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  1. Guys based on Jonovision's calculation theory (that's if everything is correct), the Impact will have over 40k spectators at the game. Jono, I hope your calculation theory is correct.
  2. What are the chances of 40K (though it would be amazing)??? If you take under consideration those expected to walk to the ticket gates at the stadium during the day of the game.
  3. Guys I'm so bored that I'm going to post rumors from now on... -------------------------- Random Celebrity Gossip Note of the Week: Ron Jeremy Played Soccer with George Tenet When we discovered that a staff member of The Hollywood Gossip went to high school with porn star Mary Carey, we thought that was funny, random news. But it’s nothing compared to this recently unearthed tidbit: In the early 70s, the former CIA director George Tenet attended Cardozo High School in Bayside, NY with adult film legend Ron Jeremy! Tenet and Jeremy (who’s real last name is Hyatt) eve
  4. This comes directly from MLS Rumors... ----------------------------- EXPANSION: Radically Different Expansion Picture Emerges - Miami, Portland, Vancouver Likely In, St Louis Out Sunday, February 1, 2009 That appears to be the picture painted by the following email from a reliable source within US soccer media who wishes to remain anonymous: It may be the same source as you already have but I heard yesterday that Miami Barca is a done deal. The announcement will be made separately from the other expansion team (s). Miami will enter with Philly in 2010. The other piece of
  5. Guys, didn't Ruud Gullit made the same allegations against MLS before packing his bags and leaving the LA Galaxy coaching position for good??? On another note, the performance of many MLS clubs either in the CONCACAF Club Championship or in the North American SuperLiga for these last few years has been a dismal failure...Is it that MLS clubs are not that hot after all, especially next to the Mexican clubs??? By the way, this was part of a stupid argument that I got into with a Mexican where he pointed this out to me...He said that Mexican clubs will crush MLS clubs anytime of the day...H
  6. Now that we have reached the end of January, how many tickets have been sold????
  7. What are the chances of reaching 35k by the end of next week...Is it wishful thinking????
  8. More than 20k tickets sold, not bad Montreal...Please keep us posted as to where ticket sales are by the week of February 10th...
  9. Now that more contenders are dropping-out from the race as a result of the global recession, I will love to see Montreal's bid back in the running sooner than expected...In fact, for 2011...I'm going to ask St-Theresa to prey for this to happen.
  10. This spells good news for Vancouver...On another note, just a few days ago MLS Commissioner Don Garber was quoted in the press saying that the St-Louis bid is in trouble for reason that they still have NOT</u> shown MLS the money?
  11. Too bad Joey Saputo fcuked-up with MLS. It would have been nice to have the Toronto Montreal rivalry in MLS.
  12. I'm curious to know how many tickets have been sold for the Big O, or how many tickets are expected to be sold for the event???
  13. Oooopppsss!!!!!!!!! I finally found the answer I was looking for. According to the International Herald Tribune, it appears that Stalteri signed a 2½-year contract. With this deal now signed and sealed, Stalteri will NOT be coming to MLS.
  14. I heard the news yesterday that Paul Stalteri joined the Bundesliga club. I need to know how long is his contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach???
  15. FFA reveal plans to extend A-League to 12 teams Thursday, November 27, 2008 Football Federation Australia Chairman Frank Lowy has revealed ambitious plans to further expand the Hyundai A-League to a 12-team competition in time for the 2010/11 season. Speaking at FFA's annual general meeting on Thursday - his fifth as chairman - Lowy said not even the current global economic crisis would stand in the way of the round-ball game's progress in Australia. "I certainly hope that (for the 2010/11 season) we'll have 12 teams and I think at that time we kind of need to reassess our cap
  16. Excuse me....The Hyundai A-League is expected to add an addition of 2 more teams to their league by next year...and with another 2 more in 2011...and another 2 more by 2012, thus bringing the league to 14 teams.
  17. NOTMOVING: Revs to Stay Put According to Chief Operating Officer Friday, December 19, 2008 The more things change for other teams, the more they stay the same for the New England Revolution. Consider the New England Revolution to CT rumor debunked. At least if you believe the Revolution's COO, Brian Bilello, the Revs are not moving from Gillette stadium any time soon. In a Q&A session with New England Revolution Fans he had this to say: Stadium I think many of you have now seen to study that was released by the city of Somerville related to the Inner Belt area a
  18. This rumor (if true) looks real good for Vancouver... ------------------------------ EXPANSION: Miami Close? Philly MLS Insider Drops Hint, Says "Don't Bet Against Miami coming in in 2010." Friday, December 19, 2008 Miami Barcelonistas rejoice! This news should have every Penya de Miami thrilled! The Miami based Barca run club may be more a reality than a bid if the following hint s true. Alternatively, people against the Miami FCB expansion bid may be in for some bad news come 2010. That is because as time passes and the economy worsens, the Barcelona bid appears bette
  19. Snake, after being in that particular area of Boston during 2 summers ago, I have now realised that there is a strong Portuguese community in that part of the world...It has also been my curiosity as to why the N.E. Revs have not appealed to this community that tends to be very pro-soccer.
  20. Again this is only a rumor... ---------------------- RELOCATION: More Information About Mystery Club to be Relocated Revealed Saturday, December 13, 2008 Given new information emailed to us, this stadium may NOT be the location of a relocated Revs. Our anonymous informant who tipped us off to the whole mystery club that might be relocating has sent us another email with further details: other new info on sale & relocation of original mls franchise. new owner regards mls better buy-in than new pro grid league. initial $$$ greater but so is stability & growth
  21. Rumours are now circulating on MLS Rumours that an MLS team is expected to be relocated perhaps in 2011. Could Montreal be the likely candidate for receiving the relocating club. This one in particular story on MLSR just landed in their mailbox and seems remotely possible but it is anyone's guess as to which club the author is talking about. Here it is: original MLS investor will announce sale of franchise by first of year. sale in wake of investor learning urban SSS project will not move forward. low attendance also cited. new owner currently manages stadium & arena with an
  22. Garber drops in on BC Place Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Commissioner Don Garber was pleased with what he saw during his visit to Vancouver.VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced that Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber and MLS President Mark Abbott visited BC Place Stadium on Tuesday, to tour the facility as part of the league's due diligence in evaluating six potential MLS expansion markets. "We're pleased to have had the opportunity to host Commissioner Garber and Mr. Abbott," said Whitecaps President Bob Lenarduzzi. "The tour of BC Place was positive and I be
  23. MLS Commissioner calls for football in Portland 11 Dec, 08 | USA | Clubs ownership & management Don Garber, Major League Soccer (MLS) Commissioner, pleaded with the city of Portland, Oregon, to agree to development proposals submitted by Merrit Paulson, owner of the Portland Timbers, according to the Portland Business Journal. Garber hopes that one of the last two MLS expansion franchises will be awarded to Portland in March 2009. Other cities being considered for the last two spots are Miami, Vancouver, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Ottawa. Paulson has proposed to invest th
  24. EXPANSION: MLS Commissioner Backs Portland 2011 Bid Tuesday, December 9, 2008 MLS Commissioner Don Garber was in Portland today and had the following to say regarding the current expansion picture: “We need to make a decision by March,” Garber said. “We want one of the teams to be in Portland." Our take: Don Garber is a wise man. He as well as DC's Barra Brava, San Jose's Ultras and us here at MLSR, back the Portland 2011 campaign and know that an MLS presence in a city that has phenomenal support for its USL team would be another Toronto waiting to happen. Not to mention the
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