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  1. Saw the whole game through Costa Rican TV. The Ticas gave it all they could, my hat is off to them. Great team and great coaching.
  2. It seems Huitema has improved noticeable playing with PSG and top coaches.
  3. I wonder how much Concacaf sold the TV rights to OneSoccer. Seems reminiscent of the past payout deals.
  4. Oh not again. Each time they redesign it they end up with something almost same as before. No real change.
  5. Herdman got undressed by the U.S. Are we now beginning to see the limitations of Herdman as a coach for our men's team.
  6. Wouldn't they need to prove themselves first at the national U20 level.
  7. 4 minutes to decide a call is not what soccer is all about. One already have an official and an assistant on the field who for centuries have made calls is sufficient for me. Maybe the idiots at the Var shack were off for coffee.
  8. Fatso Olivieri succeeded in eliminating Canada. I hope the CSA will succeed in giving Olivieri a big boot where he deserves.
  9. One would expect that fatso Olivieri as a former goalkeeper he should teach his GK how to play. Olivieri can't even do that! CSA get rid of the bum.
  10. Fatso Olivieri is nothing more than a comedy of errors.
  11. Did Herdman received a monetary bonus for having his team defeated the U.S.? Many times is all about the money!
  12. There is a tendency to become a better and effective player when under the direction of a qualified and good coach.
  13. Those of you who watched the game. What happened to go from a 6-0 win to barely win 1-0? Was it Herdman's fault again?
  14. Blame the referee assessors and national federations that promote referees haphazardly.
  15. After all the scandal for sexual abuse, Lenarduzzi moved to a secondary role. Jeff Mallett didn't have the balls to fire him outright. In my view both Duzzi and Mallett should be fired. Things never change!!!
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