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  1. MLS to announce expansion hopefuls Herald News Services Wednesday, October 15, 2008 Major League Soccer chatter ramps up again today as the league officially announces the cities and ownership groups vying for two expansion franchises in 2011. The Vancouver Whitecaps are joined by groups representing Montreal, Ottawa, Portland, St. Louis and potentially four more American cities. Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini, who gave serious thought to a separate Vancouver bid, was not expected to be in the mix. A decision on the fledgling league's 17th and 18th franchi
  2. Look at yourself!!!! You have the nerves to come on this forum and defend the state of a low-life league such as the USL. Are you a fool??? Are you willing to defend this statement here on this forum???? If you do, you are going to lose big time. You're NOT going to win. In fact, let's start the debate now. How many of you here on Voyageur think that the USL is the greatest league in North America???
  3. So playing in a mediocre league such as the USL is better than MLS??? Is that what you are trying to justify here???
  4. Guys, this is just in, according to MLS Rumors, Don Garber is expected to announce the bidder tomorrow. Based on what MLS Rumors know having followed the expansion story since, well, forever, here are the official bidders. Confirmed: Atlanta (Arthur Blank) Miami (FC Barcelona) Montreal (Impact, Gillet/Saputo)EDIT/UPDATE This article (http://www.globesports.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20081015.wspt_mls14/GSStory/GlobeSportsSoccer/home) says Montreal will submit their bid before the end of tomorrow's deadline. Ottawa (Ottawa Senators) Portland (Timbers, Paulson) St Louis (St
  5. Guys, the news is coming in as quickly as possible into the news room. MLS Rumors is now reporting that Arthur Blank, owner of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons, has recently submitted his bid for an MLS franchise with only 24 hours remaining on the countdown. Com'on Joey Saputo, make your move now...
  6. Guys, with 24 hours remaining, it appears that Ottawa and Miami-Barcelona have both submitted their formal bids to enter MLS in 2011. This information comes directly to us from MLS Rumors. Has anyone here heard yet from Montreal, Vancouver, Portland, St. Louis, etc...
  7. Don't worry guys, I've already done my part. I took a dump at the door steps of the CSA head office in Ottawa.
  8. Let start the march for the new revolution...We have to put the pressure on all these corrupt CSA gurus.
  9. Hey Sean, tell me now if whether I'm a real quack. All I know that the media is sounding this beat of getting rid-off the CSA establishment.
  10. Guys, while you were watching the game, I was getting smashed at the local tavern down my street. What happened last night???? Are we going to the world Cup??? Or should I go right back to sleep.
  11. If this is so, it would leave a huge vacuum in the Eastern division.
  12. If this is so, it would leave a huge vacuum in the Eastern division.
  13. What are the possibilities that MLS is willing to accept 3 candidacies (Vancouver, Montreal and Portland) all at the same time during the announcement at the end of November 2008??? Would anyone here on Voyageur consider this a reality or nothing but a pipe dream??? The reason why I'm dropping this idea into this debate is because certain people have been circulating this rumor on the Internet. Look, these are 3 important valuable markets that can not be ignored.
  14. Would you think that Saputo is taking a huge gamble by playing this strategy???
  15. Can someone here please post this latest article with Joey Saputo's interview on the Journal de Montréal...
  16. Joey wimped out by the sounds of it...If this is the case, then I think he's a fool...Joey Saputo is all talk but no action, and I am very disappointed by his decision.
  17. According to MLS Rumors, Portland has submitted its submission of a formal bid to Major League Soccer (MLS). Vancouver has sent their mayor to MLS headquarter in New York to help the organizing committee in their bid to bring MLS to Vancouver. The deadline for application is due next week and the league is expected to announce the successful candidate cities in late November or early 2009. With this being said, I was wondering if Montreal is expected to step-up to the plate anytime soon. Is Joey Saputo in or out???
  18. What about Gérald Tremblay, Mayor of Montreal??? Why he's not involved in these discussions...
  19. What counts at the end of the day is $$$$$$$$$$$$$. If you don't have it, then certainly you will not gain entry to MLS. Participating in the CL only adds big points to the big picture.
  20. As far as I'm concern, Canada is already out of the world Cup. Mitchell could call up anyone, and still it would not make a significan difference to turn Canada's fortunes around.
  21. Guys, I got this info directly from a subsection of the CBC news clip on the Montreal Impact article. I found it very interesting. ----------------------------------------- Solid case for MLS expansion In Joey Saputo and George Gillett, Montreal’s MLS bid is well funded, and that could tip the scales in their favour when it comes time for the next round of expansion. That spells good news for Canadian soccer fans. There is already a fierce rivalry between the Impact and Toronto FC, as witnessed in the Nutrilite Canadian Championships. Imagine the support and media attention th
  22. You could also call me Sarah Palin with the highway to nowhere. I was in favor and now I'm oppose.
  23. You could also call me Sarah Palin with the highway to nowhere. I was in favor and now I'm oppose.
  24. So what are you suggesting here, that Joey stays in a mediocrate league such as the USL1 that may not exist in the next 5 years. If that is the case, then he's making a huge mistake, and a really stupid one. You got to think big.
  25. He's being very wishy and washy here indeed. I hope that he doesn't blow it. It will certainly be a huge blow for Montreal and Canadian soccer all together. Com'on Joey, what the f... are you doing. Why would you like to play for the rest of your life in the USL1. Your fans are going to realise it, and eventually they will abandon you by not attending your games at Saputo Stadium. The fans want 1st class, and the only 1st class system out there in North America is MLS.
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