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  1. Funny that you mention this, because Macclesfield Town's Website still has Nash listed as a member of the club. In fact, Nash was never part of the hit list whereby 5 players were strip of their contract at the end of this season. Therefore, this leaves a huge question mark as to whether Nash will be returning back to Macclesfield at the end of the A-League season. This one will definitely get very interesting.
  2. Aside from Nik Ledgerwood (Energie Cottbus), what other Canadians may perhaps be heading-off to Europe next year after the A-League season is over this fall??? I've already made my list, and here are names of possible candidates that may hold a good chance. As for Sita-Taty Matondo, his experience with the Impact this year will be very valuable, as he will be abled to strengthen his skills and physique. These were the major weak points that played against Matondo while he was on trial all across Europe last winter. Johnny Sulentic Sita-Taty Matondo Ali Ngon Nicholas Zuniga Waldem
  3. Ali Ngon scores the lonely goal in the 90th minute to give Lynx a 1 - 0 home victory over the Montreal Impact. This marks the first home victory of the season for the Lynx. Too bad Ngon is not in Europe. He is a great player. I just hope he becomes the next Lynx's player in Europe. His MLS venture was surely a waste of time, as I do remember that his Miami Fusion coach barely led him play a game. Ngon for a whole entire MLS season warmed the bench.
  4. Metro Lions of the CPSL have release parts their official Website which is still under construction: http://www.metrolionssoccer.com/pages/index.html
  5. The club's President, through this E-mail, is now mentioning that Carmelo Rago will soon take the field for Puerto Montt. Luchito: Carmelo esta jugando. Te envio el afiche oficial del club de este año, para que lo veas en el primer equipo. Saludos Carlos Valenzuela Paredes Gerente Deportes Puerto Montt
  6. This is an excellent plot for a movie that makes heroes look good. I was very moved by the whole story. I hope the CBC could actually make a movie of this story.
  7. MIDFIELDER JOHN SULENTIC SIGNS Whitecaps' all-time assist leader returns for fifth season VANCOUVER (Thursday, June 5, 2003) - The Whitecaps F.C. Men's Team announced today the signing of midfielder John Sulentic of Richmond, BC. The 23-year-old is one of the highest scoring midfielders in club history, and is Vancouver's all-time assist leader with 27. Sulentic could be in the line-up as early as this Saturday, when the Whitecaps visit the Seattle Sounders. The game is part of a doubleheader at Seahawks Stadium, with the Whitecaps and Sounders women's teams kicking off a
  8. Sorry Ted!!! Now that you have re-freshing my memories, you are absolutely right. There was a serious agenda to use the A-League as a building tool for the CUSL. Nevertheless, now that the CUSL is dead, we could now implement a B-PLAN which consist of adding more teams into the A-League such as Edmonton (2004), Ottawa, Hamilton and Winnipeg (2005). Once we have a solid foundation of at least 8 clubs in the A-League, then we could think of reviving the CUSL project and the concept of the Canada Open Cup with the amateur and provincial leagues by year 2007. Perhaps by then, other Canadian cities
  9. I think this guy has indeed defected from Cuba. Then again, I doubt it that he will be allowed to play for Canada. Canada will have try real hard.
  10. Jun. 5, 12:40 EDT Canadian women's soccer coach receives contract extension through 2008 OTTAWA (CP) — Canadian women's soccer coach Even Pellerud has been given a contract extension through the end of 2008, the Canadian Soccer Association announced Thursday. Pellerud's current contract was set to run out in August 2004. Now it will run through the conclusion of the Olympic Games in Beijing. The 49-year-old native of Norway took over the Canadian women after the 1999 World Cup. His record with Canada is 25-21-6. ``I am delighted that we have been able to reach a contrac
  11. If this guy is already cap-tied to Cuba, unfortunately I doubt it would happen.
  12. Lets call the team the Edmonton Drillers. The name Drillers represents the historical value of what this city was build-on, that's oil.
  13. Guys, I may have discovered the where abouts of Wyn Belotte, According to this article, he has never realy left Norrköping as it was reported before. In fact, Norrköping are planning to trade him to top flight Swedish club GIF Sundsvall: Here is GIF Sundsvall Website: http://www.sundsvall.nu/gifsundsvall/ TISDAG 3 JUNI 2003 Norrköping Påskledighet efter fredagens genrep och seger mot Örebro med 2–0. För Norrköping var segern extra skön med tanke på att laget kryssat två träningsmatcher mot lag från superettan och förlorat med enda målet mot GIF Sundsvall senaste tiden. Klub
  14. Guys, I met this very interesting fellow tonight at a pub in Downtown Toronto. We’ve talked about the game between Germany and Canada. Suddenly, the conversation moved towards the future of pro-soccer in Canada. Of course the issue of the CUSL was brought into the conversation. What I found very interesting about this fellow was his idea on how Canada should managed its pro-soccer crisis. This is what he said to me: “…Dear Luis, start forgetting that the CUSL is still alive. At the rate things are going, the whole project of the CUSL is completely dead…” What Canada should do now is focus on a
  15. There are strong rumours circulating in the European message boards on Tam Nsaliwa and Kevin McKenna. Let me begin by mentioning that Tam may be leaving his club Saarbrucken, and moving up to a Bundesliga-2 club. As for Kevin, he may be bidding farewell to Hearts this year, as it has been announced by Craig Forest that a Bundesliga-1 club has already expressed interest on the young Canadian.
  16. Gian-Luca, have you heard any rumours about Wyn Belotte??? Is he still in Sweden??? Or is back in Montreal???
  17. New Zealand is moving forward with a business plan to revamp their pro-league. Canada should follow this example. NATIONAL LEAGUE REVIEW 20-May-03 SOUTHERN TRUST NATIONAL LEAGUE REVIEW In accordance with New Zealand Soccer’s 4 year Business Plan produced and published last year, a review of the National Men’s Soccer League is currently being carried out by an independent panel. That process involved the Board of NZS being fully informed of progress at it’s latest meeting last week. The fact this review is taking place should not be of any surprise to any clubs or o
  18. International Roundup UEFA's Johansson backs expanded World Cup Posted: Wednesday May 21, 2003 6:13 AM Updated: Wednesday May 21, 2003 8:02 PM SEVILLE, Spain(Reuters) -- UEFA president Lennart Johansson is in favor of expanding the World Cup finals to 36 teams in 2006, as long as the tournament can be organized logically with four extra finalists. A proposal from CONMEBOL, the South American Confederation, has been accepted by FIFA in principle so the finals in Germany in three years' time could comprise 36 finalists. But Johansson said on Wednesday CONMEBOL needed to came
  19. If the deal goes through, CONCACAF will be awarded 4½ spots. If that is the case, then the whole project has my full support. It also betters Canada’s chances of earning a safe spot. Overall, the way in which this problem could be solved is by simply by going back to the old wild card draw system under the 24-team agenda. I would rather support a deal which is beneficial for Canada. It is as simple as this.
  20. UEFA in favour of 36-team World Cup First Published: May 21, 2003 The president of European football's governing body Lennart Johansson said he was in favour of the 2006 World Cup in Germany being increased from 32 to 36 teams. The comments came after the South American federation Conmebol proposed the increase in the wake of Brazil not qualifying automatically as champions and the continent losing a play-off place for the finals. "The South Americans have lost on two accounts," Johansson said Wednesday. "It's something a continent cannot accept. I do not want to run the
  21. Guys, the Wyn Belotte story is starting to get extremely weird for me. I've tried on several ocassions to reach members of the Assyriska club where it is assumed that Wyn is on trial. This was based in accordance to a tip a received from the Norrkoping fans club. Given the fact, that I have not received a single e-mail from Assyriska, I will be now assuming that Wyn is not with the club. [?]
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