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  1. Hey!!!! I just hope that this is only an evil dream...I'm now starting to get paranoid...I'm shooting speed...let the evil spirits go away. On another note, this is what I don't understand about MLS...It was reported in the media that the Atlanta bid is pretty much disorganized under the following statement: "...Unlike St. Louis, or any of the other expansion bids, Atlanta has really just started to figure out where a team might play. There’s no denying that Arthur Blank (founder of Home Depot) has the money, and Atlanta is the largest U.S. television market without a MLS team. But Bl
  2. Guys, before you start to lynch me alive, MLS Rumors is now reporting that USL Atlanta Silverback no longer exist...That this could be a sign that Atlanta may have probably been giving the MLS bid over other teams... Please I need someone here to investigate this rumor NOW. If this is the case then MLS is doing a huge f...ing mistake. I'm not taking any chances. Rumors are rumors, but they still need to be investigated by the main stream media... I'm now getting paranoid by this rumor. I hope there's no truth to this...Please David Bailey tell me that this is only an evil dream...Ple
  3. Join the Toronto Blizzard on FaceBook... http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=59179&id=733257270#/pages/Toronto-ON/Toronto-Blizzard/21388387732?ref=mf
  4. Breaking Down MLS Expansion October 21, 2008 By: Greg Daurio Everyone else has weighed in on MLS expansion, so I figured it’s my turn. When push comes to shove, there are two ways to look at the seven cities that are vying for the two available teams that will begin play in 2011. One is the utopian view (team x really deserves a team so lets give it to them). The other is the pragmatic view (MLS weighs their preset criteria against the strength of the bids and then sees who is going to write them the biggest check a la Seattle). The simple fact is, as much as advocates fo
  5. Here are my ideas Ben. Let's go with Gerry Gentile's proposal of developing an amateur semi-pro league that will allows to develop young talent. Within 12-15 years, we will probably be able to accomplish huge strives. Once we managed to accomplish this task, we should then make the bold move to establish a pro-league in Canada. Again within 12-15 years after we get this semi-pro league off the ground. What do you think????
  6. Can we determine that Gerry Gentile is making comeback. That certain ideas of the CUSL are being re-visit perhaps for a semi-professional level.
  7. Gillett Wants Canadian Soccer Rivalry With MLS Franchise Bid By Tariq Panja Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) Montreal Canadiens owner George Gillett said Major League Soccer would develop a genuine rivalry in the country if it added a franchise to compete with the Toronto club. Colorado-based Gillett is working with United Soccer League team Montreal Impact to become one of seven applicants to file expansion forms with the MLS. Gillett also owns half of Liverpool, the most successful soccer club in England. ``The idea would be if there were two or three Canadian clubs, we could create a
  8. According to MLS Rumors and the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Whitecaps' chances of landing a Major League Soccer franchise in 2011 just might have gotten better with the rumble out of MLS headquarters in New York Friday that Philadelphia's 2010 franchise entry could be in economic jeopardy. Montreal could jump in a year early, lessening Vancouver's 2011 competition. http://www.mls-rumors.net/2008/10/report-philadelphia-expansion-group-in.html
  9. It would be nice if CSL Commissioner Cary Kaplan could provide us with an outline pertaining to future expansion of the league.
  10. Saputo is doing serious damage here. He has to open up to a national system in order to expand and develop talent at the amateur/semi-pro level. He's shooting himself on the foot, I think.
  11. I think this scheme is all part of the Western expansion of the CSL or probably expansion into the USL. I'm curious to know if any further Quebec teams will be joing the CSL. ------------------------------------------ Winnipeg groups look at pro soccer for city Jerrad Peters Updated: October 25, 2008 at 11:02 AM CDT Remember the Winnipeg Fury? What heady days those were. It’s easy to forget, but the now defunct professional soccer team once included the likes of Canadian international goalkeeper Pat Onstad, national team scoring ace Carlo Corazzin and former Winnipeg Blue
  12. I hope this will add the necessary clout that the Vancouver bid requires in order to win.
  13. Whitecaps' MLS bid group adds more celebrity punch Marc Weber Canwest News Service Published: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 VANCOUVER -- The Vancouver Whitecaps' Major League Soccer bid is getting another high-tech hike, possibly with some high-profile spinoffs. Sources have confirmed that Vancouver's Steve Luczo, chairman of Seagate Technology and a man who moves in interesting circles, is set to join the Whitecaps' prospective MLS ownership group. Vancouver Whitecaps president Bob Lenarduzzi declined comment, but the announcement could come this week. Current Whit
  14. Johnnie Monster, I point the finger at one political party and person in particular. That name is Betty Davis of the NDP...By the way, did she win her seat in the last federal election???
  15. Even at that, it's starting to catch fire on BigSoccer.com. As a small rumor, it's now gaining momentum across the Internet. The Yanks are really getting mad at us. They think that this is now a Canadian conspiracy.
  16. Guys, MLS Rumors have now published the story of this Montreal Impact so-called gossip/rumbling that is going around of Saputo/Gillett replacing the Philadelphia bid. Again, this is a story coming directly from the tabloid news of MLS Rumors. I found it somewhat interesting, but I'm also skeptical of its context. Before you start to lynch me, let's NOT forget that this may</u> be a wild rumor that has started circulating throughout the inner circles of MLS. So if you have any other news that may contradict this rumor, please be my guest and post it here. http://www.mls-rumors.net/20
  17. Guys, MLS Rumors have now published the story of this Montreal Impact so-called gossip/rumbling that is going around of Saputo/Gillett replacing the Philadelphia bid. Again, this is a story coming directly from the tabloid news of MLS Rumors. I found it somewhat interesting, but I'm also skeptical of its context. http://www.mls-rumors.net/2008/10/expansion-mlss-montreal-contingency.html
  18. If this new league is NOT associated with the CSL, then this whole project is a DOA from the start.
  19. Brownbear, does this means that Vancouver will win the bid eventually despite some complications on their waterfront stadium???
  20. Dichio done? By DEAN MCNULTY, SUN MEDIA Last Updated: 17th October 2008, 3:46am Danny Dichio -- Toronto FC's most popular player -- said yesterday that tomorrow's Major League Soccer match against Chicago Fire at BMO Field could be his last as a Red. The man who scored the franchise's first professional goal and is the leading scorer in team history, said that this past season has given him new perspective on his longevity as a player. Dichio spent much of the 2008 season recovering from a concussion suffered on Canada Day against the Vancouver Whitecaps and only in the p
  21. What are the chances of accepting all 3 franchises: Vancouver, Montreal and Portland...
  22. So does this mean that Montreal and Vancouver could be the likely candidates to win bids...
  23. We need a French translator for this one. Very interesting article in the French speaking "Le Journal de Montréal". If I understood it correctly, the article mentions that certain bids are classified NOT too serious. This includes Ottawa, Atlanta and Miami. -------------------------------- Six rivales pour Montréal Martin Smith 16/10/2008 09:19 Le Journal de Montréal Sept groupes, représentant trois villes du Canada et quatre des États-Unis, sont officiellement engagés dans la course pour obtenir une des deux concessions offertes par la Major League Soccer pour son ex
  24. Ottawa, Montreal among bids for MLS teams North American soccer league plans to add two teams for start of 2011 season MATTHEW SEKERES October 15, 2008 VANCOUVER -- Major League Soccer, the burgeoning circuit with 14 teams and plans to add four franchises in the next three years, closes its request for expansion applications today and will receive bids from Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa. In Vancouver, an application backed by reclusive B.C. businessman and soccer hobbyist Greg Kerfoot and NBA superstar Steve Nash will not face local competition after the NHL's Vancouver
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