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  1. Apparently A-OK with the CSA. Professionalism all around, I see.
  2. An "incomplete application". Right. Probably just forgot to check off the "Do you want correspondance in English or French" box.
  3. Never understood Coupland on the Fury. He hardly got any playing time. I too hope he lands somewhere but it would be better in a lower league where he can be on the first team and get big minutes.
  4. Somehow I think OSEG and Lansdowne will go on but I think it might suck for us soccer fans, at least for a while. If the CPL doesn't have any other potential Ottawa owners ready to pull out of their back pocket then they screwed up too https://www.cbc.ca/sports/rugby/english-rugby-league-ottawa-1.5142569
  5. You can't play chicken with someone who ultimately doesn't give a crap. The Fury were OSEG's third team, they were not about to be forced into anything against their will. It leaves the question as to why when the NASL started to have issues, they eagerly jumped to the USL with little issue, and now when faced with the opportunity to jump again they completely hit the brakes for two years' running? It says something, but I'm not sure what it says. I hope someone will ask that at the news conference.
  6. When the CEO of OSEG was interviewed during the match in Halifax he said that the lines of communication were still open, and that's all that I've heard from anyone with any authority as far as CPL goes. He stated back then that the plan was still USL in 2020.
  7. LOL at Sportsnet for mispelling Calgary's name in the title of the article. Not that it is the first time (or second, or third).
  8. Voyageurs Cup started with regular season results because it's all we had to go on. It was always intended, by my understanding and memory, to essentially crown a national champion based upon whatever results there were to go on. Since we have gone from a situation where we had a bunch of Canadian teams that played in a single US-based league, to a situation where we have many more Canadian teams distributed among multiple leagues. It's still the best way to crown a national champion, using a knock-out Cup format, who then gets Canada's direct CCL spot. It would be a downgrade to change it to simply go to the team that gets the most regular season points in the CPL. The CPL has decided that it's champion is the one that wins the playoff, not the regular season, so the V-Cup would end up being a consolation prize and I don't think anyone intended it be used that way.
  9. It's just marketing. They're not lying, strictly speaking, and telling season ticket holders they're getting something worth $144 is more significant than telling them just a two-digit number.
  10. I think they're awesome. So much better than that championship trophy.
  11. I think most reasonable people would not expect the CPL to have absolutely every piece of content in French, or allow every single employee to work in the language of their choice (you know, Federal Govt. level stuff). It's recognized that it's a start up that needs to allocate their money in a judicious way. There is low hanging fruit however. If you have a Championship trophy with no French, or if you go to the web page and choose 'French' and are still faced with titles in English and a bizarre mix of Franglais, then it just makes them look amateur and it feels like they don't care. It doesn't seem like it should be so hard.
  12. One Soccer's website is pretty amusing in its bilingualism. You set it to French and you still get random words, phrases and titles in English, occasionally whole pages. I think they might have hired a summer student to do it. On the other hand, they did put more effort into it than the people that sourced the trophy.
  13. I don't know where this 'three year commitment' comes from. I don't think that's a thing.
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