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  1. Here's an idea...It will require for Evil Burt and his buddies to do their dutties for soccer in Vancouver. What I'm asking of these gentleman is to chase the NDP leader Carole James in all the stops throughout the campaign. Show banners and humiliate the twit... I remember the democrats under Bill Clinton did something semiliar to this with Chicken Man chasing and annoying George Bush Senior all throught the stomps.
  2. Doyle!!! That's BS. Read the poll again. It shows the NDP losing ground to the Liberals by 7%. In fact, the Liberals and the NDP were tied at 40% before the Xmas break, and the only party that has loss ground here is the NDP within the last 3 months. It was by the end of January where the fortunes of the Liberals went up in the polls. Read the polls of polls again: http://www.nodice.ca/elections/britishcolumbia/
  3. Doyle, I'm 100% convinced that these polls are accurate. The worst case senario is that the Liberals form a minority government. As for the NDP forming government with a majority, this is not going to happen.
  4. This is straight from Angus Reid polling (March 25): the BC Liberals are first with 43 per cent (+4 points since November), followed by the New Democratic Party (NDP) with 37 per cent (-7), the Green Party with 13 per cent (+2), and the BC Conservative Party with four per cent. Three per cent of decided voters would support other parties or independent candidates in their constituency. Analysing these number, the NDP has lost ground by 7%...This means that the voters have tuned-off from the NDP. The Green Party is probably the worst nightmare for the NDP. They are actually stealin
  5. You see, I call him Garry for he's my good-old drinking buddy.
  6. Guys, let's relax a little. The NDP will not win the May 12 election in the province of BC. Thanx God!!! According to the latest polls in BC, this is what the results demonstrate: Liberal 46%, NDP 35% and Green 15%, with 5% undecided. In fact, these polls have not changed in nearly a year, even though Premiere Garry Campbell was not too popular back in September and November of 2008 with the polls showing that he was tied at 40% with the NDP. Nevertheless, after the Xmas break that all changed when Campbell went up in the polls with a comfortable lead over his opponents. Therefore, it ap
  7. Listen you moron...The only idiot on this forum who doesn't make any sense is you and your NDP buddies...So I'm going to wish you all the luck in the world in your pathetic welfare life. Get yourself a life and real job rather than living off welfare. By the way, I can't wait to see the headlines: "GARRY CAMPBELL SWEEPS BC AS HE TRASHES THE NDP IN THE GARBAGE." By the way are you Evil Burt????
  8. Hey!!! Isn't the truth...It wasn't me who attended a private clinic.
  9. Their you go Cheeta...You allow this guy to insult me and you are going to punish me...Right on...You're going to set a negative precedent on this forum.
  10. Wait one minute Cheeta...This guy comes along and he insults my political views and calls me an idiot because I don't like the NDP...I'm entitle to vote for the Liberals...This is my coinstitutional right. This guy calls me an ignoramus...Hey!!! He posted the 1st insult and I'm not going to tolerate his BS. I have a right to defend myself and my integrity...The NDPers always resort to insults when you disagree with their opinions...They call everyone a fascist when they know that the debate of common sense doesn't go their way...He insulted me 1st and I have a right to defend myself...By the w
  11. When is the next election in BC??? BCers must realise that the NDP are like roaches that crawl in people's toilets. I hate them so bad.
  12. Can you also please add the white jersey with red shorts and white socks....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please remember to place the the insignia on the left side of the jersey rather than in the middle. Furthermore, get rid-off the old insignia on the side arms of the jersey.
  13. Here's my take. I'm in favor of the new logo. Always put the insignia on the left side of the jersey rather than in the middle. Furthermore, get rid-off the old insignia on the side arms of the jersey. Can you also please enlarge the photo.
  14. Obinna, here's my take. It appears that the Ottawa Sun is pro CFL, whereas the other news paper (the Ottawa Citizen) seems to be more sympathetic to the MLS cause.
  15. Yes!!! It's the same Shane Ross that was speaking to Don Garber on the Teleconference. Other than that, Ross ignores the most important point here that Garber has spoken directly to the Mayor of Ottawa. In fact, Ross does not mention Garber reassurances to the Mayor that the bid will be taking very seriously.
  16. I hear that the whole interview has been placed on the official website of MLS http://web.mlsnet.com/index.jsp
  17. Here's more news directly from Shane Ross from the Ottawa Sun. By the way, Ross was speaking to Garber yesteday at the live teleconference. This is where I remember his name. On another note, Ross is ignoring the most important point here that Garber has spoken directly to the Mayor of Ottawa. Garber has explained to the Mayor that the bid will be taking very seriously. ------------------------------------------ MLS chief won't promise Ottawa will get team March 25, 2009 By SHANE ROSS, SUN MEDIA Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber says Ottawa remains a "very, very, v
  18. Very interest issues were raised by Garber: Ottawa expansion, Canadian expansion, single entity, youth academy, the success of the Seattle Sounders, gives credit to the Montreal Impact for their 56K fans at the Big-O, etc...Also mentions that the state of the league is indeed in good condition and that the future looks bright. Too bad that members of the Montreal press were not there...I wish they were in order to press the Saputo issue more clearly. http://web.servicebureau.net/conf/meta?i=1113096635&c=15586&m=was&u=/w2.xsl
  19. If they like Europe so much, then I will suggest to them is pack your bags and get out of this country. But don't come here and freeload out of our social security system.
  20. What I'm curious to know is why Garber has a deep dislike for Joey Saputo and a major kissing ass of Eugene Melnyk...It appears that Garber treats Mylnyk as an old frat buddy whereby a backroom deal has already been settled...Again this is only a gut feeling (I could be wrong).
  21. According to this article, it appears that Ottawa is still in the running for an MLS spot for 2012 or 2013. ------------------- Ottawa a contender for soccer, MLS commissioner says League still keen on team for the capital By Richard Starnes, The Ottawa CitizenMarch 23, 2009 OTTAWA — Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber stepped into the Ottawa stadium debate Monday by emphasizing that the capital remains an essential part of the league’s expansion plans. Eugene Melnyk’s bid for one of two franchises for 2011 ended last week when Vancouver and Portland wer
  22. Guys I couldn't fail to notice that according to MediaGuy's source, it states clearly that Ottawa remains at play for 2013 and will go into that bidding process as the likely frontrunner if it approves a soccer specific stadium in April. Although the source says that “all bets are off” for 2013 as several of the bids that pulled out for ’11 will be back in the hunt. On a large scale, this rumor officially confirms previous rumors that have been posted here of Ottawa's entry for 2013. Totally dispelling Spiral's latest posting claiming that Ottawa was interested of knocking-out the Whitec
  23. So what if Spiral is 8-years old...Are you going to discriminate against juvenile delinquents...They have rights too just like anybody else. In fact, Spiral happens to be my drinking buddy.
  24. Special interview with Richard Legendre and Montreal MLS expansion http://www.radio-canada.ca/audio-video/pop.shtml#urlMedia=http://www.radio-canada.ca/Medianet/2009/CBFT/OMNMB6672_20090226_151324_2.asx&epr=true
  25. No big pot of money for a new stadium, councillors told By Patrick Dare , The Ottawa Citizen February 25, 2009 OTTAWA — Any sports stadium project in Ottawa may have to compete against other municipal projects such as public transit for funding from the federal government, the city’s manager said Tuesday. Kent Kirkpatrick told councillors that, contrary to what was initially believed, there’s no separate pot of money for large recreation projects such as building a professional sports stadium, whose price tag would easily top $100 million. The federal government has a $500-
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