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  1. You people are deluded, particularly those from Vancouver who don't recognize what happened here: the talent differential caught up. When it mattered, a Mexican league team turned up the talent and destroyed the Impact. When it mattered (and in part because of a fan protest after the last game) an MLS team showed up and destroyed the Impact. If you look at the US Open Cup history, you'll find there's a pattern here: USL teams loaded with rejects from MLS, while occasionally coached to perform consistently, still aren't as talented as the teams in the MLS. You could have put
  2. <<a team of a similar level?>> There's your answer, Loyola. They're not of similar level. Toronto has played down to the USL clubs' level before now, and this time was publicly shamed by a protest in Toronto into playing like it counted. They walked over Montreal because they played like they need to walk over someone. Playing Srdjan in net didn't help the Impact, but I don't doubt that against Vancouver that game would have been 3-1, 4-1 just as naturally.
  3. After sitting through that ****e performance tonight, in which they showed all the heart, guile and passion of an in-grown toenail, it is abundantly obvious this man is not a motivator. Dreadful. We should've walked all over that Austrian team.
  4. As someone who has spent the better part of the last two decades actually in the newsrooms you guys are talking about here, I can say that john tv is, generally, right. While it's not a conspiracy, per se, it is an entrenched reality that old guard sports reporters (which is most, as they never seem to leave) hate soccer. They admit it. Openly. In the newsroom. They admit it colours their assigning, their writing and any number of other approaches. I've heard more than one sports editor shoot down even the most basic coverage because "soccer will never make it in Canada" or "Canadians do
  5. It's a friggin' expansion team, for crying out loud. A little patience, boys. It takes more than a dozen or so games for a team to gel. For every team in MLS that turns over three or four key players, that still leaves the bulk of a roster intact from season to season. This roster didn't even exist last season. They'll get better; the signs were there tonight. But they definitely -- DEFINITELY -- need a commanding centre back. Both Reda and Brennan were absolutely ineffective in the strength/holding up dept.
  6. Mo says he's switching to a 442 now because of the new signings. lineup suggestions? I'd go with Eskandarian Welsh Brennan Nagamura Robinson O'Brien/Canizales Poz Reda Boyens Wynne
  7. Gotta say I'm with Bingham on this one. It's obvious Moe is trying to play a deceptive speed game, by having his two right and left centre halfs move wide and having the two centre mids slot in, to provide five at the back. But it's just not working; to whit * For all the knocks on Welsh so far, it's a problem of him being a one-dimensional offensive player. If he gets some space to work and some good service, he might well terrorize mls defenders. But he's absolutely crap at defending -- he was the reason for the first Chivas goal, as he came back too far and ruined an otherwise perfect off
  8. Didn't seem that much further away than EPL cams to me. I don't think the were awful, just tactically inept and quite obviously lacking any interpersonnel connectivity yet. Playing three at the back in this league is gonna kill them, unless they have two very fast wb tracking back as well, which they didn't last night. Chivas kept pushing the ball into those deep wide spots all the time. We need to play four at the back.
  9. Sorry, gotta disagree. Love Carlsberg, Love tuborg, love heineken. Can't stand Canadian beer (except Sleeman's for some reason).
  10. Wow, the Hunter West news is disappointing. He seemed pretty impressive in preseason.
  11. There's a link on big soccer to this story, saying basically that former Portugese youth international defender and defensive midfielder Andrade, now 33, will sign for Toronto. It paraphrases Mo Johnston as saying that he'll add experience to the backline; he's been at a bunch of different clubs, but all of a fairly good standard. Andrade, antigo internacional jovem português, defesa ou médio de características defensivas, actualmente com 33 anos, pode tornar-se, nos próximos dias, no mais recente reforço do Toronto FC, uma das 13 equipas que vai disputar, em 2007, a Major League Soccer.
  12. His agent is saying today the Mid East is more likely. Apparently Steve Nicol told the press association the New England Revs were talking to fowler but his agent is kiboshing that and has suggested MLS can't afford him.
  13. He mentioned in a story on Football 365 that moving to the U.S. league was one of his options.
  14. With 700,000 kids registered across the country in those provincial associations, that works out to about $71 a head and hardly enough to provide "a world class coaching education system for our grassroot coaches etc etc etc" I agree -- and pointed out already -- that the existing money in Canadian soccer could be better spent. But the picture is much bigger than the 'grassroots'. In fact, our continued focus on a 'grassroots' solution is part of the problem. You don't build an aggressive, well-sponsored sports organization in the modern world via community committee delegation and 'grass
  15. I suspect that if the folks at the CSA weren't concerned by the fallout, they'd tell you straight up that the biggest single problem facing the association and the development of soccer in Canada is money. Period. The last annual report the CSA has posted is 2003 (never a sign of a solid organizational strategy, but I digress) and it makes it clear these guys run on bupkus. They only got $620,000 from the feds that year, which these days will just about pay for six months of free MP haircuts on parliament hill. Their overall budget was only $9M (expected to rise to a -- gosh!-- whopping $
  16. Little birdie who's well in the know tells me the Whitecaps have already talked to MLS about a move into that league within a few years. This probably doesn't surprise anyone, but I thought I'd mention it.
  17. Part of the issue here Jeffrey (et al) is that the media DOES see this as the official fan club of soccer, the unofficial sounding off board of soccer etc. They consult it to see who is moving where, which youth players are coming up etc. They don't write about soccer largely because of two schools of thought: The first is a group of sportswriters that still think the four traditional NA sports are the only ones worthy; they are the biggest impediment to coverage. But they also rely on flaccid, specious arguments to support that contention. And any ammunition they can get just aids that
  18. Hi all, Just thought I'd note that one of the reasons I used to post frequently here and no longer do is the personal nature of the debates. Why do people here feel the need -- as they do on other b boards, i"ll admit -- to call anyone they don't agree with an idiot, a flamer, a fool, biased etc.? Why is it that a group of adults with so much passion, so much knowledge and so much to obviously contribute to the development of our favourite sport can't do so civily? Today, I logged on and read a thread on DeRo. It was interesting and I posted. I then made the mistake of checkin
  19. Can we assume the prem club is either Blackburn or Man City, given that both have showed considerable interest in the past?
  20. Guys, Forward this thread and a brief paragraph on what took place to sports columnists who've written about soccer. Never hurts to try, and it's the kind of thing that they like to write about on a slow day. Jeremy
  21. Y'know Ryan, I think it's downright spooky whose name ended this thread (well, excluding this answer).....
  22. I think it bears noting that the crowd was despite game one of the Oilers going on opposite it. If the Oilers hadn't been playing it would've topped 20,000, easy. Peters absolutely pulled the Brazilians to pieces. If we'd have played less cautiously we could've scored a couple more. The Brazilians showed lots of individual speed and some decent coverage of the field but tactically were just nowhere. It was obvious at the start of the second that they were going to try and break the offside trap and lull Canada in, but it was a pretty hopeless effort all around on their part. Bergovic
  23. Yeah, you guys are right. Too negative. I'm still puzzled, though, as to how some of these guys got so alienated from the idea of supporting their own country. Maybe it's a facet of the competitive edge, the win-at-any-cost drive you need to succeed, that they see playing a higher ranking national team as acceptable. I'm sure a sports shrink could have a field day with it.
  24. Hey all, The latest two miss-outs, which appear to be Daniel Fernandes and Jonathan De Guzman, have me thinking that maybe it's worth writing a piece for my paper's world cup pullout on the team we COULD have had qualifying this time around. Anyone want to venture some opinions or know of anyone else we've missed out on? And yes, that includes Hargreaves, although whether that counts as missing out is debatable. Jeremy Loome Edmonton Sun
  25. The new one's out this month. Will probably correct a lot of lineup errors, as always.
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