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  1. Ok, Canada once again promotes an assistant coach to head coach. I know she was one of the favourites and at least she's not an ex-player with little to no coaching experience. What I always ask; is Bev Priestman the best person for the job, or is she the best woman for the job, or is she the best woman we could afford? If she is the best person for the job then that's great. I have my doubts. The fact the CSA can't seem to find someone who has actually lead a team or a program is worrisome, and their seeming obsession with having a woman coach is, too.
  2. Ok, so if a trans-woman IS a woman, then a trans-man IS a man. Should this man, who we seem to be having difficulty naming, be playing on the CWNT? I wouldn't want to mis-gender them by saying they play on the women's team. Of course, it's possible I don't really care that much about Rebecca Quinn's personal life nor if she/they decides to continue to play on the national team. It might be that I simply don't want to be lectured by some hypocrite-dude on the Internet about misgendering someone when that person is apparently fine with being mis-gendered when it comes to where they pla
  3. I'm not a fan of the NWSL as a place for Canadian Women, even if I enjoyed watching 3 of them win the Challenge Cup. The style of play and the coaching are all American, athletic and powerful, but not exactly technical or skilled. The place to grow in the future has to be Europe. That so many of the young Canadian female talent is now over there makes me very happy. The question is what can we do to encourage development for our younger players? It's a fantasy to think we can support a cross-Canada league for the women. The US has a much greater population density that we do and they
  4. Desiree Scott gets paid either way. Just like Megan Rapinoe or Tobin Heath, they can sit out and still get cash. This is another reason I have so much respect for Christine Sinclair. The WPSL may not survive Covid but some players care enough to play. As always, fuck Megan Rapinoe, the selfish, classless *****.
  5. WTF is with this obsession with the genitalia of the coach? Why does no one want the best coach for the job? Did the female referees make the WWC better or worse? Me, I want the best coach for my son, my daughter, my National team. Maybe I have a desire for a female coach for my daughter because she could use the role model, but for the national team I just want the best. The women deserve the best.
  6. Jill Ellis? No thanks. I would prefer someone with just a bit more class on our sideline, not someone who condones the American attitude. Also, she wasn't a genius with the US, sh simply had the best players in the world. As for candidates? I don't know who would be interested, but I suspect it won't be a long list. We had a stroke of luck with Herdman but otherwise we haven't exactly been attracting great candidates. We seem to retread lesser lights (maybe excepting Pellerud) more than bring in the rising star or the experienced old hand. We gifted the team to Heiner-Moller, an assist
  7. There's no way Sinclair can or should just waltz in to the top job. Just for starters, does she have any of the required licences to coach at that level? Is she even interested in coaching? But that aside, coaching is not playing and there have been very few players who have successfully transitioned immediately to high level coaching let alone coaching a top 10 national team. Sinclair is special but she still needs to put some time in learning the trade. Gretzky was a great player, not so much a coach. And finally, our women deserve the best coach available, and I don't think that's Chr
  8. Just watching the replay on Onesoccer youtube and after 10 minutes I can't believe how badly the Canadians have been dominated by France, and the embarrassing nature of it. A French player just outside the box on the Canadian left fakes a shot, the Canadian defender, Allysha Chapman , goes full turtle, and the French player gets a free cross. The Canadian passing looks like no one is talking, every pass is a surprise, and they have no plan on how to get the ball forward. The number of back passes and passed up attacking opportunities showed a complete lack of creativity or a tactical plan
  9. We'll have to disagree because I have been thoroughly unimpressed with the skill the USWNT displays. I watched enough Portland Thorns to realize Tobin Heath is a one trick pony. I really don't appreciate whatever skill they display, from my point of view they're just the physical specimens you find when that many players are in your talent pool. I firmly believe that once the Europeans begin to develop the numbers of female players, they too will find their physical stand-outs and then they will apply the superior coaching and training to dismantle the USA. Or at least that's what I hope 🙂
  10. They are, yes, but there sure was a lot of help from the referees this time. They needed two penalties vs the Netherlands, and an offside call vs England to get to the final. Look to the movie "Bend it Like Becham" for the answer as to why the US is still #1, it takes more than one generation to cultivate a cadre of players capable of catching up to to the US. I look more at the individuals in Europe, the likes of Lucy Bronze, to demonstrate what is coming. The US has athletes, the Europeans have footballers. When a team has enough time and the critical mass of players to develop 11 of th
  11. The best thing our women can do is get the hell out of the NWSL and over to Europe. Huitema is obviously better for it and both Janine Beckie and Adriana Leon are thriving. Beckie could barely get a start in Houston or Sky Blue but she's tearing it up at Manchester City playing as an aggressively offensive minded defender. She's not scoring but that's not her job, she's just dominating her side and serving ball after ball in to the opposing teams box. I also love the fact I can watch her and Leon on demand for free on the FA Player, as opposed to the weekly changes in "broadcaster" for the
  12. The roster 1- GK- Stephanie Labbé | USA / NC Courage 2- FB- Allysha Chapman | USA / Houston Dash 3- CB- Kadeisha Buchanan | FRA / FCF Olympique Lyonnais 4- CB- Shelina Zadorsky | USA / Orlando Pride 5- CB- Rebecca Quinn | USA / Seattle Reign FC 6- F- Deanne Rose | USA / University of Florida 7- M- Julia Grosso | USA / University of Texas at Austin 8- FB- Jayde Riviere | USA / University of Michigan 9- F- Jordyn Huitema | FRA / Paris Saint-Germain 10- FB- Ashley Lawrence | FRA / Paris Saint-Germain 11- M- Desiree Scott | USA / Utah Royals FC 12- F- Christine Sinclair
  13. Well, for me, I don't see the National Team play much even though I am a fan. There are no easy to get streaming options and I don't have cable anymore. I watch a lot of FAWSL on the FA Player so mostly Beckie and Leon. Since the NWSL screwed around with their online viewing so much I can't watch games and after the Women's World Cup and the disgusting conduct of the USA women I really don't give much of a crap about the NWSL anymore. The best Canadians are going to Europe, anyway.
  14. Highlights, well, Japan's highlights 'cause there wasn't much from Canada Looking at Japan, they move the ball so well and their vision is incredible. I don't see Canada having the ability to hold or pass at that level. I didn't see enough to know where the defensive breakdowns really started but our defence looked slow, slow to react and unable to keep up with the Japanese. Was KHM playing three at defence?
  15. Geez, they're not exactly making it easy for Sinclair to score her next three goals, are they?
  16. Yup, I am. And I note in the article that once again female players want good refereeing and don't care much about the dangly bits. The "best in the world" you mention has to be qualified by adding "female". The quality of refereeing in the NWSL is likely as good or better than the WWC simply because they don't exclude male referees.
  17. I'll just leave this article here. https://www.themaneland.com/2019/8/19/20810667/u-s-soccer-referee-structure-puts-nwsl-below-mls
  18. I didn't say women coaches were experiments, so please don't shove your words in my mouth. What I said was Carolina Morace was an experiment. As for the pre-Pellerud coaches, I don't count the part-timers. That was an embarrassment that the CSA finally corrected. The CSA may have said Morace was the best available coach, but what they meant was she was the best available female coach. For some reason we keep circling back to some "need" to have a woman coach instead of the best coach. When Herdman quit there was talk about aiming to have a woman in charge by 2021. Why? Why is it so imp
  19. VAR isn't helping much if it can't at least bring some consistency to the application of the rules. Japan was done in by a hand ball, the USA gets a pass. Offside is now called to the millimeter but studs up challenges and spitting on opponents are not dealt with correctly. Me, I am happy that goal line technology exists because it is black and white. The offside calls strike me as being too legalistic in a game that has few enough goals as it is. For the rest, I think I prefer letting a referee decide it on the field, missed calls and all, rather than watching constant appeals for video
  20. Why on earth would we need a Canadian or a woman to coach? If the best person for the job is Canadian, great! If it's a woman, that's great, too! But I think we need the best coach, period. Our experiment with a female coach ended badly, and the Americans are not happy with Jill Ellis. The English, however, are doing just fine under Phil Neville. As for Sinclair coaching, sure, if she's actually a good coach. We shouldn't just hand her the job because she was a good player.
  21. If Wambach didn't take penalties she definitely played for a much better team and with a stronger supporting cast. Canada has always been a low scoring team so a straight comparison of Sinclair to Wambach is apples and oranges. The two have played a similar number of games, Sinclair 286 (and counting), Wambach 254, so I think the fact Sinclair is even close to the record says all we need to know as to who is the better goal scorer. As for minnows and penalties to round out her career, I'm fine with that just so long as she erases Wambach's name from the record books. The comparisons on the
  22. I'll preface this by saying I don't know what the rules are in European leagues compared to the NWSL. That said, the CSA does subsidize some Canadian players in the NWSL. There are no Canadian teams in the NWSL but there is some cooperation between the CSA and USSF. Could Canada offer the same subsidy to European teams? If there are no rules against that then why not? I think we need to start thinking well outside the box when it comes to Canadian women's player development. First, we have to admit that domestic leagues are there for entertainment and profitability for the owners and
  23. I'm not even sure the referees are interpreting the new law correctly: New Laws
  24. Wow. When did the rules change so much? An arm in a natural position straight down by her side, a ball pounded at close range hit it, and that decides a knock out game in the World Cup? Japan attacked and attacked and attacked, with skill and creativity, and Holland gets through by pounding a ball in to a crowd? 2 minutes left but I don't see much hope. Edit: Nope. Another game where the refereeing is front and centre.
  25. Is anyone watching Japan v Netherlands? That Japanese goal demonstrates what is missing in Canada's play. They weren't afraid to run in to the box, find space, use skill to turn on goal, and the passing! Every time Canada got the ball to the top of the 18 it was to Sinclair with her back to goal, no support, and 3 Swedes making sure she couldn't turn. I don't know if that was a tactical choice or if that just demonstrates the missing pieces in Canada's attack. Either way, we can't keep pumping the ball down the wings with poor crosses in to the box. It's not good enough. htt
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