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  1. Let's get rid off of these useless twits. Whoever they are. They have not produced anything in these last 22 years. Let's dissolve this useless organization. I think I'm going to puke.
  2. Guys, I am wondering as to why the island of Cuba does not participate in the CONCACAF Club Championship. Cuba has a semi-pro league called the "Campeonato Nacional de FĂștbol". The league has 16 teams. The top team in Cuba right now is FC Cienfuegos who participated in the last Caribbean Football Union/CFU competition. The most notable teams in Cuba are FC Villa Clara and DC Gallego. Here's more info on Cuban league soccer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campeonato_Nacional_de_F%C3%BAtbol_de_Cuba
  3. Guys, I was at work today, and this guy from Italy told me that CSA and the Canadian soccer system is a complete joke. Canadian soccer is NOT worth supporting. This is the image of Canadian soccer that I want to change. I'm getting sick and tire that the outside world see us as a joke.
  4. In fact, I totally agree with your proposal. Fire Mitchell now, and replace him by Stephen Hart as the interim coach until the right suitable candidate is found. It's the only way how the CSA could find legitimacy in this crisis.
  5. We have to start the revolution now by conducting protest over the Internet. Let our voices be heard...
  6. Hey!!! if the Aussies did it, we could do it too...We have to make the CSA accountable for their actions.
  7. Guys, you all have known me for nearly 14 or perhaps 15 years on this forum. I've now come to the end of this bull $hit with the CSA. What Canada needs is a serious revolution for change. One way to start is by dissolving the CSA and its operatives, and start by scratch. This could be done unless the Federal government gets involved. Let's rename the association by a new name such "THE CANADIAN FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION" (CFA). Hey!!! This is what Australia did over 6 years ago with a serious mandate for change. Case in point, the Aussies rename their federation FOOTBALL AUSTRALIA, and got ri
  8. I am wondering as to what's going through the minds of the CSA bureaucrats who appointed Dale Mitchell to the job as coach. I'm wondering if they are now regretting of ever selecting Mitchell to the job. These mistakes seem to happen all the time. It's now becoming very frustrating that we have a national association repeating the same mistakes all over again.
  9. I've giving-up on the CSA as of 7 years ago. Right now, Canada is going nowhere under the direction of this f...ing twit. I knew the minute Mitchell was appointed to the job as head coach that the team will go through dismal failures. All you have to do is look at the obvious mess he left behind with Canada's U-20. Instead of being fired after the youth World Cup, the CSA rewarded this incompetent idiot. And why??????????????????????????????????
  10. I've said this from a long time, and I still say it again. Dale Mitchell must be fired as of now...
  11. Guys, I'm here looking at the official site of the CONCACAF Champions League tournament (http://www.concacaf.com/competitions/champsleague/results.aspx). It appears that the all Quater-Final games will be played in the month of February. Let's say if Montreal manages to come out of the group stage in 2nd place and wins a birth in the quater-finals, where will they play their games during the icy cold season of the month of February???
  12. Guys, I don't want to come across too opinionated here, but I wish Hemming signed with a club in Sweden. The Swedish Allsvenskan is a much competitive league than the Finish Veikkausliiga. This is my opinion.
  13. With the transfer deadline ending today, is it safe to assume that Paul Stalteri will be staying at Spurs for the remainder of the season???
  14. I agree. It's time for Rad to throw in the towel, and let a new generation players step up to the plate. This is my opinion.
  15. I understand that he wants to be real close to his wife and child, but do you think he's making a mistake of accepting 2nd division football.
  16. Actually, in the last 4 league games, Lars has warmed the bench for his club Cluj. For this reason I don't think he has a chance.
  17. After watching the game in French CBC, many of the French commentators have said that the Impact players and coach knew very little about this team. All the information they managed to assembled came directly from newspaper clips from Nicaragua or from the Internet. As a result, this had a major psychological disadvantage on the Impact players. Nevertheless, they expect that the return game in Honduras will be very different now that the Impact have managed to see first hand as to who are Real Esteli.
  18. Guys, I've decided to post these photos. This is the Estadio Independencia in Managua where Real Esteli plays. It seats a capacity under 5,000. It's a real **** hole.
  19. This was expected and he knew that way before TFC let him go...
  20. Guys, I may be wrong with this info. For this reason I need a confirmation. But according to LiveSoccerTV, they are reporting that English CBC will be airing the game live 10PM Toronto time. Let's remember that there is a 2-hours diffrence in Managua via Toronto. http://www.livesoccertv.com/match/57696/montreal-impact-vs-nicaragua-real-esteli-fc/
  21. Vancouver and Montreal have certainly dodge the big bullet here. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus after all...
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