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  1. Guys, I know I'm expected to have all the Montreal members come hard on me based on this rumor. They could go and screw themselves sideways...Anyway, this one comes directly from MLS Rumors. Furthermore, an MLS official is expected to be at the Feb-25 game at the Big-O. Perhaps MLS are reconsidering their decision based on the impressive numbers of ticket sales for the CONCACAF Championship. ---------------------------------- EXPANSION: Montreal Still In The Mix? So Says This Rumor.... Monday, February 16, 2009 Could Montreal expansion not be entirely dead? According to this info
  2. Brownbear, let's be honest...This is a small majority that needs at least 50% to be a real majority...Unless the 13% is leaning towards MLS.
  3. Either Melnyk conceit to the wishes of the downtown core or destroy completely Frank Clair Stadium and build a brand new stadium in Downtown. According to public opinion, majority of Ottawaians soccer lovers want the stadium in downtown and not in the suburbs. Would you prefer to watch a game in downtown or Kanata???
  4. After reading this article, why do I get this gut feeling that Garber is expected to make the following announcements: -coming into the league for 2010 are Philadelphia and Miami -coming into the league for 2011 are Vancouver and Portland -coming into the league for 2012 are Ottawa, 2nd New York team, and Columbus Crew relocating to Montreal Would anyone here senses these suspicions???? Dave Bailey, talk to me...Prove me that I'm wrong...Tell me that this only wishful thinking.
  5. Spiral, Melnyk is not interested in knocking out the Vancouver bid. As the article states, he wants to join MLS by 2012 or 2013. What I think Melnyk is trying to do is earn a conditional bid from Garber that comes with conditions if he's awarded the stadium.
  6. Like I said in my previous posting, the city of Ottawa will have to bring both parties together and make a serious compromise that will benefit both MLS and CFL. One way to do this is by sharing the stadium in the Ottawa downtown core. On another note, Melnyk is not interested in knocking out the Vancouver bid. As the article states, he wants to join MLS by 2012 or 2013. ---------------------------------------------------- Majority wants city to revitalize Lansdowne By Doug Fischer, The Ottawa Citizen February 14, 2009 Ottawa • Ottawans would be divided right down the middle
  7. Here's the story how Dynamo and TSU are forming an alliance to share the stadium: http://www.mls-rumors.net/2009/02/stadium-news-houston-dynamo-and-tsu-to.html
  8. Spiral, it's only a gut feeling for the following 2 reasons: (1) Melnyk is a well respected businessman in the community. I can't see Ottawa city hall ignore this guy totally; and (2) I also can't see the city disrespect the CFL (a Canadian institution). For this reason Ottawa city hall will bring both parties together for the better good of the community. By the way, Houston Dynamo and the University of Texas have reached a tentative deal that will house both teams in the new specific soccer stadium. Why can't the CFL and MLS have the same arrangement????
  9. Let's get real, CFL in Ottawa has gone through enormous turbulence over the years. Melynk is somewhat</u> right with his comments. Nevertheless, I'm a strong believer that both parties should come together under a mutual settlement whereby a stadium is built to house both football and soccer. I get this gut feeling that Melnyk and the CFL, together with the Mayor of Ottawa, are secretly huddled together in an office inside CityHall, trying to work-out a serious deal that will benefit both parties...Trust me. I'm willing to bet you that tomorrow's headline in the newspapers in town will b
  10. CFL takes a stand Debate over Lansdowne's future February 13, 2009 By CHRIS STEVENSON, SUN MEDIA After some verbal jousting the last couple of days between the two heavyweights who want to be in control of our sports and entertainment landscape for the next 30 years, it's expected we're going to find out the rules of the fight today. The city manager is expected to release today the process by which the proposals for a new stadium and outdoor concert facility will be evaluated. To a certain extent, that should allow us to play the home version of "Kanata or Lansdowne; socc
  11. Stadium battle continues in Ottawa DAVID NAYLOR Globe and Mail Update February 13, 2009 at 12:53 PM EST The battle between sides backing CFL and Major League Soccer interests in Ottawa is taking on the dynamics of a political campaign. The City of Ottawa has been asked to consider two stadium proposals from competing sides: One is led by Ottawa 67's junior hockey team owner Jeff Hunt and proposes downtown Lansdowne Park be redeveloped for a CFL expansion franchise; the other is led by Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, who is pushing for a soccer-specific stadium to be bui
  12. No Mpenza...You got it all wrong. Legendre meant to say that hardly NO tickets have been sold so far...
  13. This article is so out-dated that today the ticket office in Montreal have finally confirmed to me that tickets have all been sold-out officially this morning...All tickets have been sold-out, according to the Montreal ticket office ------------------------------ Impact could sell out Olympic Stadium February 9, 2009 MONTREAL — The Montreal Impact could be greeted by a crowd of 55,000 for its CONCACAF Champions League quarter-final game against Mexico’s Club Santos Laguna at Olympic Stadium Feb. 25. “Capacity (for soccer) is about 55,000. We’re not there and it’
  14. You guys made Ron Jeremy a happy man...Women from Montreal don't show up to the game because he will nail you from behind...
  15. Certainly...Me and my perverted buddies we are all going to the game and we are hoping for at least over 50k fans at the stadium.
  16. I'm willing to bet that 50K will be the lucky number for tomorrow. Would anyone agree???
  17. Guys, I just called the Montreal ticket office (at exactly 11AM Sunday) and they have just informed me that 47-48K tickets have been probably sold so far...This is what the fellow from the ticket office has told me. He also told me that by Monday or Tuesday these tickets will all be gone... Can someone from Montreal please confirm this info...because the ticket guy was roughly making an estimate (off his head) after Friday night's numbers. He was NOT 100% certain with his info, but he did went on to say to me in French: "Monsieur, les billets sont presque tous vendus. Donc je vous exige d
  18. How Many tickets have been sold so far????? Ron Jeremy wants to know as well...He's going to the game with me.
  19. With 38K tickets already sold, and with 19 days to go, I'm willing to predict that 50K tickets will be sold before the game. Jonovision, are you willing to make the same prediction????
  20. I'm curious to know as to how many tickets have been sold so far????
  21. I'm curious to know as to how many tickets have been sold so far??? By the way, I can't called the Impact because I don't live in Montreal. Anyway, I'm curious to know if we hit 40K yet.
  22. Guys, I would like to know the latest news on the CSL Western expansion. Is this still on the agenda of the league??? Mr. Kaplan do you care to comment on this issue.
  23. You see...me and Jonovision we were right...and you guys were wrong...I hope you learn from your mistakes because I'm always right... By the way, the big man himself Ron (the gut) Jeremy will be in attendance. He's predicting 50k...He thinks big (if you know what I mean).
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