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  1. Here's an idea...It will require for Evil Burt and his buddies to do their dutties for soccer in Vancouver. What I'm asking of these gentleman is to chase the NDP leader Carole James in all the stops throughout the campaign. Show banners and humiliate the twit... I remember the democrats under Bill Clinton did something semiliar to this with Chicken Man chasing and annoying George Bush Senior all throught the stomps.

  2. This is straight from Angus Reid polling (March 25):

    the BC Liberals are first with 43 per cent (+4 points since November), followed by the New Democratic Party (NDP) with 37 per cent (-7), the Green Party with 13 per cent (+2), and the BC Conservative Party with four per cent. Three per cent of decided voters would support other parties or independent candidates in their constituency.

    Analysing these number, the NDP has lost ground by 7%...This means that the voters have tuned-off from the NDP. The Green Party is probably the worst nightmare for the NDP. They are actually stealing votes from them.

    The March 24 Ipsos-Reid poll also shows the same information, it even shows that the NDP leader Carole James is losing ground on the likeability front of public opinion. Her numbers have slipped by 3%. In fact, responded were asked who has more leadership skills and likeability: Gordon Campbell comes-out the winner by holding steady over his NDP oponent. It now appears that the voters are moving toward the direction of the Liberal.

  3. Guys, let's relax a little. The NDP will not win the May 12 election in the province of BC. Thanx God!!! According to the latest polls in BC, this is what the results demonstrate: Liberal 46%, NDP 35% and Green 15%, with 5% undecided.

    In fact, these polls have not changed in nearly a year, even though Premiere Garry Campbell was not too popular back in September and November of 2008 with the polls showing that he was tied at 40% with the NDP. Nevertheless, after the Xmas break that all changed when Campbell went up in the polls with a comfortable lead over his opponents. Therefore, it appears that Campbell is expected to win the provincial election. The biggest friend that Campbell has right now is the Green party who is now taking huge votes from the NDP. So Spiral you can now come-out hiding underneath your bed because the boogie man is now gone.


  4. quote:Originally posted by SthMelbRed

    ^Luis, I didn't insult your political views, per se. I pointed out that you present yourself as an ignorant blowhard who lacks the ability to present a reasoned argument. I stand by what I posted.

    Listen you moron...The only idiot on this forum who doesn't make any sense is you and your NDP buddies...So I'm going to wish you all the luck in the world in your pathetic welfare life. Get yourself a life and real job rather than living off welfare. By the way, I can't wait to see the headlines: "GARRY CAMPBELL SWEEPS BC AS HE TRASHES THE NDP IN THE GARBAGE."

    By the way are you Evil Burt????

  5. quote:Originally posted by Cheeta

    Post #8 from top of page.

    The NDP represent scum, low-lifeness, villainy, laziness, put people on welfare, have leaders such as Jack Layton who scams the rental system of co-ops than blast Paul Martin for privatizing health care when he himself attended a private clinic.

    I can't stand these low-life communist roaches.

    This isn't a debate. You do what you wish.

    Hey!!! Isn't the truth...It wasn't me who attended a private clinic.

  6. quote:Originally posted by Cheeta


    Luis, is it that you want to be banned? Seriously.

    The 2.5 millions of Canadians who voted for the NDP federally in 2008, roughly 18% of the electorate, sending 37 members to the House of Commons, along with myself, are curious to know.

    It's 11:22 PM EST. I expect your posts to be modified and more appropriate by 9 AM EST, April 2nd.

    Given your past history of ignoring e-mails you will not</u> receive one out-lining this directive.

    Hoping for your sake you stop in on the site between now and then.



    Wait one minute Cheeta...This guy comes along and he insults my political views and calls me an idiot because I don't like the NDP...I'm entitle to vote for the Liberals...This is my coinstitutional right. This guy calls me an ignoramus...Hey!!! He posted the 1st insult and I'm not going to tolerate his BS. I have a right to defend myself and my integrity...The NDPers always resort to insults when you disagree with their opinions...They call everyone a fascist when they know that the debate of common sense doesn't go their way...He insulted me 1st and I have a right to defend myself...By the way, in Ontario we ousted them out because they left a huge mess of economic mismanagement. If you banned me from the forum on these grounds, then you are violating the true spirit of democratic of expression.
  7. quote:Originally posted by gwallace76

    I hate the NDP. NDP'ers like to spout off anti-liberal and anti Campbell rhetoric but usually have no clue what they're talking about.

    They talk about how shifty Gordon Campbell is and like to talk about his drunk driving thing in Hawaii. Then they pretend they have no idea what you're talking about when you point out that there last two NDP premiers in power resigned over scandals. Mike Harcourt for the "BingoGate scandal" and Glen Clark's "CasinoGate scandal" along with his fudged budget numbers and the approximately Billion dollar write off for BC Ferries thanks to the Fast Ferry Fiasco.

    I am very worried about what this next election holds, as I find BC voters seem to forget quickly about the past. The last thing we need is the NDP to kill the roof project.

    When is the next election in BC??? BCers must realise that the NDP are like roaches that crawl in people's toilets. I hate them so bad.
  8. Can you also please add the white jersey with red shorts and white socks....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please remember to place the the insignia on the left side of the jersey rather than in the middle. Furthermore, get rid-off the old insignia on the side arms of the jersey.

  9. quote:Originally posted by Obinna

    ^Yeah he makes me sick. I guess he's trying to shape the public's perception of the situation in a way that suits the CFL (or mabye he's just anti soccer).

    ....John TV where are you at?

    Obinna, here's my take. It appears that the Ottawa Sun is pro CFL, whereas the other news paper (the Ottawa Citizen) seems to be more sympathetic to the MLS cause.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Obinna

    Is shane ross the same journalist who called into Garbers teleconference tuesday? Becuase whoever it was seemed very pro CFL.

    The title of this article is very misleading, it suggests(or at least gives readers the impression) that Ottawa should abandon the whole MLS thing because Garber isn't "promising" anything. This guy is a clown. Notice how he doesn't include Garber saying [and I paraphrase] "Should Ottawa city hall decide to go with MLS, AND MLS chooses not to expand there, Ottawa won't be left with this stadium in Kanada, due to the long process it takes to actually start bulding a stadium".

    In other words, it's not like they will get to start bulding once city hall approves the stadium anyways.

    Yes!!! It's the same Shane Ross that was speaking to Don Garber on the Teleconference. Other than that, Ross ignores the most important point here that Garber has spoken directly to the Mayor of Ottawa. In fact, Ross does not mention Garber reassurances to the Mayor that the bid will be taking very seriously.
  11. Here's more news directly from Shane Ross from the Ottawa Sun. By the way, Ross was speaking to Garber yesteday at the live teleconference. This is where I remember his name. On another note, Ross is ignoring the most important point here that Garber has spoken directly to the Mayor of Ottawa. Garber has explained to the Mayor that the bid will be taking very seriously.


    MLS chief won't promise Ottawa will get team

    March 25, 2009


    Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber says Ottawa remains a "very, very, very viable candidate," but stopped short of guaranteeing a MLS franchise to Eugene Melnyk's group if it secures a stadium deal with the city.

    "We have never made a contingent commitment to a city, nor has any other league, the NHL or any other of the major sports leagues," Garber said yesterday.

    However, the CFL has granted a conditional franchise to the Lansdowne Live group, which has a competing proposal for an outdoor stadum project before city council to renovate Frank Clair Stadium.

    "In the absence of a definitive franchise, it makes it awkward for the city," said Jeff Hunt, one of the proponents behind the Lansdowne Live proposal. "What would they do, award a 'conditional' building and hope for an MLS franchise at some undetermined point down the road, if ever?"

    Garber believes the CFL granted Ottawa a conditional franchise because no other cities were bidding.

    "If there were other cities bidding, they might not have been able to do that because it would just turn the whole process upside down," he said.

    Vancouver and Portland were granted MLS franchises last week for the 2011 season. Vancouver, which is selling season tickets at a record MLS pace, was considered a shoo-in. Portland was bolstered by a multi-million plan approved by its city council to upgrade PGE Park for the MLS team and build a new stadium for its Triple-A baseball team.

    The Portland bid, unlike Melnyk's Kanata stadium proposal, also guaranteed no financial risk to the City of Portland.

    Even if Ottawa council had decided last month to choose Melnyk's proposal to build a stadium in Kanata, it may not have been enough to win an 2011 expansion team, Garber said.

    "They would have been a very, very compelling candidate, and they remain ... a compelling candidate, but I can't look backward on that."

    Garber expects further expansion in 2012.

    "We believe Ottawa would be a great market, we believe (the Melnyk group's) site represents an opportunity for Ottawa to have a facility that would provide value for the citizens of Ottawa without taking valuable land downtown that is relatively constrained."

    City council is scheduled to make a decision on the competing stadium and league proposals on April 22.



  12. Very interest issues were raised by Garber: Ottawa expansion, Canadian expansion, single entity, youth academy, the success of the Seattle Sounders, gives credit to the Montreal Impact for their 56K fans at the Big-O, etc...Also mentions that the state of the league is indeed in good condition and that the future looks bright. Too bad that members of the Montreal press were not there...I wish they were in order to press the Saputo issue more clearly.


  13. quote:Originally posted by ottawaguy2009

    This has nothing to do with the MLS unfortunately. The guys on my spring league team who watch the EPL have no desire, whatsoever, to watch an MLS game or support an MLS club. European football is just that: European football. It's hard to get those purists to come watch our game on this continent.

    If they like Europe so much, then I will suggest to them is pack your bags and get out of this country. But don't come here and freeload out of our social security system. :(
  14. According to this article, it appears that Ottawa is still in the running for an MLS spot for 2012 or 2013.


    Ottawa a contender for soccer, MLS commissioner says

    League still keen on team for the capital

    By Richard Starnes, The Ottawa CitizenMarch 23, 2009

    OTTAWA — Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber stepped into the Ottawa stadium debate Monday by emphasizing that the capital remains an essential part of the league’s expansion plans.

    Eugene Melnyk’s bid for one of two franchises for 2011 ended last week when Vancouver and Portland were introduced as the 17th and 18th teams.

    But in an e-mail Monday from his New York office, Garber told Mayor Larry O’Brien the MLS has no intention of abandoning Ottawa as an expansion franchise.

    He said the MLS is eager to “expand our Canadian footprint” now that Toronto FC and Vancouver are in the fold: “Every element of the Ottawa application, as well as the ongoing interaction with Mr. Melnyk’s group during the past year, has been nothing short of impressive.

    “Add to this a vibrant soccer market in a city that holds a unique role as the nation’s capital and there is no question that the league remains interested in bringing an MLS expansion team to Ottawa.”

    Garber, who copied federal Transport and Infrastructure Minister John Baird and Premier Dalton McGuinty with his message, said he was watching the city’s review of stadium proposals — Melnyk’s and another that would bring the CFL back to Lansdowne Park — and was eager to be included in finding a way for the Ottawa expansion application to move forward.

    © Copyright © The Ottawa Citizen


  15. Guys I couldn't fail to notice that according to MediaGuy's source, it states clearly that Ottawa remains at play for 2013 and will go into that bidding process as the likely frontrunner if it approves a soccer specific stadium in April. Although the source says that “all bets are off” for 2013 as several of the bids that pulled out for ’11 will be back in the hunt.

    On a large scale, this rumor officially confirms previous rumors that have been posted here of Ottawa's entry for 2013. Totally dispelling Spiral's latest posting claiming that Ottawa was interested of knocking-out the Whitecaps' bid for 2011.

  16. No big pot of money for a new stadium, councillors told

    By Patrick Dare , The Ottawa Citizen

    February 25, 2009

    OTTAWA — Any sports stadium project in Ottawa may have to compete against other municipal projects such as public transit for funding from the federal government, the city’s manager said Tuesday.

    Kent Kirkpatrick told councillors that, contrary to what was initially believed, there’s no separate pot of money for large recreation projects such as building a professional sports stadium, whose price tag would easily top $100 million.

    The federal government has a $500-million fund for municipal recreation facilities but it’s aimed at smaller projects, such as paying for a new arena ice surface.

    Kirkpatrick said that he is working hard to get clarity from the federal government and get instructions on how to apply for financial assistance from other pots of funds. But he said it appears that any sports stadium project would be tossed in with the many other projects municipalities ask for help on, such as transit, road building, bridges and community centres.

    Councillor Peter Hume, chairman of city council’s planning and environment committee, said he was surprised and disappointed by the news. He said it was “not a winning proposal” to tell citizens of Ottawa that they have to choose between building a new sports stadium and proceeding with the city’s new transit plan.

    “This is a significant twist,” said Hume.

    The planning committee was receiving an $81,000 report by the Corporate Research Group on the whole question of whether and where to build a new stadium. That report identifies 23 possible locations for a new stadium.

    The city already has two unsolicited proposals from business groups for stadium projects. The group of developers behind one called "Lansdowne Live!" wants to redevelop the city’s 40-acre Lansdowne Park. Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk wants to see a stadium for Major League Soccer built beside Scotiabank Place, as part of a major package of retail, office and residential building in Kanata.

    The Melnyk proposal is for the three levels of government to build the soccer stadium. The Lansdowne Live proposal does not require federal government funding but many city councillors believe the project can never proceed without help from the province and the federal government.

    © Copyright © The Ottawa Citizen


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