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  1. I take my hat off to VPjr and the initiative of the CSF. Support will grow and the CSF will become a tangible entity. I wish I have had the motivation as this group of people have when some 11 years ago I thought that what Canada needed was a Federation. I proposed my idea to a then former canadian national player, but received no support and I eventually just gave up. I am very surprised reading the above 3 pages of posts the amount of negativity about the CSF. I always thought that the generalized opinion of posters was a condemnation of the CSA, an advocation for its replacement and/or restructuring. So why can't we give the CSF tacit support and view the big picture.
  2. I see light at the end of the tunnel. This is what we need, a Federation. Goodby CSA, farewell.
  3. Nobody is indispensable! My own saying.
  4. There may be yet more to come after Meszaros and Pellerud get back from Korea. I hope the CSA don't promote the Deputy COO. That will not be good.
  5. It took 20 years, but finally one can look at the future with hope. There is no doubt in my mind that key people in the CSA read this forum. Good ridance man!
  6. We are 87th in the World, but boy, have we got imagination. Love The Frank Yallop Experience. I believe it will catch on.
  7. You could have edited your post instead of posting another one. And please keep on posting, I enjoy reading you.
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