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  1. No big pot of money for a new stadium, councillors told By Patrick Dare , The Ottawa Citizen February 25, 2009 OTTAWA — Any sports stadium project in Ottawa may have to compete against other municipal projects such as public transit for funding from the federal government, the city’s manager said Tuesday. Kent Kirkpatrick told councillors that, contrary to what was initially believed, there’s no separate pot of money for large recreation projects such as building a professional sports stadium, whose price tag would easily top $100 million. The federal government has a $500-
  2. I was under the impression that Garber was sending a representative from MLS to be present at the game...
  3. EXPANSION: Philadelphia's Name, Kit and Crest Leaked? Wednesday, February 25, 2009 If you noticed our Twitter feed last night, it mentioned that we received some images that were supposedly the Philadelphia kit. Here's what the person who sent them said: Please do NOT publish my name or email address. I can not tell you the details on how I got this other than mock ups are often done to test out various ideas. That said, this appears to be the preliminary design for AC Philadelphia's kit. We waited awhile to try and confirm this was not a spoof, as we had been sent somet
  4. This guy is funny. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. What are the possibilities of both Montreal and Vancouver...As far as I'm concern, Portland can't even get their stadium on the go, whereas the renovations of BC Place have already started.
  6. CBC Sports http://www.cbc.ca/sports/ondemand/?playlistId=342f98228b01575c0969a25a7b11f2dd3993c447&videoId=1041900602
  7. It's quite possible that according to this article that the Impact are hoping to sell 50,000 tickets so far for the Wednesday's game. ------------------------------------ Big Impact Soccer fans expected to flock in droves to the "Big O" for the Montreal Impact's CONCACAF quarter-final match. Last Updated: Sunday, February 22, 2009 by John F. Molinaro, CBC Sports The Canadiens may have fallen on hard times lately, but another sports franchise that calls Montreal home is flying high. The Montreal Impact are in the quarter-finals the CONCACAF Champions League and preparing
  8. It now appears that BARCA wants to join MLS under the same circumstances of what Joey Saputo was trying to negotiate previously before. The expansion fee is too much. If BARCA is able to negotiate the price down, then this will be totally unfair for Montreal. Montreal shed light from the start that the price tag was too costly and too risky. -------------------------------------------- Barcelona reconsiders MLS expansion bid Saturday, February 21, 2009 Spanish powerhouse Barcelona's attempt to land a MLS expansion franchise in Miami had been considered one of the front-runners. H
  9. The Game is this Wednesday, February-25...Furthermore, it was stated by MLS Rumors that a "head representative" of MLS will be present at the game...Now I'm NOT sure what the mean by a head representative</u>. As far as I'm concern, the head representative could be Don Garber, unless Garber is trying to save face for he's too ashamed to be making a presence in Montreal as a result of the mistreatment the bid received from Garber himself. For this reason he may probably send an ambassador from the league office.
  10. I've already forward my opinion to this moron...
  11. Miami Bid Far From Dead by Kartik Krishnaiyer on February 21, 2009 Yesterday MLS Rumors and Goal.com broke the story about the apprehension Barcelona has about the downturn in the US economy and their current venture in Miami for an MLS expansion team. Message Boards have filled up with posters, many of which know little about the situation that have said “good” and “Miami never deserved another team” among other things. Here is what I can report after speaking with a number of sources. * MLS and SUM had for sometime before the Oct 15th announcement of Barcelona’s bid been
  12. REPORT: Toronto FC Hiring Security Firm With Football Experience Saturday, February 21, 2009 Courtesy of a loyal reader north of the border: MLSE met with the supporters groups a few days ago and gave a run down for the new season. Included in this was the hiring of a new security manager. From Jack Depoe, President of the Red Patch Boys, Toronto FC's rabid supporters group: "Let's just say that the new security manager for MLSE is an old-school football guy and a Celtic supporter, he understands football support but he also wants to keep things clean in the eyes of the
  13. Based on the latest development of the possible withdrawal of the Miami bid, I'm now more than ever convinced that the Montreal rumor is starting to make sense. Chances are that Garber and Saputo are now negotiating a backroom deal of some sort.
  14. Based on this latest development, I'm now more than ever convinced that the Montreal rumor is starting to make sense...and certainly something is going down (as we speak) between Garber and Saputo.
  15. This is a huge victory for the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Ottawa bid...and I'm also NOT</u> excluding Montreal. Now this explains why that rumor was circulating about Montreal's bid being resurrected suddenly.
  16. This comes directly from MLS Rumors...What do you think? ------------------------------ REPORT: Could MLS Attendance Surpass the NHL, and NBA This Season? Thursday, February 19, 2009 Special thanks to our friends at American Soccer News for alerting us to this article via Twitter. NHL blog Puck Money has an intriguing story today comparing MLS to NHL attendance trends: Here is an excerpt: I thought this might be possible with the relatively old news that Major League Soccer's new franchise this season, Seattle Sounders FC, have sold over 18,000 season ticket
  17. Ed, this is exactly why I question Stevenson's figures...He claims that he got the numbers from Football Canada (I don't think so).
  18. CHRIS STEVENSON, news reporter for the SUN MEDIA, should get his fact straight before he makes comments that are based on deep emotions...His writing is pathetic....Let's face it, CFL in Ottawa has been dismal failure. ------------------------------------------- Soccer group tackled 'The strength of football in Ottawa and Canada has never been stronger' By CHRIS STEVENSON, SUN MEDIA February 18, 2009 Apparently you don't want to take a poke at the football community around here. That's pretty much what Senators owner Eugene Melnyk did last week when, in a meeting with
  19. EXPANSION: Source Within Impact de Montreal Confirms Our Rumor Regarding Potential Expansion Wednesday, February 18, 2009 This rumor being confirmed no doubt will be music to UM02's ears. Extra special thanks to our friends at Major League Soccer Talk for this. We just received word from them that they have confirmation from someone within the Montreal organization that our rumor concerning a revitalized Montreal Impact MLS Expansion bid with a potential compromise over how the $40 Million USD will be paid, is in fact true. Courtesy of Major League Soccer Talk: A source
  20. Guys, I don't mean to change the topic...but what has touched my curiosity about both articles of which I posted on this thread is that they mention "a reliable source from Montreal" feeding inside information to both MLS Rumors and MLS Talk. Under these circumstances, I'm kind of curious to know as to who this source is???? I'm thinking that it may be "Deep Throat" from All the President's Men. Do you think they are meeting this guy in some dark alley of a garage station late hours of the night.
  21. Here's another source...Obviously NOT</u> from MLS Rumors. Chances are that this rumors is pretty credible, and its gaining momentum. -------------------------------------------------------- MLS Expansion: Montreal Still Alive? by Kartik Krishnaiyer February 17, 2009 The CONCACAF Champions League returns next week and in one of the more appetizing matchups, the Impact de Montreal of USL faces Mexico’s Santos Laguna. Montreal is one of three members of US based leagues to advance to the quarterfinal stage (the Houston Dynamo and the Puerto Rico Islanders are the others).
  22. I agree...A large part of the US economy in a state of recession plays a huge factor here. Let's be honest, St. Louis has NO money...Also, the bid is a complete joke together with Atlanta. These 2 cities can not sustain a team for more than 7 years, whereas Montreal could remain in MLS for more than 25 years. Furthermore, Portland is finding it real hard to get money from the city.
  23. News coverage of the practice: http://www.radio-canada.ca/sports/soccer/2009/02/16/001-impact-lundi.shtml
  24. Spiral, this is more than a game...In fact, this game is the best thing that ever happened to the Montreal MLS bid...and it probably has MLS reconsidering their opinion towards them, thus probably resurrecting Montreal's candidacy for an MLS expansion (which at one point was considered dead a month ago). That's if the rumor is correct, of course. But if we look at this whole issue on a large scale, this is what comes-out sharply here: Montreal has managed to break unprecedented record numbers for CONCACAF in ticket sales for the Club Championship. An with this being said, this is what MLS is l
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