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  1. Ok, gotcha. I agree. They might have initially had grand visions of local ownership in all markets and kept the MLS owners out for fear that the teams would be viewed as reserve teams, but have since found that there are a shortage of local owners (viz. OSEG) but easier money from overseas. If people get used to the idea of teams owned by bigger clubs, then maybe they can draft guidelines that would allow MLS ownership like MLSE in, but with appropriate firewalls to prevent the team from being TFCII.
  2. What do they not allow the Canadian MLS teams to do?
  3. So clubs only negotiate on "intangibles" and not money? I wonder who decides on what the player is worth in these pre-contracts?
  4. It's all kind of ridiculous. Last year Y9 assistant Carmine Isacco said that TFC loanees would be much better off if they developed in the CPL rather than at Ottawa Fury. Should that impact Isacco's ability to land a job in the USL at some point in the future? As my old boss used to say, "Everyone is in Sales".
  5. I'm going on the assumption that this is 'Other' which is firmly in the lead at this moment.
  6. One advantage to playing this year might be around public perception around the viability of sports teams in Ottawa. People here are pretty jaded about the industry having lost so many teams in so many sports and with others that still exist, like the Senators, struggling. The current CPL rumours have been posted online and there are already lots of snarky comments from locals about how long this team will last before going under like all the others. If they wait a year, and introduce the team with completely new branding, it could appear to many outside of the hardcore fans that this is just another in a long line of futile attempts at minor league sports teams. It might not help people commit emotionally and financially to the team (outside of the hardcore fans). If they played this year and happened to keep the Fury branding, it might send a better message that this team is viable, it just ran into sanctioning issues but things have been sorted out with new owners and business is continuing.
  7. Definitely a hybrid model with elements of both and definitely not the MLS. Seems very similar to a traditional North American model like the NHL or CFL. Things like broadcasting, sponsorships, uniforms etc. are central (and some scouting and draft too apparently). Expansion fee (or, franchise fee, if you prefer) to join the party.
  8. Yes, we really know next to nothing about the contract and the money involved. The league has taken non-transparency to the next level, which is their right of course. We can only infer things from what's actually happening. So far, the investment has resulted in zero people signing on the dotted line. This can all change, so it will be a while before we know for sure. If they get credible business people to hop on the bandwagon then they can show it to be a good investment; if no one signs on or if we find out that they have to drop the expansion fee to a much smaller amount then it might amount to be more 'promise' than reality.
  9. Travel costs are always an issue for Newfoundland sports teams. They have a constant revolving door of hockey teams...AHL, ECHL, Junior. Teams are often required to subsidize the travel costs of the rest of the league which is a huge barrier to entry.
  10. They could have easily been grandfathered into USL and let be. It's not like they were going to be trying to poach Quebec City and other markets into the USL, they were the only team in the league and there was not going to be any others, the same way that Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are in MLS and there are not going to be any others. If the CPL is going to expand at the rate that they keep claiming then it would be obvious over the next five years that the Fury would be better off in the CPL and nature would take its course. Instead Ottawa has neither league and there are Canadians like Carl Haworth that are playing in the US instead of at home. People are fixated on OSEG saying no but at the moment, every other business person in Canada has said 'no'. They talk big on expansion but have nothing to show for it. The proverbial "30 days" drags on forever.
  11. Seems like we're in a bit of a bubble for major sports franchises. You see NBA, MLB and NFL teams going for multiple billion dollars and people are hoping they're getting in early on the MLS. Time will tell whether it was a good investment or not.
  12. We'll find out the moment someone is willing to pay for one; for the moment, no one has valued it that high. MLS franchises are apparently worth that much.
  13. Apparently A-OK with the CSA. Professionalism all around, I see.
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