & Barbuda. Since then... 2014 Hex: Panama (1-1), Mexico (0-1), USA (1-2), Costa Rica (1-1), Honduras (2-2). 2018: Nicaragua! (2-3), Panama (0-2), Costa Rica (1-1), Haiti (0-2). 2022: Panama (0-3). 0 wins, 4 draws, 6 losses. Past results are not an indicator of future performance, but there’s no way this doesn’t play into the psychology of the Jamaican team/public right now. They are extremely vulnerable, and will likely still be playing without fans in October. This game may even be more winnable than our home game against Jamaica, because we get to face them early in the cycle, before their English players build familiarity with the rest of the team. This game screams 3 points.  
    Panama at home is a must win, not only because it is a home game, but because they are surprisingly hard to beat in Panama. In 8 matches in the 2018 qualifiers, they lost only 1 home match. They got draws against the USA, Mexico and Honduras in the Hex. They split a series with Costa Rica between the Hex and the previous round. We do not want to go into Panama on match day 14 needing a win if they are still in the mix for a spot. Anything less than a win in the home leg puts us in significant danger if Panama maintains form.  
    With all that in mind, I cannot fathom going all out against Mexico in the first game. As others have said, the best bet is to put out a gritty 11 in the first half, and sub in the big guns in the second half if we have a chance at a result. You can do the inverse by start ing the A-squad and subbing in the backups if we’re losing, but that opens up the pathway to the worst case scenario.
    The worst possible way for this window to go is to put out our first string in Mexico city, stay competitive late into the game, resist subbing out core guys... and lose anyways. Now we have a tired core heading into what would otherwise be two very winnable games, and 0 points in the bag to show for it.
    Given the odds of a result in Mexico City, it just isn’t worth it. Could we get a draw? Maybe. A win? Extremely unlikely. Take the points where they’re available, and against the opponents we need to beat to ensure a spot. 
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    nolando reacted to narduch in Forge FC Season Thread 2021   
    Getting the band back together
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    nolando reacted to youllneverwalkalone in Canadians Abroad September 10th to September 16th   
    Looks like Coyne came in the match in the 86th minute.
    Playing for Ruud van Nistelrooy. I wonder if a 19 year-old really knows who is?
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    nolando reacted to youllneverwalkalone in OneSoccer   
    I love KJ. Ollie is ok too.
    My only fault is that they didn't say they were coming back, so I switched to Mexico-Panama, only to find I missed the last segment. 
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    nolando reacted to masster in OneSoccer   
    I was so thankful for OneSoccer last night. A real pregame and post game show. I can't believe how far we have come.
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    nolando reacted to youllneverwalkalone in OneSoccer   
    There's a section in soccernomics where they talk about what tiny fraction of the population actually attends matches in England.
    From my first qualifyer at Swangard to now, the landscape is unrecognizable. Sure, things could be better -but man they could be worse. If Wheeler would just adopt that BBC accent we're all looking for to legitimize his position, he could point out that Canada is in the "ascendancy." It's all up from here, for both the MNT, WNT, and CPL.
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    nolando reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in WCQ: Third Round - Window 2 (October 7-13, 2021)   
    Is Scott Arfield doing that well with Rangers at the moment? Haven't been following closely but my understanding is that he is usually a sub these days. He's almost 33 so people need to bear in mind that he may have lost a step or two of pace from being the player they remember a couple of seasons ago now in CMNT terms.
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    nolando reacted to Metro in Canadians Abroad September 10th to September 16th   
    Feels like he is starting his 100th straight game he is eligible to play in.  And he'll go 90.
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    nolando reacted to Joe MacCarthy in Scott Arfield   
    Welcome to the Voyageurs Est. 1996
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    nolando reacted to Bertuzzi44 in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    This 100%.
    Have we already forgotten the drams/trials of guys like Junior (waiting for England call?"), Eustáquio (Portual youth international), Cavallini (dammit, I played for Canada!), and of course Steven "I played against Canada in Canada" Vitoria!!! 
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    nolando reacted to admin in WCQ | Window 1 | Match Day 3: Canada vs El Salvador- Wednesday, Sept 8th, 7:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm Pacific - Toronto, BMO Field   
    Jarrek designed the original Voyageurs logo and scarf, ran the forum for many years. 

    He passed away not too long ago. 
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    nolando reacted to Unnamed Trialist in WCQ | Window 1 | Match Day 3: Canada vs El Salvador- Wednesday, Sept 8th, 7:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm Pacific - Toronto, BMO Field   
    So I'll try a player evaluation, though I tend not to pay attention enough to be able to do this. 
    Borjan-handled the few things he was tested on. A leader on the field and the backline is getting comfortable with him.
    Vitória-has had some strong games for us. In defense he is quite sure, and did not seem challenged, holding down his space, winning headers. Had a shot on goal with his left foot, what was he doing so high up? On the second goal, perfect execution of the long header from the second post back to Tajon. Quite fit.
    Johnston-what can you say, he is a dominant player and has a huge upside. He gets to the challenges over and over again, when he doesn't he holds up his attacker, he is a fairly effective passer going forwards. Rare errors. Solid conditioning. Fine match. The one player I'd love to see move up to a better club, along with Eustáquio.
    Miller-a bit more discreet today although his defending was strong. Some here complain about his passing, I personally believe he has limited skills and that passing is just one defect. His positional play is awkward at times. Probably I am evaluating his objective skills, like a scout, and not the game play, which compensates a lot of that. He did not hurt us and played well enough. The weakest player amongst the recent starters.
    Eustáquio-today was a balanced day in large part because of how the other mids worked, especially Osorio. Not flashy, more contained, and not as involved: played his role better with two other natural mids. Felt his free kicks are still falling short, not as good as Junior. Still, a major asset.
    Atiba-better today than the last start, more sure of himself, and held up well in terms of fitness in our constant swarming press. Drove forwards into the space for the goal, showing what his role is lately for his club as he ages, more an attacking mid who can fall back if need be. 
    Osorio-was very technical today, handling tight controls and helping the team move forwards. Did not seem as aggressive defending, but did help a lot in transition  into attack. Good player to have on the pitch when rivals are chirping in Spanish all day to the ref.
    Laryea-a rather unusual player, and more so when he was pushed up and was not really playing outside back. Appeared high up quite a bit. Can break down defensives and did so today. Lots of minutes this window, high fitness, challenging in attack. Result: a very nice assist. I am not sure what he is: a back, a mid, a wing? I think none of the above though a bit of all.
    Tajon- for me man of the match. Terrorised defenses, and even without getting ahead on speed alone. They keyed him. Scored from the left after spending all that time on the right. Intentional assist, not sure? Has to be smarter on those dirty plays, if you are up 2-0 and get stomped, stay down, let the physios come in,  and then the team needing more time to come back to get a result will reconsider. 
    David- I guess this is how he plays. He has ball skills, can hold up, but then had a few plays where he could have been more aggressive in the box. Is what it is, a target and effective scoring.
    Junior-very good tonight. Has real football nous and without being fast can control, draw fouls, find teammates. End of a very strong cycle, one of our top players.
    Not very noticeable, came a bit late I suppose. Piette a bit more useful than Wotherspoon.
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    nolando reacted to BrennanFan in WCQ | Window 1 | Match Day 3: Canada vs El Salvador- Wednesday, Sept 8th, 7:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm Pacific - Toronto, BMO Field   
    Another thing, where I was (123), Canadian fans were few and far between, surrounded by El Salvadorans, but it was amazing and cathartic seeing their energy fade away. Loved celebrating in their faces! 
    There were a few chants where the Canadian contingent in the section really joined the south end and got loud, especially the 'This Is Our House'. The south end led the way and was loud all game, very proud, well done. 
    Loved the Jarrek sign. Respect. 
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    nolando reacted to SthMelbRed in WCQ | Window 1 | Match Day 3: Canada vs El Salvador- Wednesday, Sept 8th, 7:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm Pacific - Toronto, BMO Field   
    It fucking kills me how stupid we play sometimes. We're fucking up 2 goals with 5 minutes left in the half, and we're leaving ourselves short at the back constantly. FFS! It's basic shit!
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    nolando got a reaction from johnyb in 2021 Canadian Premier League Attendance   
    I feel like I've seen this Edmonton heading into the abyss show before. And it's a pity.
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    nolando reacted to SpecialK in The Road to Qatar.   
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    nolando got a reaction from johnyb in UK article on Richard Hastings in retirement   
    The best quote  is clearly...
    Earned 59 caps for his country and played the night of Super Caley Go Ballistic Celtic Are Atrocious
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    nolando got a reaction from johnyb in WCQ: Third Round - Window 1 (September 2-8, 2021)   
    Rumours swirling all but corroborated by the responses by the likes of Twellman and Lando...
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    nolando got a reaction from johnyb in The Road to Qatar.   
    Article from the Jamaican Observer:  https://www.jamaicaobserver.com/sports/panama-humiliate-reggae-boyz-3-0-inside-the-office_230569?profile=1511
    Only three of their starting eleven were born in Jamaica.
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